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  1. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    Winifred's necktie and vest had long since been discarded in the far corner of her cell and the top few buttons of her dress shirt undone in concession to the fevered pitch with which she worked over simmering bowls and fuming beakers. Her captors had stocked her rudimentary lab with a wide variety of ingredients but cannily nothing in great enough volume that she could fashion an effective incendiary or sufficient acid to breach the walls that held her. Even the heat of the gas burner was frustratingly meagre, slowing down her work. Even so sweat dotted her brow and she took long, shaky breaths as remaining composed became more and more difficult as what she guessed to be hours ticked past. She looked up warily as the lighting in her cell and the one adjacent to it shifted, fearing for a moment that she'd taken long enough that they were about to introduce pulsing lights or some other stressor to force a transformation. Instead her face scrunched up into a scowl as she recognized Abel, now wearing an unbelievably pretentious black lab coat. "Did your masters decline the additional funding to have 'evil' embroidered in red thread across the breast?" she called with a snap. He might have simply been ignoring her as her doppelgänger was paraded about unwillingly but from the complete lack of reaction and the change in illumination she suspected he could neither see nor hear her at the moment. She, however, could hear perfectly well as Abel was suddenly slammed against the forward wall of the other cell by a familiar albeit dishevelled figure. "Matthew!" she cried out in surprise only to once again see no response. As he addressed the maddened version of her from Smith's home world the bottom fell out of her stomach. "No! That isn't me, you unbelievable git!" She pounded on the wall connecting the two cells with both fists, desperately trying to get his attention. "You're going to get yourself bloody eviscerated and-- nnngh!" Her left arm spasmed violently and her right hand clenched into a useless claw as the familiarly, horrible feeling of sinews tearing themselves apart began to wrack her frame as fear and rage cascaded through her without hope of reprieve. "Damn-n-nation..." Winifred muttered through gritted teeth, staggering back over to her workbench. "Have to be g-good enough." Clumsily she tossed the last two mixtures she'd produced into a single glass tube, the reaction a bubbling, preternaturally luminescent green. Gripping it and ignoring the searing heat on her fingertips the alchemist hesitated. "If there is a God in h-h-heaven with any pity, it would be exceptionally n-nice if I c-nnh-could save my friend and not mur-murd-murder a baby." Without another word she downed the haphazard serum in a single burning gulp before falling to her knees and screaming.
  2. (IC) You May Not Believe In Me

    With smooth, almost languid movement Midnight replanted his feet in front of the door and squared his shoulder, silently exhaling to refocus his swimming vision. Having to remain in one place in plain view put him at a distinct disadvantage given his skillset and yet his body language remained undeterred. The mystery man cracked his neck once and snorted derisively, having taken the time traveler's measure and finding himself unimpressed. "Not the one biting off more than he can chew." In a blur of movement that owed nothing to a power suit or temporal tampering he shoved one escrima stick forward like a cattle prod into Gold's stomach and brought the other cracking down on his opponent's wrist. "Go. Home."
  3. You May Not Believe In Me (OOC)

    Right, sorry for the wait. Midnight II Move Action: Startle Gold, DC 30 with Skill Mastery. Standard Action: Escrima Sticks vs Gold: 1d20+14 17 Jeez, not his day. Let me know if that hits after the Startle. It's DC 25 with Sneak Attack.
  4. Et In Arcadia Ego

