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  1. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    Jaden was never one for big gatherings. Not that he was anti-social or anything of the sort, far from it, but more like he simply appreciated a bit of peace and tranquility, especially after a long day at school or hero work. However, when he heard about this Superhero Appreciation Night at this "Morley's Pub" he felt he might as well break his usual routine and get to know the locals a bit better. After agonizing over what to wear, and several snarky comments about his fashion choices from Gaia, he decided to go with something simple yet comfortable. A pair of forest green pants with black socks and shoes with a dark brown t-shirt and a black jacket over it, on the jacket's back was an outline made up of green jagged markings that formed into a large oak tree. With that done, he headed to the spot where the pub was and waltzed inside. Seeing several costumed heroes sitting at the counter suddenly made him swallow a lump in his throat. It's ok, man. It's ok, you can do this. Just...just do what that guy in that one anime always says! Believe in the you that believes in yourself! Having sufficiently psyched himself up, he walked up and took a seat, smiling at the bartender, "Hi there. I'll take a root beer float, thank you." The young man immediately face-palmed at what he had just said before deciding that he should strike up a conversation, "Hey, so I take it you guys are heroes too, huh? You probably don't know me anyways as I haven't been in town very long..." He noticed the book, "Any songs by Rush on there? I quite enjoy their music."
  2. Homegrown Breads

    "Of course. Not many people can turn down a chance to have free stuff," Jaden remarked in a good-natured manner to Maybelle's comment on getting free bread. He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, laying them on the counter top, "Just write down your contact info and we'll get that order to you before the day is done. I won't even charge ya for shipping and handling," Chuckling, the young man let his gaze wander over to the other girl whom was once again displaying the amazing power her nose possessed. Of course, Jaden wasn't one to judge since he himself had seen far stranger things in his life. Heck, he was a walking, talking plant for crying out loud who just so happened to pull off a rather convincing impression of a human. He listened to their conversation, idly sipping a cup of water. The water having come from a jug next to him, "I take it you two know each other. If you want, I can pour you up some smoothies and you can sit down and chat. On the house, of course." Normally, giving away so much free stuff would seem suspicious but Jaden didn't really have much use for money at the moment.
  3. Homegrown Breads

    Well, it seemed the young baker was attracting all sorts of attention today. First, the rather excitable egg bread lover and now the owner of this place called...what was it?Southern Queen? Darn it, this was what he got for not taking in the sights more or taking advantage of the internet at the library. At the very least, the lady was kind enough to give a name, "Good day to you, Miss McQueen. Name's Jaden Maxwell. I'm the owner of this little shop here. You wanted quality you came to the right place." His words hardly sounded like boasting, but more like someone who took pride in their work and enjoyed it. "Excuse me?" A customer seated at a coffee table held up an empty cup, "Can I get a refill on that Deluxe Fruit Smoothie, please?" "Oh, of course. One minute, Miss Mcqueen," Jaden picked up a pitcher carrying what looked like a pink-purple gooey liquid inside and went over to refill the customer's glass at no charge before walking back, "Sorry about that, but I'm sure you understand the customer comes first. As for your bread shortage, I might be able to help you with that," Jaden pondered for a couple seconds what to do. He didn't really have much use for money but he couldn't make himself appear suspicious either, "Tell you what, I'll cut you a deal. The first batch of loaves is on the house. Your regular customers enjoy them, we can iron out the details on payment later...if they don't, you won't owe me a cent."
  4. Chosen By The Earth

