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You Never Get a Second Change for First Impressions.

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Forgive me for not posting in this thread for a while, but I must admit to being vexed; I don't need to know what you have planned, but I just want to make sure you have a plan. I'm sorry if that sounds dickish, but just writing reaction posts for someone who pathologically underreacts is not as fun as it sounds, at least for me.

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Well now! My first thought is to separate the combatants until we know what the hell is going on; this would involve initiating a grapple with the Ring of Power's Move Object 10. Even though the yuppie is the one holding the knife, and therefore the more dangerous weapon, presumably the guy in the hockey mask is the aggressor, so Gretchen would then dodge and activate the power, probably just levitating Mr. Voorhees up to the ceiling.

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