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Horrorshow (OOC)


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Initiative time!


For thread purposes, the statistics of this thing are being deliberately withheld. In the interests of fairness (and plot relevance), though, it does circumvent a couple of Ghost Girl's abilities - so take a hero point, Ghost Girl.


Wraith: Initiative Roll: 1d20+7 10

?????: Having effecitvely used its action to break in the door, the glowing thing will go last in the combat round.

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Wraith can't coup de grace without extra effort, but she can make him hurt!


Move action: shapeshift!

Strike 5 (Feats: Improved Critical [19-20], Mighty, Power Attack) [8pp], Speed 2 (25mph) [2pp]


Standard action: charge!

Melee Attack Roll vs. ?????: 1d20+12+4+2-5 29

(+4 adjacent vs. helpless target, +2 charge, -5 power attack)


As a bound, medium-sized creature, ?????'s defense is 5, so...that'll do.

Toughness Save vs. Damage, DC32: 1d20+13 27

Oh dear. It seems durable. Fail by 5, at least!

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For the purposes of this thread, our luminescent naer-do-wells are thugs plucked from Freedom City and beyond (mostly beyond) to act as muscle, and have been equipped with a device that vastly improves their fighting prowess - depending on the thug, they'll be anywhere from PL7 to PL13, with a lot of physical strength and durability and a few extras (like Affects Insubstantial and an immunity to direct mind-altering or -reading effects, as their 'skin' is basically psionic force).


As noted by the odd, scary small man with the Riddler complex, though, it's basically a projection of their own confidence. Scaring them shorts it out, and leaves them not only street-level, but minions, besides.


Given the environment and goings-on, well-crafted and inventive scare descriptions get a hefty circumstance bonus to what would normally be some kind of Intimidation roll - generally assume that if you can give them a proper scare, you can be-minion them, barring special circumstances.


Their current floor is mostly the lab they're already in, with some open-floor lab space (and a couple other large labs) outside, with two stairwells going down. The floor below them, from what little they saw coming up, was all boxes, crates, and dust-sheet-covered science nonsense.

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Clever Kimber. They don't fly!


Another shot at Notice or Wisdom, if she cares to. She's literally fingertips away from her foes - if she sinks down much further without moving forward into open air, they'll probably get her. (The open space between the second and first floors is probably safe, but only until one of them decides that diving at her from the ledge is a good plan.)

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She has a general feeling that some of the things she's seen in the last minute or so are off, but can't quite place her finger on it without immediate reference. She did better-than-even on that Notice so she can take a moment to grab a Wisdom check for free, now, if she likes.


What she can place with the Notice alone is that something is specifically off right near her head. Accounting for zoom, this is just about where a security camera should be if their previous security system voyeurism is accurate, but not only is there no security camera here, there's no mount point or wreckage to indicate one ever was here....or anywhere else in the room, now that she takes a look.


How odd!

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Ah, right, that was it - given her morph's sensitivity to sunlight, Kimber should know when it's daytime out! She's pretty sure they arrived during the day, and they haven't been there QUITE long enough for it to be pitch black outside. For that matter, Kimber has darkvision - to her, it shouldn't be that dark anywhere!


Stuff here sure feels real (maybe don't let those guys grab you, just in case!), but she's starting to get the vibe she got from diving into a virtual world: it's a bit like someone created a close-enough facsimile of this part of the building, and either couldn't deal with some of the fine details, or didn't bother.


Have a free HP for the plot inflicting a no-save something-or-another.

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Kimber has, say, one, maybe two posts before she's outright forced into combat - or she could pick a fight immediately! Still a decent number of thugs around - hard to tell which ones are real, if any, which may be a problem.


From your sense motive: the little guy seems a bit more perturbed than he lets on; she could guess that he's not used to this much push-back from whatever it is he's doing. He's also not striking first, which is interesting: he's either really, really stupidly confident, or he's exercising a caution against direct conflict that's a little at odds with how up in that thug's face he got earlier.


Little Dude's also pinging her Fear Awareness, assuming she's watching that; she doesn't have Accurate on that so it's hard to tell if he's actually where he appears to be, but he doesn't seem to share the thug's immunity to at least her super-sense and he's not as collected as he's trying to look. She'll need an okay notice check to tell what he's afraid of, though.

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Dude was apparently literal when he called Kimber an 'outsider'. What she gets from him, once she has a handle on it, is outright paranoia - this is a man who is dead certain that all Weird Things are, or trace back to, aliens. The metal one's an alien, the blue floaty one's an alien, of course the aliens showed up here at the moment of my greatest triumph to date etc etc.


He also seems to be afraid that she'll come after him directly? Which is odd for two reasons: first, because he's right there and doesn't seem THAT worried about it yet. And second, because her Tracking indicates that he's further away than he looks right now. But if she wasn't here at all, and was still back up at the stairs, the lobby would be about right.

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