    "I think... yes? Yes." Set made her way to her feet without her usual grace or aplomb, blinking owlishly. "Quite tis chaos bit a--" The godling pursed her lips and raised both index fingers in front of her face, sliding them away from each other as though drawing a line in the air. "Ahem. You take my meaning, I expect." She looked intently down at one hand, fingers clenching slightly. Whatever she thought might happen evidently failed to, a confusing mix of disappointment and relief washing over her regal features. With a measure of composure returning she was able to focus on Huang's own expression. "You changed, sweet, just a touch. Your timeline?" she inferred, frowning and reaching out to place a hand against his forehead like she was checking for a fever. "Do you feel rightly corporeal? Does causality continue to flow downstream? I shan't have you unravelling into could-have-beens on me! Tis an order." Her voice cracked almost imperceptibly over the last word and she tried to play it off as an aftereffect of the shapeshifting spasm even as she fussed over the disoriented dhampir.
  5. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    Winifred stood silently in the cell for a long minute, waiting to see if the voice continued. Once she was certain the conversation was finished with she let out a long breath and massaged her temples. Her captors seemed to be placing an awful lot of faith in her ability to manage her condition in far from ideal circumstances and for the sake of Matthew and the so-far unnamed infant she didn't seem to have much choice. She stepped over to inspect the crying baby, not really sure what she was meant to be looking for apart from ensuring there wasn't anything in the crib upon which they might injure themselves. "If it's any consolation I don't believe any of us are any more content with the situation than you," she muttered, leaving them where they were rather than risk failing to support the head or whatever one was meant to do while holding such a tiny creature. She hadn't been entirely exaggerating about her ill developed maternal instincts and this didn't really seem the time to learn by trial and error. Instead she walked over to the chemistry set, making disapproving tutting sounds under her breath at the subpar equipment. It would have to do. She glanced up to see her staring double and grimaced. "I expect I'm going to have to put you out of your misery before you attempt to return the favour, dear." The alchemist studied the other woman's face for some sign of understanding. "If there's any of, well, me left in you that would be really helpful so feel free to chime in with something apart from shouting and maniacal laughter. No rush, we don't seem to be going anywhere." They'd taken some fairly effective precautions against the Alkahest after all, she acknowledged as she picked up a beaker. Unfortunately for them they'd failed to properly account for Winifred Wei.
  6. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Will Save vs DC 20: 1d20+9 18
  7. You May Not Believe In Me (OOC)

    Sure, I'll have him blow another HP to shake the daze.
  8. The Nothing From Coming For You (IC)

    "I'm on board with atomizing," Jill agreed, arms crossed and leaning against a table where she could keep an eye on the shadow sorceress and her floating gal pal. It sure would have been nice to have an unbiased magical expert to double-check the scrying but instead she was just going to have to keep her eyes peeled and convince herself that she'd be able to recognize something wrong when she saw it. "What are we expecting, here? Are we getting a projection or something or is it just special effects and then we have to trust whatever she says she saw?" "Shh!" Ghost Girl shushed from the opposite side of the scrying circle, casting a peevish look at the masked medic. The poltergeist had drawn her legs up underneath herself so that she was sitting in midair, as close to the edge of the black sigils as she could get without actually crossing their boundaries. Having a snarky audience was enough to put Tarva outside of her comfort zone even before the possibility of one of the Hounds showing up and Tarva did not always make the best decisions when she was pushed out of her comfort zone. She almost hoped something did appear so they could all focus on a common foe. A chill that had nothing to do with the frigid waste outside rolled off of her along with palpable waves of restlessness.
  9. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    "Charming." One unforeseen advantage of her night terrors turned out to be that seeing a maddened, monstrous version of herself had lost some of its shock value. Her stomach did churn at the thought of the horrors left in the club being attached to her alter-ego, even if the truth could be brought to light. It was one thing for people to infer the sort of damage the Alkahest might wrought, it was another to have an example to point toward. Still, she couldn't afford to fall into that spiral of thinking now. She pressed her lips into a thin line both in derision and to keep her expression stiff. "I cannot imagine why anyone might feel compelled to locate a provably dangerous murderer in a timely manner, no," she shot back at the voice sarcastically, making a show of keeping her shoulders squared as she walked over to the chemistry set and began to take stock. "I've not illusions about a 'rescue mission' but let's not pretend you haven't placed yourself on a timeline. As for the child, you may have overestimated my maternal instinct." She wasn't sure how believable this was going to be but she tried to keep her voice cool. "I'm from the eighteen hundreds. I don't want it to die but infant mortality is what it is. Besides, you'd either need to let my lovely neighbour in here or else incapacitate me while the child was retrieved and now that I know to expect it I have to wonder how well your facility would withstand two Alkahests." She looked up from the supplies again. "Which isn't to say I'm unwilling to bargain, only that I find myself underwhelmed by your jejune attempts at theatre. I suppose the biblical references should have been telling; Milton you are not." She clapped her hands and suppressed a gag as she caught another look at the bloody finger-painting out of the corner of her eye. "So. You shan't see a drop until I know what's been done with my colleague."
  10. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    If she had simply been left in silence Winifred suspected she would have continued in her terrified spiral but the voice over the intercom, implied threats and blatant psychological jabs coated in a thin veneer of amiable civility, was something she was more familiar with than the speaker might have known. It gave her something to focus on and as always the mounting fear was joined by a blistering coal of anger. "And you put her in a corset, which says an awful lot about you," she snapped back, teeth clacking against each other as she bit off the words. The hot anger felt good against the cold pit of anxiety and looking through the transparent wall at the metal 'Control' embedded in her doppelgänger's back she began to make more connections. "You would be the person or persons we have to thank for Mr. Archer's ordeal, then?" Remembering the holographic exam gone wrong, the looks on her friends' faces, Winifred felt her right arm spasm slightly but the tunnel darkening around the edges of her vision was interrupted by another wail from the baby. There was a certain simplicity she nearly had to admire. "The child is a hostage against the Alkahest. Less expensive than impervium, I suppose." There was a snarl in her voice but inwardly the alchemist began reciting her exercises. She could not afford to have an episode, not now, for either of their sakes. She was steady enough at least to straighten and stand without leaning against the wall, looking about for signs of a camera. "The supplies imply that you wish me to make something for you. Given the lengths you went to to acquire a version of me with a markedly narrower skill set I assume you're looking to replicate my serum. Am I warm?"
  11. Interceptors: Look What You Made Me Do

