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Left to My Own Devices (OOC)

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Thugs in the back begin cracking the vault on 13.


There is one in melee range of Ray trying to take his money bag, The leader less than a move action away Aiming at Ray and two on opposite sides of the room aimed at Ace and the last of them is covering the tellers though from an angle that gives him poor coverage of the rest of the room.  (aiming here meaning a readied action to fire at the target if anyone takes hostile action."


Ace will use distract on the leader for a DC 35 bluff he can't beat and so is dazed for the round ( No actions retains dodge bonus to Def) This does not count as hostile action so no readied actions go off.


Ray is up.

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Leader is distracted and gets no actions.  Two who were aimed at Ace will fire on him both rolling 18 to miss.  The one nearest Ray will cram the money bag into his duffel and draw his weapon as he backs away.  The thug nearest the tellers will reposition and shoot at Ray for a 21, for a DC 19 toughness save.  ((Edit rolls for thug one and twos ready actions, 12, and 25))  Ace makes one DC 19 toughness save gets 26.


Ace will attack the thug that just grabbed hte money and drew his gun, with a 15, HP to reroll, 20 becomes 22 with HP, he gets a 9 and is KO'd.


Need a DC 19 toughness from Ray and he's up.

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Same thug will fire on Ray again, the leader and the other two will open up on Ace.


Attack on Ray is a 19  a miss.


Attacks on Ace are:  10, 9, 11 All misses.


Ace will set his Interesting times VP to:

Deflect 10 (Friendly Fire Isn't; affects fast projectiles; Extras:  Reflection, Redirection; Flaws:  requires check (bluff), distracting; Power Feats:  subtle; Drawbacks:  Requires lines of fire to redirect(can't directly reflect only hit another target in a reasonable line of fire) -1) [10pp]


His bluff is sufficient to make the check with skill mastery and he'll take a full round action to not take minuses for more than one attack.


The thieves on the vault have breached hte door this round and can begin grabbing cash (that was fast even by movie standards)



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That'll take that thug out as I mentioned.


Leader and two remaining thugs in the lobby will fire on Ace and get a 12, 17, 20  Ace rolls deflect for 13, 14, 25 and he'll HP the one that doesn't deflect which is a minimum of 20 so all will deflect.


Thieves in the back take a move action to fill thier bags more then a move to run for it getting about halfway through the lobby.  They'll be through the door on their next action.



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