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Giving Up the Ghost


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Ok from the outside of the church it is pretty easy to see through windows that there is something tied up at an altar, and a man in a cloak and what looks like crusader garb is kneeling in front of the altar.  There is also what looks to be Scarpias button men positioned throughout the chapel, roughly a dozen of them.


Notice: 1d20+18 19 Ronin is not noticed stealthing about just yet


Lady Horus with her 28 notices that all the doors and windows have been wired to something but you can't tell if it's simply a trap or an alarm.


Ronin does not notice this


I'll post in IC and let you guys have at it

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ok so since she pulled basically all the wires she's going to need to make quite a few reflex/ toughness saves


Luckily they are all shape charges so they aren't as powerful so that they can be less detrimental


the toughness save will be 20, reflex of 15 I think I'll call for 3 of them unless you want to stop once the first one goes off


Sadly due to the target's Danger Sense Lady Horus does not hit Notice vs DC 15 danger sense: 1d20+18 35


Before I post IC I'll let you decide if you want to set off all 3 charges




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