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Masque Reputation


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DC 10: Elizabeth Grey is a teenage girl currently attending Claremont Academy. Her family is not terribly notable, though both parents are lawyers and that comes with the usual baggage. She has several older brothers, none of them noteworthy in any special regard.

DC 15: Elizabeth's family isn't native to Freedom City, or even America - they immigrated some time ago from England, citing job opportunities and pursuing medical treatment for their daughter.

DC 20: Elizabeth was victim in a museum heist in 2017, though at the family's request her identity was kept from the press; she was taken hostage by a super villain, but apparently managed to hide away in a security cage to foil his plans. The villain was neither identified nor captured.

DC 25 + requires access to medical records: Elizabeth's medical history is concerning and somewhat curious: she was very, very sick growing up, and her family invested a great deal of time and money into her health (including at least one experimental treatment that likely explains her white hair). That investment stops a few years ago, when an suddenly hale and hearty Elizabeth Grey gets a clean bill of health in a Claremont admissions checkup.


Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 15: Masque's mask seems to be the focal point of her power, though it does seem tightly bound to its owner, as artifacts are wont to do. The abilities it manifests are reminiscent of a number of old fables and mythological creatures; it doesn't seem to channel a great deal of raw power, but what it has is used very efficiently.

DC 25: The Trickster's Mask is an old artifact indeed, and one that - appropriate to its name and nature - actively resist proper study and analysis, leave it a footnote in most reputable tomes and scrolls. It binds to one user at a time, for the duration of their natural life span, offering a grab bag of abilities and magics normally seen in the hands of various trickster spirits and icons from the far corners of the globe. It seems selective about its owners, and will often lay dormant for decades or centuries between sightings.

DC 30: In the old, decaying notes of a mage best known for investigation into the creation & replication of artifacts, a couple pages on the Trickster's Mask might be found. Heavily damaged, scratched out & torn away as if in frustration, the remaining scraps of information read as follows:


"--ver trap for a --"

"--spect or entire soul of the subjects--"

"--gotiation or voluntary, but unlikely in--"


This is followed by a full-page sketch of the mask in its better-known 'asleep' form, with a quick note scrawled beneath:

"Too many, uncontrollable, absolutely mad to even try. As likely to blow up in your face as not. Deeply unethical, discarding notes immediately."

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