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  1. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Jack gave Bombshell an almost imperceptible nod just before she vanished from view then stepped forward to give the soldiers something to focus on rather than wondering where she'd gone. "Assuming you guys are mind whammied I'd almost feel bad about this," he shouted, his voice mostly lost in the cacophony of gunfire, "but you did bring guns to a sword fight." The humming blue blade in his hand whirled into a blur of motion while the fencer bounded about the kill box, kicking off of the walls and flipping through the air like the dot of a laser pointer staying just out of reach of a cat's paw. Even so, Jack wasn't nearly fast enough to completely dodge such a hail of bullets - unfortunately for the shooters. Where lead met patented Hallomen spatial warp forged by metamagi fighting instinct it ricocheted off in blinding sparks. One soldier let out a strangled cry as his own bullet came flying back to lodge in his shoulder while most of them cracked into the bunker walls with a shower of concrete dust. In the time it had taken to exhale the corridor was a haze of fragments punctuated by blinding white and dancing blue. "Go ahead, florecita!"
  2. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence (OOC)

    Jack of all Blades Stunting: Impervious 8 (Extras: Reflective [Ranged]) [16PP] Dazzle 6 (Visual; Extras: Area [General, Cone]; Flaws: Touch; Feats: Ricochet) [13PP] He'll move into the 'kill box' and start lightsaber-ing bullets in a distracting mess of sparks and concrete powder.
  3. The Speaker (PL10) - Ari

    Archived at player's request.
  4. Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Obvs Cannibal Fred. And let's not rule out kissing entirely, Tiff!
  5. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    "Huh, lookit that," the weirdly marbled woman said while shaking a bit of debris from the smashed wall out of her tousled hair. Whatever she'd been expecting to find on the other side it hadn't been so many familiar faces. She raised her free hand to cup her mouth and call across the chamber, "Ay, Smith! Issat yer mum? You look alike-- oi!" She grabbed at her deranged double a moment too late, the other Winifred slipping away. For the first time she watched a very familiar transformation from the outside and grimaced. "Well bollocks." Before anyone else had had a chance to react Robin was already there next to her attacking the Feral Alkahest head on. "Haha, well done! That one's the baddie, if you were gettin' us confused, yeh?" She followed her roommate's lead and dropped low before swinging upward with a punch that landed squarely under the chin of her brutish mirror image. The impact resounded impossibly loudly, like a felled redwood hitting the forest floor, forcing the Feral Alkahest back several paces despite its size advantage. "Yer just embarrassing us in front of new people, cuz. Oughta--" Again she was cut off as a shot rang out. "Mattie!" The grab she's made to get ahold of her opponent went wide as her attention was abruptly split. "He's holding a baby, you utter @#$%!" she screamed in the sniper's direction, the jade colour running across her skin like veins of ore flaring briefly with a disturbing fluorescence. Gritting her teeth she looked to Robin. "I'll fight my own demons, help him! Please!"
  6. Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Well, fair enough. The Solution Standard Action: Attack Feral Alkahest; Power Attack 5: 1d20+5 8 Hero Point: Attack Feral Alkahest; Power Attack 5, HP Reroll: 1d20+5 11 Becomes a 21 and a DC 36 Toughness Save. Improved Grab: Opposed Grapple Check: 1d20+33 34 Well that won't work.
  7. Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    How far away is Woundmaker from the Solution? Just figuring out the Solution's priorities!
  8. Active Threads for January 2018

    Jack of all Blades / Jill O'Cure Interceptors: Sounds of Silence (2) Reagent / The Solution / The Alkahest Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived? (2) GM / NPC Revanche: At the Point of a Sword (1) Quiet month! Ref point can go to Lou.
  9. Revanche: At the Point of a Sword (IC)

    The visiting ambassador’s sneering comments raised a rolling wave of angry muttering, in contrast to the earlier shouting. There were plenty of representatives present who didn’t appreciate being called vassals of the Lor and just as many who objected to any comparison between the Republic and the Khanate but they were not a united front on the subject. A reptilian representative about halfway up the left side of the chamber called for the floor and rose from his seat. The coppery scales of Hak’tuk’s face had lost their sheen with age and his movements were slow but the majority of the assembly quieted immediately at his request. ‘Long lived and with a longer memory,’ was the common joke about the archivist turned radical turned statesman; long enough to remember the whole of his planet’s occupation as part of the Khanate. “Forgive me, ambassador but it sounds as though you’ve spent too much time talking with your own propaganda writers,” Hak’tuk began in a vacuum dry drawl, eliciting a few muffled chuckles throughout the chamber and a rippling across the flat faces of the Grue that amounted to the same. “No one here is foolish enough to confuse collaboration with conquering. The Khanate has an opportunity to leave behind the leadership of a maniac and hatch something better.” He blinked slowly with both sets of eyelids. “I’m sad to hear you failed to rise to the occasion.”
  10. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence (OOC)

