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F'zzit Granno, Alien Detective

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Player Name: Mister Shoebox

Character Name: Joe Eastwood (Full name: F'zzit-Liano-Solinax-Granno of the Egg group Seeker, Hatchling of Grenslak the Finder and Y'rilk the Brawler.)

Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent Power Points: 0

In Brief: Alien Sam Spade

Residence:  A small apartment in Southside. His ship is parked on the roof of his building.

Base of Operations: His office - also in Southside.

Catchphrase: He has a habit of calling humans "Meat-mammals."

Alternate Identity: None

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Hatchery moon of Jolgia 12

Occupation: "Finder for hire" (PI)

Affiliations: FCPD

Family: 40 hatch siblings of assorted genders. Paternal figure, Maternal figure.


Age: 288 Earth Years, but 36 physically.

Apparent Age: late 30's early 40's

Gender: To make it simple on humans, he identifies as male

Ethnicity: Dude's purple.

Height: 7'2

Weight: 800 lbs

Eyes: Red (All three of 'em)

Hair: Blue.

He's definitely not from Earth, that's for damned sure. Purple, scaly skin, three eyes (One big one in the middle and two smaller ones on either side) and blue hair are a few of his defining visual characteristics. Seven fingered hands, a long, whip-like reptilian tail, and a mouthful of sharp, needle-like teeth complete the package. He wears his Finder Uniform under his "Meat-Mammal garb," a trench-coat and fedora.

Alien Cop.png"Me in my usual uniform." Alien Cop in Human Clothing.png"Me dressed in Meat-Mammal gear."

Power Descriptions:

When he uses his camouflage ability, he "Fades" into the background with a slight squelching sound.  When he uses his heat-detecting reflex, a thin membrane descends over each of his three eyes.

His Jolgian Pistol is a huge plasma weapon, with two settings: Incapacitate and Terminate. Terminate fires out a ball of plasma that's capable of punching through steel plating like butter. Incapacitate sends out a nasty blast of a neurological toxin that induces complete and utter paralysis. There's no antidote within five light years, so if you're zapped, you're not going anywhere.  Fortunately, it wears off after about half an hour.

History: Hatched more than two-hundred and eighty Earth years ago on the 12th Hatchery moon of the planet Jolgia, F'zzit's life was not an easy one. Being the youngest child to a moderate-sized clutch of 40, he often found himself having to compete with his siblings for approval. He wasn't bitter, however, and  his dream was always  to follow in his Pater's parth and become a Finder, much to the disgust of his Mater.

His mater Y'rilk, was a Brawler who brought home many wins during her time at the Fights, and wanted all of her hatchlings to follow in her footsteps. She did love her mate and all of her hatchlings, but her relationship with F'zzit was always...frosty, even after he achieved his goal and received the Finder Accurment at the relatively young age of one hundred and forty-four.

...It became even frostier when, a scant two years after he got his Stripes,  F'zzit had to arrest his mother when she murdered an opponent during a particularly vicious Brawl. She was sentenced to one hundred years in a Galacell, a relatively light sentence, but still...F'zzit's father never quite forgave him, even if he understood that his Hatchling was just doing his job. His siblings themselves were...well. There was some tension. He was never outright called a traitor, but he could tell that they never really trusted him again.

So he left the Jolgia Finder force after a few years of distinguished service, taking his tiny patrol ship and spending a few decades drifting from planet to planet and outpost to outpost, sometimes being a sheriff, sometimes being a deputy...and then, about six months before this writing...

Everyone needs a vacation now and then, and this "Eyarth" planet seemed like a good place to rest his legs and take a load off, as it were. So he landed on top of a small apartment building in some place called "Freedom City," and - once he reassured the poor landlord that he was not the predecessor of an alien force - asked if he could get a tiny apartment for him to rest his weary head.

Once he calmed down, Mr. Mendoza told the giant purple alien that "Rent is 300 a week. No spacedollars." Huh, boy. Seems in order to enjoy his "Time Off," F'zzit needed to find a source of income. 

Inspiration struck when he was watching TV one day (Rent wasn't due 'till the first of the month, Mr. Mendoza is tough but fair) and he came across an old Sam Spade movie. Realizing that this PI work may prove fruitful, he set up an office in a nearby abandoned building and took a "Meat Mammal" name, Joe Eastwood.

Now he patrols the mean streets of Freedom City and the mean spaceways surrounding it, solving cases, helping out where he can...it's not a thankful job, but "It puts food on the table, fuel in the ship, and cigarettes in me, I'm good at it, and I'm still doing what I was hatched to do."


Personality & Motivation:

Laid-back but duty-driven, he's got a dedicated but not inflexible air about him. He's surprisingly soft-spoken for a man of his size, almost never raising his voice above a pleasant conversational one. He's not unemotional, but he is reserved, often speaking in clipped, to-the-point sentences. He'll use every opportunity to get his man, but won't go outside the law of the planet to do so. "I'm here to help, not hurt. Sometimes the latter is unavoidable, though, but never go overboard. If you do, you're just as bad as the guys you're going after." He's slow to anger, but when he DOES get angry, look out. He likes soft rock tunes, old movies, cheap cigarettes, expensive whiskey, and The Freedom City Falcons Hockey Team. He hates cats (They make him sneeze), the taste of fried chicken, and long lines at the DMV.

