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Avenger Assembled

(OOC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived

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Matt's gonna pick a fight with some glass, though he's probably going to wrap his hands first. He doesn't like this room anymore.


Melee Attack Roll vs. Glass: 1d20+8-5 9

The attack bonus is wrong because I am very tired and it's making me very dumb; this is a roll of 6, +12-5, for a final roll of 13, not 9.


That's a DC23 toughness save for the window to the next cell, which he's...probably just going to keep doing until he's got a hole big enough to jump or teleport through.

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More punchings! And maybe this time I can calculate the attack and damage of my own character correctly? Let's find out.


Melee Attack Roll vs. Glass (Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+12-5 26

Ooh. A 19. So close, but alas Matt doesn't abound with hero points to drop on Improved Crit.


That'll be a [DC15 + 3 (STR) + 5 (Strike) + 5 (Power Attack) =] DC28 toughness save for the glass. Which means the last one should have been DC28, too, but I'm dumb.

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I mean, Fred gets a chance to post first regardless, but hypothetically for my tortured pondering: do the cells have an obvious external "push button to open" style mechanism?

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