    "You have no idea what you're up against, human. I could easily slaughter the whole bunch of you with a thought if I wanted to..." Evergreen's voice echoed once more, and the hoodlums began looking to and from, expecting an attack of some sort, "...But I am not without mercy. I give you my offer again. Leave this place, and no harm will befall you." "Sorry, tree hugger," The thug's leader remarked as he put the syringe back in his side pocket, "But I know you. You aren't gonna do anything...heck, my boys could burn this whole forest down and I bet the most you would do is wag your finger and get us to sit in the corner," His smugness was short-lived though when the whole forest suddenly began to shake. "TRY IT! I DARE YOU!!!!" "Boss, please stop teasing the guy who's basically a walking disaster zone!!!" One of the men roared. "N-Now, now..." The skull-faced man put his hands up, "L-Let's be reasonable about this. I-I was just having a bit of fun...you can take a joke, right?" However, he was so involved in this conversation he didn't even notice the arrow flying towards his area...until it was too late. A loud explosion went off with such force it created a smoke cloud that could be seen for miles, men were sent flying every which way, screaming in pain though surprisingly very little blood could be seen. It was obvious that the attack wasn't meant to kill...but it still ruined quite a few soldier's day. Even their leader was blasted off his feet and sent flying into the trees. However, as the rest tried to gather themselves...Evergreen's connection to the wildlife backfired on him from the violent attack and he yelped in pain and clenched his noggin as he could hear the forest in pain. That's when he got the image...some of those men had explosive tanks hidden on their attire...flame canisters...basically whatever they needed to set the forest on fire. It was then Evergreen knew what he needed to do. He shot to his feet and put a hand on the tree, letting himself melt into it and taking off at breakneck speed towards the source of the terror. The guardian of the forest was coming...and he was NOT happy....
  5. [OOC] Chosen By The Earth

    Alright, the Thugs Roll came up as DC 17 on my end. Toughness Roll came up to a measly six so you are very lucky today.
  6. Homegrown Breads

    Well, here was an excitable one. Seriously, Jaden swore his newest customer had enough energy coming off her to power a nuclear plant for the next hundred years. He had to shake his head to clear his thoughts so he could focus again, "Umm, right...Challah, you say? Yeah, we just took a loaf out of the oven. I gotta say, that's an amazing sense of smell you got to be able to sniff it out from that far away..." Almost too amazing...Jaden thought to himself, only to dismiss the thought. It was none of his business since right now, he was simply a humble baker, not on hero duty. As such, he turned back to stick his head through a door, "Carl! Can you hand me that loaf of challah? Thanks." He shut the door before one could get a glimpse of the appearance of whomever handed him the bread. As the billboard out front proclaimed, the bread looked like it had just come out of the oven and had a thin layer of butter melting over the top. He set the entire loaf of bread down before her, "Here you go. That'll be three dollars....for the whole loaf. Anything else I can get you?" He asked with a smile as warm as the bread itself.
  7. Homegrown Breads

    From an early age, Jaden Maxwell had showed a love for cooking and baking, and was surprisingly talented at it too. Even before entering high school, he was able to confidently fry simple meals like eggs and bacon, or even put together mouth-watering chocolate chip muffins for a bake sale. Needless to say, he was very much within his element when making tasty delicacies. The sight and smell of freshly-baked bread and rolls alone was enough to remind him of the good times he had growing up...and that he still had a lot to live for. Wanting to give something back to the locals, he had opened up a small bakery on Riverside. A humble and modest shop that was set up like a square and painted with warm colors such as white and soft browns. Tables and chairs were set up outside and surrounded by rows of bushes with blooming flowers and roses to give off a pleasant, inviting atmosphere. A large billboard was above the oak door displaying a large tree that had a variety of sandwiches and pastries growing on its branches. Plastered on it were the words: "Homegrown Breads. Have A Slice Of Quality." "Thank you, come again!!" Jaden called out to his latest customers as they left the store carrying their orders. He sighed and nodded to himself with a smile before turning back to fill out another order. Even though the bakery was just getting off its feet, it had already attracted a nice amount of business which likely had to do with the delicious food that came in considerable portions yet at very generous prices too. The young man took a moment to himself to look up at a portrait of a younger version of himself sitting with his Aunt and Uncle under the Christmas tree. Warm smiles everywhere. Hopefully, one day they'd be able to be together again...but for now, there were orders to be fulfilled.
  8. Homegrown Breads Discussion

    Alright, I'm gonna start writing up the intro post to the thread. Expect to see it soon
  9. Homegrown Breads Discussion