What motivates him to fight crime on his new home is simple: "I'm a Finder. Even on this new locale, bud. Surrounded by meat mammals, some of which have meta abilities, I'm still a Finder. I grab bad guys and put them behind bars. Even if those bad guys are meat-mammals who shoot lightning out of their butts or something."

Powers and Tactics:

"Okay, fella, sit down. This could take a while. I'm a Jolgian, we differ from you meat-mammals in several areas - besides the obvious, that being you guys are tiny and covered in squishy skin, not scales. I can blend into the background like that little squid-thing....A cuttlefish, that's it. I can see into the infared spectrum, too. See, everything leaves a heat trail when it moves; as a Jolgian? I can track it. No one escapes me for long.

I'm also a lot stronger and faster than your average human. I can run at about a hundred miles per hour...helps. That's not dismissing you; it's just a fact. My scales are about as hard as that...what-do-you-call-it...Kevlar, yeah. Radiation doesn't bother me, either. One good thing about living on a planet constantly bombarded by gamma radiation? You get a natural immunity to the stuff. "

"My trusty blaster has gotten me out of more than a few scrapes. I'm a good shot, but it's not like I go around shooting up the place. There's a time for that, but it's not often. It's a Jolgian L13-F3LD Special. Good gun. Burns through armor pretty easily and has a nasty paralysis effect. Only way someone's waking up when zapped with that thing is when it wears off - no Earth meditech can revive 'em. Burns through people, too, so you understand why I don't like to use the Terminate effect on meat mammals; I like smoked jerky, but I don't want to turn those I'm trying to apprehend INTO the stuff. 'course, a lot of people surrender at the sight of a giant, scaly guy with three eyes who's holding a really big gun, so I rarely have to use it."

"Tactically? Hit hard, hit fast, apprehend, Do Not Kill unless absolutely necessary. I have killed, yeah, but I've never enjoyed it; it's just one of the problems of the job. Only on other planets, though; I've never had to kill a meat-mammal, a record I'd like to keep. If your car is too fast for me to leap after, though, I'm not afraid of giving your vehicle a few new holes. Give your insurance guy a reason to put on a happy face. Sneaking up someone with the ol' camouflage reflex and a tap on the head isn't outside the realm of possibility either."


One is the Loneliest Number.  He can get lonely at times, considering he's - as far as he knows - the only Jolgian within fifty light years of "This meat-mammal-coated world. Nothing against you guys, but a fella gets lonely."

Lybu Tahq! Something not human! His appearance can be...off-putting, even for those who are accustomed to extra-terrestrials on this planet. "I'm not the only alien on this blue mudball, but apparently not looking human is a social faux pas.You meat-mammals and your focus on appearance...grumble grumble." 

Cursin' in his native language. When stressed, upset, or surprised, he may slip back into InterLac, his native tongue. This can make it a bit hard to understand him at times. 

I hate the cold. He's extremely vulnerable to extreme cold, being a cold-blooded being. It's not a real issue during winter or a cold day, just put a coat on and he's fine, but if he's in an arctic environment or hit with a freeze ray, he's likely to slip into a hibernation state that it's difficult to roust him from. 

It's muscle and scale, really. 800 lbs of pure alien ass-kickery does not a light person make. He's difficult to move if he collapses due to the aforementioned cold effect, and he's not exactly easy to find clothes or vehicles for.

Paralyze Only: He's actually had his weapon registered on Earth, with the understanding that he'll never use the "Terminate" setting unless it's against metas. Everyone else gets the "Incapactiate" setting. 


Abilities: 16+ 6 + 12+ 2 + 4+ 2 = 42PP

STR 26(+8)

DEX 16(+3)

CON 22(+6)

INT 12(+1)

WIS 14(+2)

CHA 12(+1) 

Combat: 8 + 7= 30PP

Initiative: +7(Dex +3, misc +4)

Attack: + 8 (Unarmed) (+9 Melee, +9 ranged)

Grapple: +17/20 (Strength + 8, Base Attack Bonus +9, Super Strength +3)

Defense: +7 (4+3 Dodge), +13 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -5


Saving Throws: 1 + 2 + 4 = 7PP

Toughness: +6 (+5 Impervious)

Fortitude: +7 (+6 Con, +1)

Reflex: +5 (+3 Dex, +2)

Will: +4 (+2 Wis, +4)


Skills:40R = 10PP

 Concentration 5 (+7),

Investigate 6 (+7),

Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 3 (+4),

Knowledge (Popular Culture) 3 (+4),

Language (English, Interlac),

Pilot 5 (+8),

Search 6 (+7),

Sense Motive 3 (+5),

Stealth 4 (+7),

Survival 3 (+5)


