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    Player Name: Ari
    Character Name: Mag-Might
    Power Level: 7 (105/105PP)
    Trade-Offs: +- Attack / +- Damage, +- Defence / +- Toughness, or None
    Unspent Power Points: 0

    In Brief: Upper-strata Magmin bruiser, dispatched to the surface on an impossible

Catchphrase: "MRGH!"



Alternate Identity: Magh'kee/Maggy (Secret: nobody knows Maggy is Mag-Might)
Birthplace: The Glasslands, Sub-Terra

Residence: An apartment complex in downtown Emerald City, Oregon
Base of Operations: The Emerald Cities
Occupation: Underwater welder/ knight of the Chasm
Affiliations: The Chasm, Sub-Terrans, the Oregon Welder's Union
Family: 3000 brothers and sisters born from the same sorcery.


Age: 53 (DoB: 1964)
Apparent Age: N/A
Gender: Woman
Ethnicity: Green obsidian
Height: 4'6"/1.5m
Weight: 330lbs/150kg
Eyes: Opal
Hair: dark green/black strings


Maggy is stocky, a vaguely human-shaped block of green and blue obsidian crystal, burning inside with a never-ending green flame. Her eyes glow, her crystal skin is warm to the touch and slight wafts of flame lick from her mouth when she's angry or excited. Her long strings of glassy hair is shaped into small, numerous loops that frame her head like an elegant crown. Her hands are huge and powerful, and her feet are little more delicate. She's slightly top-heavy, with broad shoulders and a disproportionately large head.


Most of the time, she wears large coats and hats to disguise herself among humanity. Sometimes she remembers to wear shoes. On the job, she wears proper protective gear. 


As Mag-Might, she wears nothing at all.



Magmin are born from sorcery, transformative spells laid on humans, sub-terrans, morlocks and lemurians. Maggy was born from from fire and volcanic glass, what she once was a mystery never to be revealed, not that she's interested. She had a new life to live. She joined the communities of upper-strata magmin that dwell far above the seething magma flows and smoking lava tubes of their blazing brethren, in the dazzling gardens and wide, pitch-black meadows of razor-sharp. She learned the ways of war by endless skirmishes in broken ruins, ambushes in the depths of sunless seas and one-on-one duels at the blinding mouths to the overworld. Despite the violence and fear, she was content. There was the clan, those who meant it harm, and her, who stood between them. The Chasm was her home, with all its beauties and horrors, and that was all the world she needed. For fifty years Maggy lived like this, and the few times she saw people from the surface she kept well-hidden, her bright eyes watching the slender, frail creatures with awe and pity.


Then came Lord Quake and the stonekin. A race of giants who could mould and reshape the very world around them, gods with fiery eyes and an endless hunger. Lord Quake named himself the King-Under-The-Mountain, the Black Spear of Justice and the Saviour of Monsters. He brought hundreds of surface creatures with him, pitiful things not meant for the deep, and made them lush and peaceful homes in the great Chasm. He made a new sun, one that even the morlocks could bear to see by, carved out palaces, reactivated long-forgotten technology that protected all in his dominion, banished or slew terrible monsters and named all Sub-Terra as his rightful domain. He told the people of the underworld of the evils of humanity, their rapacious greed and the need to band together to survive. He demanded peace between all who would join him.


The morlocks and the magmin were the first to break this truce, a squabble over tunnel rights leading to a pitched battle which boiled over into Chasm's tiers. Both sides found themselves separated within moments, and forced to confront the fury of Lord Quake. He spoke softly, but in his wrath he forced a terrible price on the feuding peoples: to each give up one of their number in a mission to the surface. Two were chosen, one of them Maggy, who hadn't even been in the fight. 


They were charged with finding an ancient artefact which was rumored to control the flow of continents, giving one the power to cause or avert earthquakes at will.  They had a year to succeed. Training was swift and to the point, instructing the pair in surface politics, culture and language relevant to their mission in the Emerald Cities. They were dismissed with enough money and legal cover identities for their sojourn amongst the humans, aided by a strange fact about the Emerald Cities. 


For decades they had become a haven for metas and mutants with no interest in heroics or villainy. As a result, truly strange appearances and minor powers weren't as uncommon as they are on most of the surface. Maggy found herself a job helping in the underwater construction of the city's new wave-power generator, with more than enough money coming in to support herself and her strange, chatty partner. Now all she needs to do is find a mysterious mystical weapon, bring it back to Lord Quake, and all will be back to normal.


She hopes.


Personality & Motivation:

Maggy is a straightforward and uncomplicated person. She's the muscle of the operation, a role she's inhabited for half a century, one she understands and enjoys. She's mildly curious about the strange world of humanity, but always as a tourist attraction rather than as a place to really appreciate for its own sake. It's still relatively the same routine as her old life, but the stakes are higher. Deep inside, she relishes this as a jolly, inconsequential adventure.

