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Safe and Secure [IC]

The Sailor

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North Bay

2am EDT, April 13, 2016

Clear, cool, light wind...



There is a motorcycle navigating the winding public roads of North Bay, it's white and sky blue paint job and it's rider in what looked like a very involved motorcycle suit and a large backpack of matching color winded about. It was a superhero tradition for a hero to do patrols. The newly renamed Starhawk wanted to do so but not flying. She thought if she actually wanted to catch a malfeasance, she would catch it on the ground.


Then again the past few months has been nothing but test flights for Archetech. Now that business had subsided and the contract fulfilled, she looked forward to getting back in the game. A new look helped, changing the color scheme and design of her suit and recent tweaks to her flight pack added to the more avian look she wanted to portray. She stopped on a hill overlooking the seaside, the Aeronautical Adventurer parked somewhere dark where the night-vision system of her suit wouldn't be impeded.


"All's quiet so far... seems this area isn't the best for beating up a thief... then again there's areas ripe for the taking about here." She said, looking about, attaching a manually focused monocle that acted like a spy-glass, the only thing that could work with the night-vision sensor on her helmet. "Hmm..."

That was when she heard a smash of glass and the sound of a cat in the distance... she wasn't sure where, but it seemed to come from one of the non-gated residences. "That's something worth checking out..." She said to herself, riding off. She couldn't park there and she did like her motorcycle. Keeping her vision about her she looked around for anything out of place as she started to near the area...

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A trio of black suited individuals vaulted over some fences, scoping out the area, but unlike common thieves they were equipped and loaded for covert action. Black wetsuit-like suits, tactical vests, night-vision goggles... it seemed more something like Splinter Cell than a heist. The final frosting on the potential trouble cake was the rifles slung on their back.


One of the team used hand-signals, telling his teammates to move careful. As he moved forward though he bumped a recycling can that had a couple glass bottles on it, crashing them to the ground and scaring a cat nearby.


"Crud..." He said, over his radio, keeping sub-vocal through a microphone on his throat. "I guess these 1%ers at least care about the environment somewhat."


"Well I doubt that's something out of the ordinary... not like these unattended cats aren't a thing around here." His female partner said with a light British accent, scoping the area with a sniper rifle, keeping the angles watched.


"At least there's no real lighting. How far are we from the target?" the last man said, loaded with muscle matching his russian accent, with what looked like a machine gun strapped to his back... with accompanying ammunition.


"If twinkletoes doesn't keep makin' noise, luv, a quarter of a click. With how we're movin' 5 minutes."


"Excellent... keep an eye out for guards when we reach his compound, we can't have him knowin' we're gonna punch his ticket."



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The breeze floated above North Bay, carrying eerier things than birds and cold aloft.


The ancient, impossible thing that clothed itself in human guise during the day used the night to travel freely, reaching out with inhuman sense to sample the dreams flowing beneath him. Regret and passion and despair and love and fear and exaltation all rose up from the sleeping city like a thousand scents, and the Stranger sampled it all. He knew those flavors well, could feel the beat underneath them, and judged it all to be good.


He/it floated over the North Bay, finding the flavors of wealthy dreams to be much the same as the dreams that rose from the Fens. The nocturnal sampling, though,w as interrupted by a lone, harsh sound against the quiet of the night. The Stranger swooped closer to land, his tie dangling out of his sportcoat like a tongue, seeking out the source of the disturbance.

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It didn't take long.


First thing you spot is a woman in a light grey, almost white with sky blue section suit, looked obviously like a costume with a rather high-tech backpack and gear looking about. But what was also noticable was two obviously more stealthy individuals, one with a rather long rifle, a female, and the other a man with a basic combat rifle heading up through a yard, and the woman in the suit was about to cross paths. What she didn't know is a third, highly burly individual qith what could only be called a minigun strapped to his back was actually managing to be insanely stealthy, and it looked like he was about to pounce.




It seems stealth isn't in the repertoire of the white-suited woman...

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