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Hammer (PL 10) - MBCE


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Player Name: MBCE

Character Name: Kwame “Hammer” Harris

Power Level: 10 (150/166PP)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -4 Defense / +4 Toughness

Unspent Power Points: 16

In Brief: Powerhouse that loves to showboat.  A member of The Ultimate Wrestling League (UWL)

Residence: Theater District
Base of Operations: Theater District
Catchphrase: “Time to knock some sense inta ya!” “It’s Hammer Time!” “Time for the main act!”

Alternate Identity: The Hammer

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Chicago
Occupation: Wrestler

Affiliations: UWL (Freedom City Ultimate Wrestling League)


Family: Older sister and younger brother living in Chicago.

Age: 35 (DoB: July 15, 1981)
Apparent Age: 35
Gender: Male


Ethnicity: African-American

Height: 5’11” (180cm)
Weight: 265lbs (120kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black but keeps he’s bald.

 Kwame is pure muscle. Unlike most powerhouse heroes, Hammer still looks relatively normal.  If anything, he seems like a very dedicated bodybuilder, which he is.

Power Descriptions:
Hammer’s powers are manifested by pure muscles.  He uses his superior strength to augment his wrestling fighting style.  Having just recently gained his powers, Hammer has yet to learn how to use his powers in the traditional "powerhouse" fighting style.  Instead, he uses his strength to power his devastating wrestling moves to great effect. It won't be long before life in Freedom city teaches him how to more effectively apply his great strength to helping the citizens of the city.



Kwame Harris always wanted to become a wrestler.  He grew up watching various wrestlers both in person and on TV.  To fulfill his dream, he began working out to get his body into peak shape.  He slowly began to gain a following in the wrestling world, but then Freedom City announced the newly formed Ultimate Wrestling League.  Kwame saw the league as the next evolution to his dream.  There was only the simple problem that he lacked any superpowers to allow him to compete in the league.


Kwame didn't let that stop him.  He began looking for ways to gain powers.  Through his studies, he learned that some meta-humans gained their powers from manipulation of their basic genetic makeup.  Kwame learned there were a number of drugs in the city that could enhance him.  After a few months of fruitless pursuit, Kwame came across a shady dealer offering a drug guaranteed to give him enhanced powers.  Kwame paid the large sum of money for the drug and returned home.  Since he was unsure of the effects of the drug, Kwame made sure to take a leave of absence from his wrestling duties. 


Kwame took the drug and it had an immediate effect upon him.  Unfortunately, it was not the intended effect as his hair fell out and he experienced constant pain.  For months Kwame found himself restricted to his apartment as his body began to adapt itself.  Now that his body has adapted to the changes, Kwame has moved to Freedom city to join the Ultimate Wrestling League.

Personality & Motivation:

Kwame sees Freedom City as the biggest stage to perform upon.  With the large number of heroes and villains, the city has become a larger version of the Wrestling federation he once was a member of.  Since his powers placed him in a league above the other wrestlers, he has turned his sights to becoming the greatest hero in the city.  Now he can strive to become a star in the world of Heroes.


Hammer is loud and friendly.  He usually has a smile upon his face.  Outwardly, his whole persona is way over the top but when he’s alone, a lot of his bravado disappears.  Kwame is always acting in front of people.  The act along with his powers tends to lull his adversaries into underestimating just how devious he could be when it counted.


Powers & Tactics:

Hammer is first and foremost, a showman.  He likes to build up tension when he finds himself in a fight going so far as to fake the results of a blow.  He starts by weakening his opponents with standard punches and kicks.  From time to time, he places his foe into a submission hold.  These holds vary depending on the area he wishes to weaken; leg locks are used to weaken a foe's ability to avoid attacks (vs Reflex), body locks to weaken a foe's ability to resist damage by applying pressure to nerve points (vs Toughness), arm locks and shoulder stretches are used to soften up the foe's ability to resist physical pain (vs Fortitude), and headlocks are used to rattle a foe's mental stability by inflicting pain directly on the head (vs Will).  When he has his opponents on the ropes, he often uses that time to strut around getting any witnesses hyped up before delivering his finishing move, Hammer Down, a modified version of the Superman Punch.  Hammer also likes to taunt his opponents throughout fights, treating his encounters as a typical wrestling match.


Hammer uses his Eye rake as a means to further weaken his opponent as well as a way to escape grapples of other fighters.

Hammer has taken his skills at wrestling to the streets.   His punches and kicks are all signature wrestling moves.  A suplex here, a drop kick there, are all ways that Hammer damages his opponents.  It's when he goes for his special moves that things get interesting.


