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Honey I Shrunk The Heroes OOC


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Well I'm going to say that the first thing is that those cars definitely aren't real. Things like the exhaust pipe and steering wheel, not to mention the doors don't actually open on most of them. 


Only Miracle Girl really notices the second part, but the "sun" isn't moving at all. It's more or less stuck at noon. The other thing is that it isn't giving off natural light. It's more like a lightbulb.


Also Everyone is in Costume.

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My apologies I was just going over Mannequin's sheet and I'm not sure why I did this but his Notice should only be a +6 not +11. For some reason I saw the Notice 5 then the +6 and I guess I just added it.  So the last roll would only be a 20, not sure if that changes anything and I will take away a Hero Point if you want. 


Roller Vorik
Character Mannequin
Campaign Honey I shrunk The Heroes
Description Notice Check

1d20+6: 26 [1d20=20]


Here is the next notice

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