Feats: 22PP


Attack Focus (Melee),

Attack Focus (Ranged)

Equipment 15,


Improved Initiative 

Quick Draw

Takedown Attack 1


Equipment: 75ep

Jolgian One-man Ship

Size: Huge (-2 def;) [2ep]
Str: 30 

Toughness:15 [6ep]


Features: [3PP]

Navigation System (3)

Hidden Compartments (1)


Powers: 63

Flight 12 (50,000MPH) [24pp]

Concealment 1 ( Sense Type: Radar) [2pp]

Super-Movement 3 (Space Travel 3: InterGalactic) [6 ep]

     "Weapons Systems" 31pp

      BP: Blast 10, (Blaster Cannons) Feats; Improved Range (5,) Range progression (5) AP 1

      AP: Nullify 10 (Electronics), (Ion Cannon)Flaws: Objects Only Feats: Improved Range 5, Range Progression 5  



Powers: 31+14=45

Jolgian Physiology (30pt container, Feats: Innate) [31pp]

  •  Additional Limbs 1  (Tail) [1/30pp])
  •  Concealment 2 ( Flaws:Blending, Feats:Close Range) Camouflage [3/30pp] 
  • Immunity 6 (Jolgian Radiation adaptation; Damage Type (Radiation), ) [6/30pp]
  • Impervious Toughness 5 ( Armored Scales)  (5/30pp)
  • Strike 1 (Tail Whip, feat: Mighty) [2/30pp]
  • Super Strength 3 (Feats: AP - Leaping 3 (x10),) [7/30pp]
  • Super-Senses 2 (Lizard Vision; Infravision,Tracking (Half-Speed)) [2/30 PP]
  • Speed 4 (100 MPH,) [4/30PP]

Device 4 (20 DP, Flaws: Easy to Lose, Feats: Restricted  2, (Jolgian DNA, F'zzit)) [14PP] "Lawman's Friend"

 Blast 6 (Extras: Penetrating 1, Feats: Accurate, Alternate Power 1) [20 DP] (plasma bolt)

 AP Paralyze 6 (Extras: Ranged, Alt. Save [Fortitude], Feats: Alternate Power 1, Incurable) [19/19] (Paralyzing Beam)






   Drawbacks: (-3+-3) = -6PP

Vulnerable (Extreme Cold;Uncommon,Major) (-3)

Weakness: (Extreme Cold; Uncommon, Major) (-3)



DC Block

ATTACK           RANGE      SAVE                        EFFECT

Plasma Blast            Ranged           DC 21 (Toughness)                         Damage (Energy)

Paralyze                   Ranged           DC 16 (Fortitude)                            Non-damage Attack

Strike                        Melee              DC 24  (Toughness)                      Damage (Melee)

Unarmed                  Touch              DC 23  (Toughness)                      Damage (Melee)


Totals: Abilities (42) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (10 (40R)) + Feats (22) + Powers (45) - Drawbacks (-6) = 151

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Hey, Question - after taking away his Kinetic Cannon, I'm thinking of essentially giving him a really big pistol. Like the Good Samaritan only a ray gun. Blast 5, Penetrating 1; big ol' hand cannon.   It seems kind of a waste to use device points  for that, tho. Can I use Equipment points instead and save the Power Points to give him a bit more oomph? If not, okey dokey!

Edited by MisterShoebox
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Blast 5 is probably in-line with a space gun, if only just - the +Penetrating's a bit much. Really, if you want it to be useful, you should probably buy it as a Device - equipment's cheap for a reason. You'll also want something closer to your PL caps, since PL10 enemies aren't likely to be terribly impressed by a PL8 weapon (factoring in the new ranged attack bonus your character's sporting).

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He's done! Done done done! I found a Hellboy build that was immensely...kind of what I wanted, so I used it for reference. Density 3 is a lot less complicated and a lot more agreeable for a big guy with minor super-strength who's hard to take down. Plasma gun is blast 6 with Penetrating Extra and Ranged Paralysis 6 for alternate power, with a big ol' "Accurate" for the final straw. I punched up the skills and stuff, so he's no longer got a buncha useless 3 skills and now has some semi-useful 5 skills. He can't lift mountains anymore, but if he punches you you WILL feel it. 


I figure his gun is like an Alien Desert Eagle - big, showy, lots of stopping power. It's not as powerful as a Blaster Rifle, per se, but it's a mite more oomphy than your standard Blaster Pistol. His ship is no longer Gargantuan, but huge, which I figure makes more sense for just a one-person ship. He no longer has bullet-proof scales, but a knife or a set of brass knuckles will just make him a mite irritated. Rage 2 to show that when he builds a head of steam, watch out. 


No super movement, unfortunately, but I kind of figure that goes with his personality; slow, steady, Hellboy-ish. Wait for the baddie to come to you, wait for them to make a mistake, but don't be passive. Y'see? 


Hopefully he's finally up to snuff! 

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