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Freedom city karaoke night


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So the basic idea is that it's karaoke night and a bunch of the super hero types show up to blow off steam and sing their favorite songs.  Good chance for characters who haven't met to meet and for character building. 


If people want to do threads in other areas of the freedom universe that is good too.  Bedlam karaoke night, emerald cities, CoVic etc


Anyways if interested post up here

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If it's at Morley's, as suggested in chat, the actual bar (18+) opens at 10PM bar closes at 4AM to clean up for the pub hours (11AM to 9PM)


I'm not an actual bar owner, so these are rough estimate times. But they seem right in my head. Feel free to correct.


Since the last event went 'so well', there will be ID checks. Supers most likely won't have IDs, but hey, credibility. That and this is a social thread, I think?

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