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Giving Up the Ghost

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in which case, Hornets Nest on the cloud! Area attack (cone), Damage 6 effect (or damage 3 against any foes with protection power or undercover vests etc). 


He will use the decrease area feat to limit collateral damage - just trying to spray the perps!


EDIT: Well doing that as a standard action. Move action: Take cover again!

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Ok in the cloud I'll give you a choice you can hit the Zealot or you could try and get a bunch of the thugs, up to you!  Zealot is kind of by himself in the cloud (minus the ghost) and the guards are a bit away but in enough of a group that you'd get 4 of them with the blast

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ok so minions toughness save vs the cone effect, (not wearing any body armor cuz they are less than intelligent) 


reflex save first: Reflex save: 1d20+0 4  they fail horribly


Toughness Save: 1d20+2 17 pretty good for them but they are all still out!


that leaves 4 left!


And it's the Zealot's turn!

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Zealot will attempt to disarm Lady Horus of her Ankh with his improved Disarm


Attack roll with improved disarm: 1d20+16 27


I believe that hits so it's an opposed damage of the effect vs Lady Horus' Strength


Damage Rank roll for disarm: 1d20+10 20  Not awesome but worth a shot


Edit: just noticed on her sheet that the ankh wasn't separate equipment from the helm so a disarm wouldn't really work, still Zealot wouldn't know that so i'm leaving it as a stupid bad guy moment!

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Lady Horus will attempt to Bluff Witchfinder into thinking he has her ankh-  -5 as Move Action

http://orokos.com/roll/574639 = 25 with the penalty. 


Well, that's pretty good. 


Gambling that'll leave him flat-footed, she'll power attack for +1 


http://orokos.com/roll/574640 = 29! 


OK, that's a DC 30 Toughness save. She'll apply any knockback straight down. 



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So sorry for the delay: I missed I was up. 


Switching shot to Divine wind, then firing. Keeping up partial cover from the Church. 


Divine Wind Attack: 1d20+12 22


If that hits (guess so?) Its a Damage 4 / DC 19 Tough save and a Trip 4 effect: Divine Wind power check: 1d20+6 22 for the opposed trip roll (including improved throw +2 bonus). That will be vs worst of Acrobatics [untrained] or STR (due to Improved trip feat). Also has knockback extra on the trip 4. 

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That is actually barely a miss!  Brings it around to Zealot who will:


Use acrobatic bluff to try and get Lady Horus Flat footed

Acrobatics roll for Bluff as move at -5: 1d20+15 23  


Then hoping that drops her guard will power Attack his whip for 4 and all out attack for 4

Attack roll pow attack 4 all out 4 (Vampiric Strike): 1d20+14 27


So that hits will need a sense motive and a toughness save vs dc29!


The thugs for their part lose their gumption and run for the door!



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Lady Horus has made the unfortunate decision to fight fairly - she'll have to fix that! 


vs. 23

http://orokos.com/roll/578702 failed


Tou vs 29 


This time, I'll spend an HP on it. 


http://orokos.com/roll/578704 = 28!


Okay, she is merely bruised. 


Not sure how many more HP I have at this point. =O 


Lady Horus: 

Standard Action: Swing at Witchfinder http://orokos.com/roll/578706 = a miss

Move Action: Fly 2500 ft out a window 

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Sorry, should have made that clear in the beginning AA.


We'll say she's out of HP for now.


Ronin has 2


And it is his turn!


just to be clear on the state of things:


Lady Horus - Injured/bruised -0 HP

Ronin - No injuries - 2 HP

Zealot - No injuries (after healing from the vampiric strike)

Thugs - running for the hills or KO'ed

Edited by EviscerusNox

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Ok Ronin will try a startle as a move action (-5 penalty) and gets: Startles shiny: 1d20+8 16, possibly flat footing the target. 


But wont shift his attack as they seem to have a high defence! Lets shoot again with the same AP (Trip and Damage): Fires Divine Wind: 1d20+12 25 now I think that hits!


Damage 4 (Tough 19) Effect, and for the Trip 4 effect the opposed roll is Trip opposed roll: 1d20+6 15 which is opposed by worst of STR / Untrained acrobatics. And yes, going for the 80s action film slow-mo knockback through glass via shotgun effect. 

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sense motive: 1d20+10 13 He is flat footed!


Toughness Save: 1d20+10 23 So not injured by the blast

Strength check vs trip: 1d20+3 14 and is tripped out the window!


Seeing that Ronin isn't as much of a slouch as he thought he'll use this opportunity to teleport through shadows and go into stealth mode


Stealth: 1d20+15 23 that's terrible, but maybe y'all won't see him


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Lady Horus takes 20 with Quickness x5 (once she has reason to) - and spots him down below. 


Now I believe that uses up a move action from her. 


Since she had to fly back down to begin with - hmm. Lemme post.





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Zealot will pull out a crossbow and shoot at Lady horus!


Crossbow attack: 1d20+14 20 That's a miss


Move action he will teleport again, this time to the top of the church (I'd say it's 60' up if it's important to you!)

 Ronin is up!  Will post shortly

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Ronin will take cover again as a move action, and lets see if we can knock her off with another breath of divine wind and get some falling damage! (Especially if the knockback is upwards!)


Fires at Zealot: 1d20+12 22 I believe that misses!

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She'll activate her full Concealment - rendering her invisible to him, maybe, and thus flat-footed? She'll then move down and hit him, then move away, keeping herself about 1000 ft away at all times. 


http://orokos.com/roll/579353 = 10 


Ugh, what an annoyance! 


Oh well, the rolls are the rolls, and that's what I get for being too free and easy with my HP. :D

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ROnin prepares an action (standard) Shoot! (Blast 4 Penetratingpower) if Zealot moves a muscle!


(Feel free to make that attack roll for me if she does, I won't reroll a failure). 

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