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Avenger Assembled

You May Not Believe In Me (OOC)

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Green: 32

Gold: 21

Midnight: 16

Red: 14




Retreats and takes Aim at Midnight 




Attempts to strike Midnight with his staff. 

Acrobatic Bluff vs. Acrobatics/Sense Motive: 31

Attack vs Midnight: 32


Okay, well, that's not good. That's a DC 32 Toughness save for Midnight. 


He obviously has a decent amount of HP he's sitting on under the circumstances!



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Sure, I'll have him blow another HP to shake the daze. 

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Right, sorry for the wait.


Midnight II

Move Action: Startle Gold, DC 30 with Skill Mastery.

Standard ActionEscrima Sticks vs Gold: 1d20+14 17


Jeez, not his day. Let me know if that hits after the Startle. It's DC 25 with Sneak Attack.

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