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Found 2 results

  1. OOC stuff, TK can you roll Intimidate?
  2. 12:21 AM Carrie couldn't remember the last time she was sick, there was a good reason for that, clearly her memory had blocked out such a horrid experience. Her nose was running, her throat was sore from coughing, and her head was pounding. She couldn't sleep at all, not that she'd usually be asleep at this time, but she'd freaking tried, and so now here she was, pulling into the building known optimistically as the Fens Free Clinic. She said optimistic because you had to be plenty optimistic to run anything like a government funded building in the Fens. Still, it was convinent her willingness to go to a hospital was, lacking. She still had dreams about that other place. The smaller, more homely building was a welcome alternative. Really she might of self medicated, but she wasn't sure if this was a cold, or something worse and honestly it'd been a while since she was sick she wasn't one to tell the difference. That and her sister wouldn't answer her phone again. Walking to the pretty much abandoned building which had the the little sign that said 24 hours, she pushed the door open and walked into the reception area, well okay she hobbled. Her hand on her forehead as she moved to the desk and looked for the sheet to sign in.