    Jack of all Blades Initiative: 1d20+9 10 Oh noooo
  11. Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    The Solution Initiative: 1d20+5 18
  12. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    The sound of bullets hitting Caradoc's armour covered the low rumbling at first but the sound grew in intensity until thorny vines as thick as lampposts burst through the ground beneath the mind controlled gunmen. Willow, covered in jagged layers of preternatural hardwood, clenched her raised hand into a fist and the plants began to wreak havoc other targets, sweeping some off of their feet at the knees and binding others like an octopus' tentacles and pinning them in place. With a terse sound from the back her throat she left the vines to their work and joined Jack of all Blades as they stepped through the hewn door on either side of Bombshell, flanking her like bodyguard. The swordsman gave Dragonfly a grateful nod before drawing a sliver of the twisted physics jutting from her gauntlet into his own hand where it grew into a curved sabre with a spiked hand guard. He flicked his wrist to spin it about almost laconically, the hem of his great coat flaring out a bit as he did. "We'll carve out a path," he told Bombshell, his body language coiled with a jungle cat's promise of imminent violence. "Just point the way."
  13. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    The taller, greyer Winifred looked down at her convulsing counterpart with something akin to disappointment. "They done a real number on you, huh, cuz?" She looked over her shoulder at the familiar chittering and broke into a broad grin. "Ay, Merlin! Is the whole gang here?" Almost immediately her expression clouded over as the next thought crossed her mind. "Wait, is they? Cor, I'll break some heads tonight yet! C'mon, Mattie!" Without any further deliberation the not-quite-Alkahest reached down and grabbed the gnashing Winifred by the back of her strange corset, holding the feral creature at arm's length like a temperamental cat. Looking briefly up and down the hallway she headed off in the direction the monkey had come at a jog.
  14. Revanche: At the Point of a Sword (IC)

    "Praetorians." Th'emme's voice was measured but some trick of acoustics allowed it to instantly cut through the rising din of interjections. "While your unique perspectives are appreciated I would remind you that you are here in a security capacity are neither elected representatives nor recognized ambassadors to this Senate. I would invite you to communicate your concerns through the appropriate channels, as is the right of all Coalition citizens." The diamond hard look she gave Corona and Vyrdnaya in turn made the lack of wisdom in speaking further out of turn abundantly clear. That same sense quieted the rest of the chambers as the Lor woman turned her attention back to their visitors. "Forgive the interruption, Ambassador Raal. The Station has a far more egalitarian culture than the Khanate. We have also developed a culture of forthrightness as you yourself perceptively remarked upon. In that spirit, please allow me to be perfectly clear." Despite her already immaculate posture Th'emme somehow managed to stand just a little bit straighter, shoulders just a little more square. "Dovax is indeed a subject of mutual concern and this Coalition was forged by the need for all conscionable sentients to stand united in the face of threats to their liberty and well-being. As such, should any world, government or collective in our esteemed membership find itself the target of would-be conquerors or petty dictators, it would not be they would should anticipate repercussions." At her side Jilinson-08's communicator offered a subtle vibration in warning. A moment later information feeds from the Spinal Core began to stream across the screens before Th'emme, hidden from the Khanate delegation. If she noticed she certainly showed no signs of distraction, locking eyes unnervingly with Raal.
  15. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Erik was quieter than usual while Talya spoke, listening intently as she described a few of the ghosts haunting her past and intruding on the present. As the grimness that came with an impending fight settled over the gathered heroes he finally spoke up again. "The way I see it we've never needed to kill the bad guys who don't come back to life to stop them, no point in starting now. That said, these guys do not get to come after any more of our people after tonight. I trust the judgement of everybody standing here to figure out what that's going to take in the moment." For all that there were several people in the room far older than they looked his all too human years seemed to weigh on him for a moment. Then the swashbuckler in his resurfaced with a wry grin. "They're a unit but we're a family; they don't stand a chance. Let's go show them why."