    Heh, sounds good enough for me
  10. Homegrown Breads Discussion

    Alright, so trying to uncover the mysteries behind this unusual bakery sound like a good plot for you guys? Anything else you'd like to explore?
  11. Starting up this thread to discuss a thread revolving around a Bakery that Jaden manages as part of his day job and cover. All of his food is produced fresh and guaranteed to delight, or your money back. Chocolate pastries, cinnamon rolls, fruit-filled tarts, the list goes on. However, whom are the mysterious workers in his bakery? Where exactly does all his produce come from? Why is the kind-hearted baker hardly ever seen tasting his own treats? Is there more to this bakery than meets the eye? Alright, let's see who's interested and if you guys got any suggestions how to expand on this, the plot, or anything.
  12. Chosen By The Earth

    The men in black continued their march through the trees, scanning the area around them but for the moment they hadn't noticed anyone tailing them. However, just because they looked like any other group of hoodlums didn't mean they should be taken lightly. After all, any group willing to walk around with weapons in broad daylight were the kind of people just asking for attention, trouble, or some mix of the two. Suddenly, a voice echoed all around them, reverberating through the trees and the earth itself, though it was impossible to pinpoint the source or whether the voice was male or female, "Humans...you trespass on grounds that are under my protection. Whatever you came for, you will not find it here. I give you one chance to return to where you came from. Do so, and no harm will come to any of you. I will pretend as if you were not even here..." The men in black all looked at each other and despite the masks, their body language suggested at least a few were considering it. "Don't lose your nerve, boys," one of the masked men remarked as he stepped forward, his mask having a pair of horns painted on it along with wearing slightly beefier-looking body armor, indicating someone of rank, "Remember what we came here for. Now, let me do the talking..." He looked up at the trees, "So, I heard you're the "boogeyman" who's been all the rage on the news lately, huh? You know, you put quite a few of my men in the hospital..." For a couple seconds, the voice was quiet, before it suddenly answered, "Those men made the choice to terrorize innocent people and steal from hard-working citizens. They have no one to blame for what befell them except themselves." "Ah, another one of those folks whom loves playing "judge and jury" with their powers, huh?" The masked man snickered despite the slightly condescending tone, "Why you gotta be like that, man? I mean, the economy's tough. You do what you gotta do to get by...now why don't you give yourself up and let us turn you in for the bounty on your head? Trust me, it'll be easier on all of us..." As he was talking, he pulled out a syringe and started inspecting it from all sides.
  13. [OOC] Chosen By The Earth

    Just making this OOC thread to help better expand on ideas and what not.
  14. Chosen By The Earth

    Far off in the forest, if one traveled far enough, they would eventually stumble on to a old greenhouse. However, the sight of vines growing up the sides and the bits of moss on the windows would be enough evidence to suggest this place had been abandoned for some time...so why were there still lights on inside the building? Well, let's step a little closer and find out, shall we? If one stepped through the front doors, they would likely find themselves in a place that looked like it came from a storybook, exotic flowers of all types and sizes grew inside the building and a long dirt trail led towards a large oak tree as big as a house with birds and small animals of all kinds flocking and going about their business without a care in the world. Sitting under the shade of this particular tree was a rather peculiar figure. Humanoid but colored various shades of green to highlight features like a tunic and pants, white rose petals made up its hair and a mantled long coat covered its body while a green eye mask shielded its face. It had its eyes closed as if peacefully meditating, just enjoying this moment of peace that it had won after so much conflict back where he came from. Suddenly, he opened his red eyes, the forest having told him that he had guests. Some of them good...but others...not so good.... Namely the idea that the woods outside were crawling with men dressed in black uniforms and wearing skull masks and armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry as they moved through the trees on a seek and capture mission...or a search and destroy mission...
  15. Chosen By The Earth

