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OOC thread for this thread. A Scion of another Earth steals the Holy Grail.


@Moira Morley I apologize for taking so long.


If you would, please roll Reflex/Acrobatics(whichever is higher), DC15. Wisdom at the same DC and Stealth/Dexterity(higher takes precedence) at DC10.


The idea here is that Scion just leaps out and slides down the side of the skyscraper. Then steals a rando's(Marcel's)car, at which point it becomes more open.

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Take a Bruised condition, Moira. Scion gets some nasty bruises and cuts while escaping.


She does, however, pick a perfect route to deposit her safely near a selection of powerful escape vehicles, recalling the powerful all-terrain speedster favoured by the now-unconscious magnate, whose keys mysteriously ended up in her pocket.


Nobody saw her, so she has precious time to do one small sabotage to slow down or evade pursuit: destroying security footage, dispatching several vehicles on random treks, etc.

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That only fails by 1, so still gives enough cover to reach the gates. To fully avoid the magrays and slip under the closing door, a DC15 Drive (or Reflex, whichever is higher)check. -2 to the result for working with unfamiliar technology.



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Maryellen keeps looking at the security feeds (not a physical thing, just what her brain implants let her see, and Scion recognizes the pattern from before), and she's clearly grasping for something to try and keep Scion here a little longer..

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