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Found 5 results

  1. GM Late September 2020 A cold evening in Oslo, near the Holmenkollen Ski Museum They all heard the call. A raven with a whisper came on the wind. The word is given. Come to Oslo. Odin is calling. To the eyes of any, they were a strange crowd. Mythic warriors, demigods, valkyries. People out of their own time, out of their own world, and yet, brought together by the words of the ravens. At the top of Holmenkollen, two ravens waited. A single bolt of lightning split the sky.
  2. OOC for this. @Tiffany Korta, @Cubismo
  3. CLAREMONT ACADEMY, FREEDOM CITY, NEW JERSEY, VINLAND, MIDGARD* FREYA’S DAY, MONTH OF THORRI Bobbi day had been fairly normal when she got up, but now she was walking down the drive of a prep school that probably cost more than her town made in a year to meet the daughter of a god. At least she hadn’t had to fly here, and a flying horse was just par for the course in a city like Freedom, and she could stop for a coffee without, many, eyes brows being raised. But just in case she came to Claremont in a taxi as Bobbi. It had been many centuries since Sanngriðr had
  4. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 2:04 PM, August 10, 2019 Meta-Naut They were only ten minutes out of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, but after a whole third of a day spent in the sky on her private jet, even ten minutes seemed like a lot to Raya Wells. It helped that she had been waiting on this purchase for months now, and there had already been a few delays. The chance to buy a cabinet of the infamous Polybius, perhaps the only cabinet in the world, was something she never expected to have. That was, until, someone had contacted her with an offer. They
  5. Valkyrja Valkyrie III Power Level: 13 (built as PL 12; 180/197PP) Unspent Power Points: 17 Trade-Offs: -1 Attack / +1 Damage / -1 Defense / +1 Toughness In Brief: Ancient Valkyrie returns to the modern world. Catchphrase: Af Ásgarðr skínandi gestgjafi! Theme: Immigrant Song Alternate Identity: Bobbi Takhi Foster (Secret) / Sanngriðr "Very Violent" Birthplace: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Residence: Norumbega, Arcadia, Nova Scotia, Canada Base of Operations: East Coast of Canada and America Occupation: Doctor Affi
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