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No One Man Should Have All That POWER (IC)

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27 December, 2017. 432PM.


Damien looked in the refrigerator. It was his turn to cook. It was always his turn to cook. Paying off the debt of living with his friend in a nice area of town. Luckily, Austin Sinclair - the founder of the feast, so to speak - kept a fully stocked kitchen. Tonight's menu was simple. Mushroom-stuffed Pork Tenderloins. Luckily for Damien, dead things didn't show any patterns. He thought about being a vegetarian for a while. The patterns showed him really messed up things, not just humans. Animals too! He just didn't understand animal biology that much.


As Damien began to prep the ingredients, he smelled burning. Looking outside, somehow (he had some educated guesses how) the building across the street was at 3 alarm blaze. He scanned... yeah, there were people still in there. Dinner was going to be late. Austin knew of Damien's engagements outside of cooking and school. Didn't make him any less hungry.


Damien dropped his shirt and pants to reveal the morphic molecules costume he wore under it. Pulling over the mask Damien was now Power. As quick as he could, he rushed outside to hear the fire trucks coming. He had to get in an rescue those people. Luckily his body repaired itself fast enough to avoid some of the fire. Hopefully he could get some people to safety!

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Casey Blankenship was walking back across the quad from Emerson Hall to the Pi Episilon Delta house after a long day of classes; the fall term had been pretty easy, mostly knocking out a few of her gen eds. But this term, she'd decided to add Arabic to fill her language requirement; she could have gone with Spanish or Japanese to get an easy A, but she already spoke them fairly well, and used every opportunity to practice them by herself in the real world. She'd chosen Arabic to challenge herself, but also because she felt that it was an important langauge to know in the modern world, especially with her majoring in journalism. Not having to rely on translators in the field would be huge, and could maybe open some doors as well.


All these thoughts swirled through her head as she walked, backpack full of books easily riding on her shoulders, across campus. But then she abruptly stopped, causing the girl who was walking and texting behind her to bounce off of her like she hit a brick wall, knocking her flat on her butt into the snow.


"Hey, watch it, bitch!"


"Oh, I'm sorry!" The blonde powerhouse easily pulled the girl to her feet with one hand; she was too polite to point that it was the girl who was texting who should have been looking where she was going.


"Yeah, yeah..." As the girl wandered off, knocking snow off the seat of her jeans, Casey turned her attention back to the sound that had caused her to stop dead in her tracks in the first place: the sound of sirens! And lots of them, from the sound of it; she could pick out police, fire and ambulances from the din. Cocking her head this way and that, she soon picked up the police band, which gave her the location and the nature of the threat (an apartment fire), not far away at all. Looking around to make sure there were no witnesses (everyone was on their phone, natch), she leaped into the air and flew off to the PED chapter house, where she had a favorite place to hide her street clothes on the roof. There was a blur of motion as she changed into the uniform at the bottom of her backpack, and seconds later, Miracle Girl was in the air!


As usual, she flew quietly a short distance away, then made a very loud and showy entrance. She felt this served two purposes; one, help disguise which direction she was coming from, and thus help preserve her secret identity, and two, offer a symbol of hope flying in from above! Floating down majestically to land on the street below, she called down to the first responders as she approached.


"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. How can I help?"

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Well, that was quick! Power hadn't taken a few steps before another hero showed up. This was a good thing. The more the merrier. "Hurry! Trapped people inside," he said running in the building with or without the superheroine. If she did follow, he was ready with directions on where to go. He didn't know where the arsonist was, but he knew everyone in this building was either fleeing or trapped. The faster they got people out, the less the fire crew would have to do.


Wading through the fire was a mistake. Sure it didn't affect him with his regeneration and morphic molecules costume, but it hurt like hell. The flying woman would make this all too easy. "I can see people's life patterns," he yelled over the roar of the fire, "but I'm probably not as fast as you," he felt a little sour admitting that up front, but it was something she needed to know. "Come, follow me!"


The first floor saw people running out. If he could reach them he would fix them, taking away any and all burns that he could. But there were some that were trapped. That's where his impromptu partner would come in.

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"I can see through walls; if you give me a direction, I can plot a path to them. And yeah, I'm crazy fast, but that's not always a good thing in situations like this." Casey appreciated heroes who were upfront about what they could and could not do; in situations like this, ego had to go out the window. There was only time for the current mission.


Switching to x-ray, she did a quick scan throughout the building; she also listened for heartbeats, coughing, panicked breathing or cellphone signals, any of which might lead to a potential survivor.

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Pushing through the halls, Power easily lifted things with his basic strength. Not that he was strong as Miracle Girl, but he didn't mind getting his hands dirty. "Yeah, this way," he said urgently, saw a few people a few doors. A guy trapped under a beam, knocked out but still alive. He was going to have burns if not for him, but this was one of those things he couldn't do on his own. Two doors down a family. One floor up,l two floors up, three floors up. there  were a lot of immobile people.


"I can tell you exactly where they are. But right now, here." He yanked the door. it was locked, of course.

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"Done." The blonde heroine nodded and grabbed the door knob, but then stopped and held up her hand. "Wait a sec! Checking for heat; don't want a backdraft!" She then did a quick IR scan; satisfied that opening the door would not endanger anyone, she casually yanked it open as easily as tearing open an envelope.


"I can lift twelve tons," she stated matter-of-factly as she stuck her head through the door for a quick look round. "More, in a pinch. If you see any big obstacles in our path, let me know."

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He didn't know exactly how much he could lift. Well he tried to llift more and more every time he went to the gym. But that was not the point! Rushing in, he lifted the wooden beam off the unconscious guy. Burned. And this was just the first room. Touching the man, his burns and bruises were gone. "Quick, take this guy out," he said looking up at Miracle Girl, "we have four more floors and a lot to people to save." He ran outside of the room and to the stairs upward.

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 "On it!" Casey effortlessly hefted the man in a bridal carry, then flew him outside to the waiting EMTs; she had to yell a bit to be heard over the cacophony of the scene. "There's a lot more people in there, on four different floors!" She pointed at her ear and her mouth. "I'll stay on your frequency and keep you updated. We're going to focus on the harder to reach people, and try and stay out of your way!"


And with that, the young heroine flew back into the inferno, keeping all her amazing senses alert for more survivors and new threats.

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