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Rabat, Morroco
Monday, June 20th, 2016

11:20 PM


As part of a variety of social and political reforms under the current ruler, King Mohammed VI, Morocco offers a “conditional neutrality” to various superhumans seeking temporary asylum. Under this agreement, superhuman possessing a special visa issued by Morocco can operate within the borders of the nation sans government interference, even if they are wanted by the authorities of other nations with which Morocco usually has extradition treaties. These visas are of a very limited length and can be withdrawn at the discretion of the crown.  For the most part the idea of a superhuman safe haven has a broad range of appeal to the public, but foreign leaders have begun to speculate as to whether Morroco was using the opportunity for a superhuman arms race.  Gathering power as it were.


It was this level of speculation that brought Dancia Devons to Morocco to pursue an interview and possibly a story worth printing for the Freedom Ledger.  Yves Zermeño was in Morroco on a pursuit of her own AEGIS had been tracking OVERTHROW activity to Morroco and in a cooperative effort with UNISON the freed drone found herself in the heart of the capital staking out a garment factory.  Planet Inspector Dol-Druth had his own reasons for being in the city.  The Lor sent word through the Freedom League of a crashed ship in the area.  But, with not so much as a news story to go on, the Lor Mentat had nothing to go on if this ship ever passed through the area to begin with.  As sensitive as the matter was the Freedom League reached out to Cobalt Templar to keep an eyes on Dol-Truth, lest an international incident occur due to his search for a craft that may never have been there to begin with.


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Dancia couldn't help but appreciate the irony of a country free for superheroes she was the only one that had to disguise her true nature. She'd even had to endure another business class flight, though luckily she managed to make it to Europe under her own power.


Still she was in good spirits strolling through the busy streets enjoying the sights and sounds, including those beyond normal humans senses, the progressivw nature of Morocco meant she could dress fairly casually conpaired to some of the Muslim countries she'd visited in either official capacity. This interview could be the one that finally break her into the big time, an actual by line in the paper itself, maybe even a cover story!

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"This arrangement, Templar, is as unnecessary as it is offensive." Following on the heels of the imposing Terrestrian, the even more imposing(if significantly rounder) form of Dol-Druth, observer of worlds and inquisitor of powers, the Speaker who gave voice to the tens of billions of minds who gathered together to name themselves "Dotrae", wobbled and swayed in the blazing Moroccan heat.


Perspiration beading on the wholly bald, corpse-white flesh that emerged from his iridescent beige suit, the planet inspector went on irritably, slender antennae twitiching "We are not some truant child or ignorant visitor, we understand our job and have done it on worlds far stranger to us than this. We are not even allowed to use the combined mental power of our people, unless in extreme emergency that you alone cannot handle, and even then it would go through at least two levels of approval before I could so much as glean a thought or move a pebble."


On the plane trip, crouched and bundled in the broad seats, the alienhad actually been quite personable and cheerful, something about the cramped conditions and chill air a powerful tonic for the manymind's ambassador. But as soon as they had taken ten steps on Moroccan soil the same dour grump had swiftly returned.


Surveying the moving swells of people, their vehicles and their dwellings, the alien asked curtly "So, where are their aerospace administrators? Or should we interrogate the criminal element first?"

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