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Powers & Abilities

Marcus Irons is, for all intents and purposes, a normal human with a significant amount of magical ability. His primary powers are derived from a runic symbol on his right shoulder blade–the Beast Rune, which significantly alters his natural physiology and allows him to transform an animal form. Though he usually takes the form of a bear, the Beast Rune has been shown to allow Marcus to access other animal forms in times of need.

Marcus is a “Physical Adept”, meaning that his magic is primarily bent towards physical offensive capabilities. He does, however, have significant potential for natural elements and manipulating elemental forces. Typically, this simply comes in the form of very minor cantrips and striking with runic magic augmentations to his hands. He is capable of longer ranged elemental attacks, though they take far more effort, and often require Marcus to have access to the element needed.


IN COSTUME: Arcturus often wears what looks like a blue and gold wrestling singlet and an enchanted mask that slightly alters his physical features, making him more difficult to recognize. The mask actually augments the Beast Rune's effects on Marcus in a way that causes his voice to deepen several octaves, and it makes his canines and incisors look somewhat overgrown–more like very short tusks than teeth. In his bear form, the singlet remains in tact, but the mask disappears, becoming a part of his physical form.

OUT OF COSTUME: Marcus tends to wear very loose clothing, and with good reason. He tends to favor sports jerseys, khakis, and white sneakers.

Personality & Motivation

Marcus is surprisingly mature for his age, often coming off as stand-offish, humorless, and far more serious than necessary. He's actually notoriously big-hearted and loyal to the people who actually earn his trust, and something of a pacifist at heart–contrary to the look and overall aggressive nature of the Beast Rune on his back. It's certainly not that he isn't capable; on the contrary, it's knowing that he could potentially lose control and seriously hurt someone that keeps him from doing anyone serious, crippling harm. Seeking largely to guard against the stigma of his parents' pasts, Marcus makes it a point to know as much as he can about both the magical and physical world and how they interact with one another.

Equipment and Devices

As an artificer, Marcus is capable of creating several different items. In the field, he typically uses his knowledge of runic magic to enchant existing items, repurposing them into something (hopefully) useful.

Known Magic


 '''Gelus Grando / Ice Shards'''

Effortless water, break thy silence… Marcus invokes the Frost Rune and slams his fist into his palm, reciting the spell's incantation. Drawing both hands back, he takes a backhanded swing at his target, sending a volley of ice shards at it. The shards fly in a tight enough pattern that they're unlikely to hit more than one target, but they move at a ridiculously high velocity as they fly through the air.  Mechanics:'Blast 9 ('Feats: Accurate; Extras: Penetrating; Flaws: Requires Will check [DC19], Limited [Cold weather or near water]')' [10PP, ice, Frost Rune, magic]


'''Terra Pugnum / Stone Fist'''

Soul of stalwart earth, stand and be counted… Marcus invokes the Earth Rune, his right palm parallel to the ground. As he recites the incantation, he clenches his open hand into a fist, forming a massive hand of earth and stone near his target that attempts to grab them. Mechanics:'Telekinesis 10 ('Str 50, Heavy Load 12.8 tons; Extras: Damaging; Flaws: Requires Will Check [DC20], Limited [Near earth or stone]')' [10PP, earth, Earth Rune, magic]


'''Tempestus Incendia / Chain Lightning'''

From heaven to earth, let thunder fill the void… Marcus invokes the Storm Rune, his right arm raised with his index and middle fingers pointed upward. After the incantation, he points at a target and a lightning bolt rips through the sky at a target. The spell is able to chain from one target to another.Mechanics'Blast 10 ('PFs: Indirect 1, Split Attack 4; Flaws: Requires Will Check [DC20], Limited [Outdoors]')' [10PP, lightning, Storm Rune, magic]

Out of Character

Notes from the Creator

The concept of Arcturus began with one of AvengerAssembled's builds. The idea of a character born of two 'villainous' parents was intriguing. I don't think I quite pulled it off the way that his build did, but the character has somewhat evolved since creation. His father was a magical experiment gone wrong. His mother was a mage tasked with retrieving him once he escaped. From there, they both 'reformed', though his mother has since disappeared to parts unknown.

Thus, I had two angles to work with: inherent magical power and an inner beast that fed on aggression. Essentially, Marcus Irons and Arcturus are two sides of the same coin, and the only thing keeping the Beast Rune from doing what it does best–destroying EVERYTHING in its path–is Marcus's conscience. Heroism wins!

Random Questions

'Why the willpower check on the Magic powers?' The nature of the Beast Rune is all about dominance. Because of that, Marcus is in a constant fight with it to keep it's aggressive control at bay. With so much of his concentration going towards simply maintaining his own mental order, using his magic, which requires thought and planning because of its environmental dependency, becomes a lot more difficult. As such, I felt like that was best reflected through requiring the Will check–something that isn't augmented through his powers and a check that he could conceivably fail at DC18 or higher. Even if I were to put this in a permanent array, his magic would STILL be both Distracting and Tiring (and the difficulty for a Rank 12 power would be DC22.

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