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Freedom City - 2017 (i.e., what have we adopted from 3e here?)

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Most people who care know:


Though the Spirit of Liberty has manifested for a variety of people in Freedom City in the last few years, including medical student Sonia Gutierrez, it has not yet taken a permanent host. 


The current Star Knight of Earth is Cavalier - and the general public is aware that Star Knights are space cops. 


Bowman IV is no longer on the Freedom League, given his need to run his family business. He remains semi-active as a hero. 


There is a population of people living in Freedom City who are known to be aliens from another world, refugees from a terrific cosmic disaster and its consequences - the Incursion! 


Some people know: 


In the wake of the events of Arcadia, the new Master Mage of Earth is Phantom - Adrian Eldrich is dead! 


The Conqueror Worm has returned thanks to Malador the Mystic and is setting up a zombie apocalypse to bring down God's wrath. 


The villain Freebooter is no longer active. 


No one has seen Lantern Jack in quite some time. 


The current American base of operations for the Crime League is somewhere in the vast Atchafalaya Basin.


Raven II has retired from active superheroing, but still acts as a consultant to the Freedom League and a patron for younger heroes.


The swamp creature/man-monster/plant zombie Tom Cypress has joined the Crime League. 


No one yet knows: 


Knightfire and Toy Boy have become a spirit of hate and a nightmare being, respectively. New Doc Holiday in the form of an evil force of anti-fun possessing a rando named Holiday.


Conundrum has figured out the former second Raven's secret identity and is working to undermine and destroy the institution she governs, Claremont Academy. 


Warden, formerly a mundane prison-themed engineer supervillain, is now wielder of a magic key that connects Earth-Prime to his otherworldly Dungeon Dimension.


The Cosmic Mind has begun to empower the greatest Lor psions working for the Grand Nauarchus - but for what purpose?







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