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Captain Cosmos


Captain Cosmos


Captain Cosmos is Buddy Brand, possessor of the Cosmos-Force, that allows him to draw power from the other versions of himself around the multiverse. He protects Freedom City, the world, the galaxy, and even the multiverse with his super strength and dimension-altering powers!




In an alternate reality, in the future, the entity known as Collapse has distorted various alternate realities, collapsing them into one another, growing stronger with every reality he consumes. There are pockets of resistance, in the null – realms and the distorted realities, including the creation of an alternate version of Collapse, the son of Velocity, who is apparently impervious to the entities power.


Another strand of resistance is to harness some of Collapse’s power to use against him, drawing on cross-dimensional entanglement. An alternate version of Buddy Brand, in an alternate war torn, almost destroyed reality, volunteered for the experiment, and became imbued with inter-dimensional power. Calling himself Captain Cosmos, he fought in the resistance.


Buddy Brand became Captain Cosmos on November 22, 2018, when the original Captain Cosmos was crushed by Collapse himself. He fell back through time into Buddy Brand’s reality, attracted to one of his counterpart’s existence. Whilst he died, he gave a grave warning to Buddy – “beware – the collapse!” before ceasing to exist. The interdimensional energy immediately leapt into Buddy and empowered him.


Buddy found that he could fly and has immense strength. Later on, he found he could also change his dimensions, although amassing more dimensions caused great strain on his mental health.

He took on the same name as Captain Cosmos, but doesn’t understand anything of this history. He does, however, feel he has a duty to put it to good use.


Costume and Appearance


Buddy has a spandex costume of unstable atoms, its designed based on the original Captain Cosmos (in honour of that fallen hero). Having a costume of unstable atoms is pretty vital, given his dimension - altering powers!


The costume is black, with grey gloves, boots and trimmings, alongside a grey medium length cape. A large golden “X” shape adorns his chest. This is in fact a sign of the Collapse – Resistance, but Buddy has no knowledge of its meaning.




Captain Cosmos has immunity to all biological attacks (his cellular function is preserved by being linked to all alternate versions of Buddy Brand in the multiverse), incredible resilience to trauma, super strength, and flight.


More interesting, however, is his ability to alter dimensions:


1 Dimensional:

Captain Cosmos becomes a mathematical line, and thus effectively invisible and able to pass through any gap. Of course, in this form he is also unable (usually) to affect the physical world himself.


2 Dimensional:


Captain Cosmos becomes totally flat. He cannot be seen side on and is able to pass through any gap equal to or wider than his width. In this form, he can also attack with his razor – thin body. This is a lethal and dangerous attack so he will not use it without very good reason, or on targets such as robots or zombies.


4 Dimensional:

In this state, the normal physical world can be side-stepped. Captain Cosmos can move through, hear through, and see through physical matter as if it did not exist at all. In addition, he is able to move and lift objects far heavier than in his normal state. He appears slightly faint in this version – not enough for invisibility, but enough for people to sense something “off” about him.


5 Dimensional:

In this state, Captain Cosmos bypasses normal time flow. He can move through time (and by extension, through the depths of space). However, he finds moving through time highly disruptive on his brain and will usually fall unconscious when doing so. However, even without travelling through time, this state can move and react much faster than normal. When in this state, he appears to leave a blurred after image of himself when he moves.



In this state, Captain Cosmos appears to be “Hyper real”, more solid and firm in ways difficult to understand or describe. He exists in multiple dimensions and realities simultaneously. When in this state, he is able to step through the barriers separating alternate realities, and is harder to move or injure.


Possible Other Dimensional States


Zero Dimensional:

Captain Cosmos could lose all his dimensions and cease to exist completely. He could not voluntary do that (he could not imagine a state of no imagination), but it is theoretically possible. Hopefully, if he did ever reach this state, he would pop up again somehow, somewhere!


Altered Three Dimensional:

Captain Cosmos could alter his three dimensions, becoming incredibly small or large, without changing his strength or mass.


Infinite Dimensional:

Hypothetically, Captain Cosmos could gain infinite dimensions. Theoretically, this would make him completely immune to any effect without a dimensional descriptor, although it would also make him incapable of any thought or action, or even sensation, as he could not process anything. His dimensions might be infinite, his brain is finite. It is, by extension, unlikely he could ever voluntarily reach this state!

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