She doesn't entirely trust Lord Quake, but in her own calculations it would be much riskier to defy him than to obey. 


Her relationship with Mo is one of strict lines and boundaries. He deals with all the things with talking and making problems go away, she steps in when things can't be talked out. She doesn't see Mo as a friend so much as an invaluable tool for their mutual success.


Powers & Tactics:

By and large Maggy charges in and punches, then punches again. Then breathes fire by venting the inner furnace that powers her crystalline body. Then punches some more. She's a competent but uninspired fighter, with the additional mobility of creating launchers out of the ground. She's confident that if she gets into real trouble she can just regenerate her way out of it.


Power Descriptions:
All crystal and fire, Maggy is an upper-strata magmin with the power to partially reshape herself and the world she stands on. All the elements that make up her body are, in a real sense, part of her no matter where they are or how scattered throughout the crust. They can be summoned into a fragile pillar that rockets her into the air, used to repair her crystalline lattice and even bolster her already prodigious strength by partially bonding her to the planet. Her inner fires let her create light in deepest darkness and can be concentrated into white-hot bolts or great green waves of fire. Her crystal body lets her ignore most mundane concerns, but has drawbacks. She must eat, sleep, avoid cold places and is totally incapable of human-style speech.




Code: Unlike Mo, Maggy operates on a very strict code of ethics. She can't refuse a challenge, must keep her word under any circumstances and must never reveal the secret of the Sub-Terran Chasm.

Mission: To find the Claw of Ghorummaz, a powerful artefact. To protect her ally 'Mo'. To serve the mighty Lord Quake.

Secret: To most people she's encountered, Maggy is just a weird mutant with a disfiguring condition and severe disability. That she's kin to the magmin of Sub-Terra must be kept secret, to avoid a LOT of awkward questions and scrutiny her mission can't survive.

Speechless: Maggy cannot talk in any human tongue. She's learned how to communicate via sign language but she cannot do so verbally.

The Thinnest Veil: Keeping the secret that she's not Mag-Might is impossible in the long-term.

Abilities: 10 + 0 + 8 - 2 - 2 + 6 = 20pp
STR 20 (+5)
DEX 10 (+0)
CON 18 (+4)
INT 8 (-1)
WIS 8 (-1)
CHA 16 (+3)

Combat: 10 + 8 = 18pp
ATK: +5 (+7 Unarmed, Blast)
DEF: +7 (4 Base, +3 Dodge Bonus, +2 flat-footed)
Init: +8
Grapple: +17

Saves: 3 + 5 + 6 = 14 pp
TOU +10 (+4 Con, +3 Protection, +7/+0 Impervious)
FORT +7 (+4 Con, +3)
REF +5 (+0 Dex, +5)
WILL +5 (-1 Wis, +6)

Skills: 6pp = 24r
Intimidate 9 (+12)
Language 3(American ASL, English, Igneous, Sub-Terran(native))
Notice 6 (+5)
Sense Motive 6 (+5)

Feats: 10pp
Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 1
Dodge Focus 3
Improved Initiative 2
Power Attack
Second Chance (Intimidate checks)
Uncanny Dodge (tactile)

Powers: 45 pp


Burrowing 1 (1MPH)[1PP]


Environmental Control 2(10ft radius, Light, Flaws: Range(Touch))[1PP] 


Immunity 7 (All Suffocation, Hot, High-Pressure, Radioactive Environments, Disease, Poison) [7pp]


Immunity 10 (Fire Damage, Heat Damage; Flaws: Half-Effect)[5PP]


Impervious Toughness 7 [7 pp]


Protection 3 [3 pp]


Regeneration 5 (Bruised 3(No Action), Resurrection 2(1 Day); Power Feats: Regrowth; Flaws: Source


Super-Senses 2 (Tremorsense) [2 pp]


Mantle Array 7 (14PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 3)[17PP]

Base Power: Blast 6 (Feats: Accurate, Precise)[14PP]
AP: Damage 7 (Extras: Area(Cone)[14PP]

AP: Damage 2(Extras: Penetrating 2, Feats: Mighty[DMG7])[5/14PP] + Super-Movement 3(Wall-Crawling 3)[6/14PP] + Enhanced Burrowing 2(to Burrowing 3(5MPH); Extras: Penetrating 1)[3/14PP]

AP: Super-Strength 10(+50, 70  (+effective STR; Flaws: Duration(Sustained); Feats: Groundstrike(50ft radius), Shockwave(50ft max range, DC20 TOU))[7PP] + Leaping 7(x250 jump distance(3750ft long-run/1875ft long-stand/937ft vertical)


Drawback: -4 pp
Disability (Cannot Speak) (Very Common, Moderate) [-4]
Vulnerable (Cold) (Common, Major(x2 DMG rank)) [-4 pp]


Cost: abilities 20 + combat 18 + saves 14 + skills 6/24 + feats 10 + powers 41 - drawback 8 = 105/105PP

Edited by Ari
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