Eye Rake: Hammer drags his fingers across an opponent's eyes, blinding them. [Dazzle visual]

Hammer Down: Hammer's finishing move.  After weakening his opponent, he poses slightly before performing a leaping attack.  As he comes down, he he hits with his hands clenched together.  His momentum and excessive strength increases the changes of a critical hit. [Damage (PF:Improved Critical 2)]

HKO: aka Hammer Knockout is a modified version of RKO. Hammer leaps towards the opponent and grabs the opponent's head in a ¾ facelock while parallel to the ground, and then slams the opponent's face to the ground in a cutter. [Stun]

Submission Move: Hammer likes to toy with his opponents.  He quickly grapples whomever he is fighting and  using his superior strength, weaken their ability to resist his attacks. [Drain any one save]



Got to keep the fans happy: Hammer is always putting on a show. He likes to get bystanders involved and would easily allow for an opponent to regain their senses instead of quickly finishing them off.

The World’s a stage: Hammer tends to make sure that any possible witnesses know that he is around.  This has lend to situations where deliberately announce his presence instead of using stealth.

Secret: As a role-model for young kids, Hammer has to keep the true origin of his powers a secret.

I’m no chicken: Hammer can’t back away from a challenge.

Abilities: 8 + 2 + 6 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 22PP
Strength: 18/34 (+4/+12), effective Str 69
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 16/38 (+3/+14)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 6+ 12 = 18PP
Initiative: +1 [+1 Dex]
Attack: +8 Melee (+3/ Attack Focus(melee) +5), +3 Ranged
Grapple: +27 [atk (8)+Str (12)+Super Str (7)+Size (0)]
Defense: +6 (+6 Base), +3 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -12 [Impervious Toughness 10]

Saving Throws: 0 + 5 + 5 = 10PP
Toughness: +14 (+14 Con, [Impervious 10])
Fortitude: +14 (+14 Con, +0)
Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +5)
Will: +6 (+1 Wis, +5)

Skills: 44R = 11PP
Bluff 6 (+8)

Intimidate 6(+8)

Knowledge (Current Events) 4(+4)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 6(+6)

Perform (Acting) 6(+8)

Profession (Wrestler) 10(+11)

Sense Motive 6(+7)

Feats: 11PP

Attack Focus (Melee) 5

Fighting Style: Wrestling 5

[Chokehold, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Power Attack]

Powers: (All biological, Origin: Experiment) 22 +16 +7+10+4+2+17 = 78PP

Enhanced Constitution 22 [22pp]

Enhanced Strength 16 [16pp]

Drain (Any one Save) 6 (Various submission holds;Feat: Slow Fade 1;Flaw: Requires Grapple) [7pp]

Impervious Toughness 10 [10pp]

Leap 4 (x25 -- running long jump 550ft, standing long jump 275ft, high jump 137ft) [4pp]

Speed 2 (25 mph/ 200 ft per Move action)[2pp]

Super Strength 7 (effective Str 69; Hvy Load 179 tons; Feats:Alternate powers 3) [17pp]

  • AP: Damage 12 (Hammer Down; PF: Improved Critical 2) {14/14pp}
  • AP: Dazzle (visual) 12 (Eye Rake; Extra: Linked [Damage]; Flaw: Range (Touch)) + Linked Damage 12(Extra: Linked [Dazzle]{12/14pp}
  • AP: Stun 7 (HKO) {14/14pp}



Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block
ATTACK              RANGE                 SAVE                                                         EFFECT

Dazzle                 Touch                   DC 22 Reflex/ DC 27 Toughness              Renders all visual  senses useless/ Damage

Drain                   Grapple                DC 16 Fortitude                                        Drains any one Save

Grapple               Touch                   DC 27                                                       Damage (Physical)

Hammer Down     Touch                  DC 27 Toughness                                     Damage (Physical) [Crits 18-20]

Stun                     Touch                  DC 17 Fortitude                                         Dazes or Stun on failed save

Unarmed              Touch                   DC 27 Toughness                                     Damage(Physical)

Totals: Abilities (22) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (11) + Feats (11) + Powers (78) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/166 Power Points

Edited by Fox
+1pp for April 2017
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1 hour ago, Avenger Assembled said:

Sorry for the delay! 


Attack Focus what? 


And can you add his Leaping distance and Strength Heavy Load? 


Corrections made!  Also, I was unsure of his Heavy Load total.  At 70 strength, it would be 200 tons, but with 69 strength, it's not very clear.  I simply took off 10 ton as a work around.  


EDIT: Figured out the heavy load for 69 strength (179.2 tons). Added to the information to the sheet.

Edited by MBCE
Answered own question.
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Since I had time to think more about the character, I've decided to make some changes.  I think I want to flesh out his wrestling a little more with his powers.  Could the moderators hold of on looking over the character?  Once I finish fleshing things out, I'll let you know.


Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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