    Ellie paced back and forth across her brother's living room, trying to balance burning off nervous energy with remaining quiet enough to avoid waking her nieces and nephew. There hadn't been much debate over who should stay behind to watch over them, not given the protective nature of her powers. Leaving her there without backup had been a point of more contention but she'd stubbornly insisted; the team needed all the muscle they could muster if they were going to catch their creepy antagonist off-guard and shut him down quickly and between her mother and Vince she wasn't exactly alone. Besides, Talya's friends should have been on their way by then in theory, all of them experienced and capable. That didn't make the near silence of the apartment any less unnerving, nor the thought that a mind controller could theoretically send anyone to attack them. Vince wasn't even providing his usual commentary to go along with the displayed security feeds, 'lost in thought' as he devoted most of his processing power to things other than making conversation. The young medic ran a hand through her hair and let out a soft sigh, trying not think about what she would do if any of the people on their way had fallen under the Major's control because that line of thought clearly went nowhere pleasant.
  12. Et In Arcadia Ego

    Set's entire rippled and cracked like the surface of a frozen lake broken by the fall of a boulder. Shaggy black fur and glossy ruby scales sprouted and fell away to be replaced by leathery green carapace and coppery feathers. Too many limbs, too many eyes, too many teeth. A sound escaped the shapeshifter's throat - throats - throat that was more surprised than pained, unsure if it was a growl or hiss or screech. The riot of forms stopped after no more than a heartbeat and once again human by all appearances the godling collapsed against the towel, dazed. "Tis unfortunate for him," she observed absently, making no immediate move to take Huang's hand. "He ought to see someone about that. Unrelated, how many legs do I have? I wish to say... two? Two seems as though tis the correct number."
  13. Active Threads for October 2017

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  14. You May Not Believe In Me (OOC)

    Midnight II Toughness Save vs DC 32: 1d20+12 21 Toughness Save vs DC 32, HP Reroll: 1d20+12 26 Woof, still dazed.
  15. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Reagent Bluff Check: 1d20+10 12 Wah wah. She'll use Skill Mastery on Knowledge [Physical Sciences] and Craft [Chemical] to get 30 on each and look for anything behind the bar she can use to her advantage.