    When it came to walking through an empty park during night fall, the majority of people's opinions fell into one of two categories: The first category said they loved it for how romantic and tranquil it could be, giving certain people a chance to express how they truly felt without fear of being embarrassed in some way. The other category is that it was basically the equivalent of a death trap as there could be any number of seedy, unruly scumbags lying in wait to pounce on unsuspecting victims, beat them to a pulp, and rob them of all their valuables....and believe it or not, that was only if you were lucky. Tonight was a fine example of both categories playing out. A romantic couple whom we will call Shane and Julia had just been enjoying a peaceful night out, going about their business...when a group of hoodlums had approached them, demanding money if they wanted to live. The two had beaten a hasty retreat and managed to lose them within the woods...unfortunately, by the time they had done so, they had ended up well off the beaten trail and in the middle of nowhere. The two had wandered for some time to get back to the trail but to no avail. As time went on, Shane got more and more fed up with their current situation, "Julia, please tell me you got some reception already! I feel like we been wandering for hours and my feet are killing me!" "Oh quit your bellyaching, Shane," Julia rolled her eyes as she checked her phone and cursed to herself, "Darn it! Still nothing! At this rate, we're gonna be stuck out here all night!" "All night?! Please tell me you're joking..." Shane groaned like a kid whom had just had their favorite toy confiscated, "You do realize this is all your fault, right?!" "Excuse me?!" Julia whirled on her boyfriend, eyes blazing with the red fires of fury and indignation, "Oh no, you don't get to blame this all on me, mister! You're the one who thought it was a brilliant idea to go walking through the park in the middle of the night!" "Whoa, whoa, easy there, Julia!" Shane put up his hands, feeling he had said the wrong thing, "We're both just...tired, ok? How about we sit down for five minutes and then we-" Suddenly, the rustling of bushes could be heard around them, "What the..." From them emerged half a dozen men dressed from head to toe in attire that made them blend into the dark scenery so well they were like shadows. "Ah geez...they found us!" "No duh! What was your first clue, Sherlock?!" She and her lover stood back to back as the hoodlums approached, "Shane, I just want you to know before we die...I was the one who ate the last slice of pizza in the fridge the other night." "That's alright, Julia.." Suddenly, it sunk in what she had said, "Wait, you what?!!" However, before the hoodlums could get any closer, that's when IT happened. The plants around them, and even the tree branches, suddenly came to life, lashing out at them, grabbing and hauling them down to the dirt, causing each of the hoodlums to scream and cry out in shock and horror as they hacked away at their attackers with knives and shot them up with guns. However, for everyone they killed, two more took its place. One thug found himself yanked off his feet by a tree branch and slammed against another of his friends before both found themselves being squeezed together in a bundle of roots and stems. Another whipped out his gun and started shooting at a rapidly approaching pile of moss and vines, but his shots did little to deter the creature from its path as it launched itself through the air, grabbed him and dragged him off into the woods as he screamed bloody murder. The fourth and fifth went after their buddy only to have the ground explode open as a set of giant roots erupted from within to grab and restrain them. The last hoodlum, deciding that any pay to be made wasn't worth losing his life over, turned tail and ran off into the darkness...only for a loud scream to echo through the woods a few seconds later. The incredible thing though is that through this whole nightmarish scene...the pair of lovers were completely unharmed. In fact, it was as if the sentient plants were actively avoiding or even protecting them from their attackers. Despite this, fear still gripped their hearts as they backed away together, until they found their backs against...something. They hesitantly turned their heads and looked up...only to get the shock of their lives. The figure stood silhouetted in darkness and seemed to be wearing some sort of flowing coat over its lean, muscular frame. Its ruby red eyes staring right through them. "P-Please don't hurt us, mister...please, please..." They begged the creature before them. It said nothing...only raised a hand to point behind them, like it were giving a silent signal. The two looked ahead...and saw a new trail that had not been there before. When they looked back...the figure was already gone. Deciding not to stick around, they followed the new trail and before long, were back in the safety of civilization... _________________________________________________ Needless to say, it wasn't long before the pair's story spread like wildfire, and only helped to fuel the growing mystery that had cropped up almost overnight. Videos, pictures, and so on all helped to only create more questions. Who was the mysterious figure hiding out in local parks and in forests all around Freedom City? Where did they come from? What did they want? Just what was the truth behind the shocking behavior of the local wildlife? There was no doubting that quite a few people were kept on edge....It hadn't killed anyone, sure...but was this entity a force for good, truly? Only time would tell...