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Found 5 results

  1. In the interest of keeping the forum a little less cluttered with pinned topics, here is a list of various character or archetype constructions provided by your fellow players. Feel free to reply to this thread and add your own construction threads to the index. (One reply only please, edit your post to update your index.) AA's All New All Different Oddballs Gizmo's Character Scratchpad trollthumper's Cave Ecalsneerg's Improved Archetypes Ecalsneerg's Expanded Archetypes From the Laboratory of Dr. Archeville Supercape's Supporting Cast
  2. There seems to be a general confusion that crops up now and then, so I will pull this from 2nd Ed pg 66., SAMPLE DESCRIPTORS • Allegiances: Anarchy, Chaos, Evil, Good, Justice, Law, Liberty, Tyranny • Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather • Energy: Acid, Chemical, Cold, Cosmic, Darkness, Electricity, Gravity, Heat, Kinetic, Light, Magnetic, Radiation, Sonic, Vibration • Phenomena: Colors, Dimensions, Dreams, Entropy, Ideas, Luck, Memes, Mind, Quantum Forces, Space, Thought, Time • Sources: Alien, Biological, Chi, Divine, Magic, Mystic, Mutant, Preterna
  3. Girder Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Metalbending messiah. Catchphrase: "One must listen to know, know to understand, understand to judge. And judge I shall." Theme: It Seemed The Better Way - Leonard Cohen Alternate Identity: Oluremilikun Ransome-Kuti / "Remi" Birthplace: Abeotuka, Nigeria Residence: Freedom City, USA Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Messianic trainee, political activist, superhero Affiliations: Theosophic Western Order, Family: Amatuken Ransome-Kuti(mother), Eiyowuawi
  4. Player Name: Ari Character Name: Mag-Might Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) Trade-Offs: +- Attack / +- Damage, +- Defence / +- Toughness, or None Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Upper-strata Magmin bruiser, dispatched to the surface on an impossible quest. Catchphrase: "MRGH!" Theme: Alternate Identity: Magh'kee/Maggy (Secret: nobody knows Maggy is Mag-Might) Birthplace: The Glasslands, Sub-Terra Residence: An apartment complex in downtown Emerald City, Oregon Base of Operations: The Emerald Cities Occupation: Underwater welder/
  5. Player Name: Arichamus Character Name: the Golden Ferryman, Nemty("He Who Travels") Power Level: 15 (250/250PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Egyptian astrophysicist enlightened and empowered by the misanthropic god of ferrymen, transformed into a golden voyager of the cosmos. Alternate Identity: Abdullah Rofalla Identity: Secret Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt Occupation: Astrophysicist, cosmic ferryman Affiliations: Aunu(Heliopolis), the Pesedjet of Nine(Ennead), the Pesedjet of Space and Time, Star Island Space Control Center, the Pesedjet of Eight(the Ogodad, secret)
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