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A Bad Case Of The Runs OOC


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This is the OOC. Feel free to ask me quite literally anything about the thread, especially if it doesn't make sense. I've likely missed something.


Nothing much to say to start with. Terrifica got a message to Miracle Girl about the case some kind of way that didn't violate secret identity. If you like, Blarghy, she could have done the same for Leviathan. Otherwise come in as you like.

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Let me know if you have issues with Terrifica's message to Leviathan.  Hopefully it wasn't presumptuous. 


Other than that, my only question so far is, how well-known is Miracle Girl?  Leviathan has no ranks in Gather Information or Knowledge (Current Events), nor the Well Informed feat or anything like that, so he's basically limited to recognizing heroes who're in the news with some frequency, that most citizens of Freedom City would know too.  Although I assume he could've taken a 20 off-screen to look up Terrifica a bit in between now and #Saints, if you want a justification for the line about him reading up on her (I don't have any plans for anything he might've found, though, aside from knowing she was big in Boston, which we already talked about). 



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I have no problem with that at all whatsoever. That's a very...cowl-y way of getting in touch with someone. Does...does everyone NOT take 20 and look people up after they meet them? As for Miracle Girl, she's not a nobody, but she is a teenager. She's had some adventures and probably been on the news at this point. She's just not, you know, Freedom League or anything. Heri could tell you better.

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It's as EP says; Miracle Girl is far from a household name, but she's starting to get a bit of a rep. In fact, I should do a Reputation table for her!


Her most public display of heroism was helping two other flying heroes (El Hurican and Seahawk) rescue an airplane from super-powered hostage takers a few months ago, though she's had a few other adventures. There would also be the occasional news item about her helping people, typically outside school hours (evenings and weekends) if you're good at spotting patterns. 


Basically she'd be known to be a pretty blonde teen super who flies and is super-strong.


I think Terrifica knows about her super-eye sight and radio hearing, so a message on a rooftop or some sort easily diciphered broadcast would probably work to contact her.

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Toughness: 1d20+15 27


And for the counter, if possible, Leviathan will Charge and go All-Out (to the extent allowed by the house rules, anyway, since he doesn't have the feat), which lowers his Defense to a mere 11.  I don't think there's any issues with combining those maneuvers, hopefully.  Now, Leviathan also has Improved Grab, so if he hits, then that roll also establishes a Grapple.


Unarmed Attack: 1d20+14 23

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Ah, so it does. I haven't spent much time with the grapple rules, you see. Well, let's give it a shot. Speedsters aren't known for their grapple bonuses, after all.




17. That's grappled, all right. Well, in that case she'll skip trying to break loose and use her Stun instead. With Power Attacking for 4...




A good roll for 23 means mos def a hit. DC 22 Fort save.


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Fortitude: 1d20+15 24


I didn't know a grappled character could choose to keep using other abilities instead of just fighting the grapple (or would it merely require a Concentration check?  Wondering for future reference).  Either way, is it now Leviathan's turn, on round 2?  Do I need to check for grappling again this turn in order to damage the thief, or, since she isn't trying to get away, is that automatic?  


Also, should I go ahead and post, or are you planning one?

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You can use powers while grappling, subject to the requirements of the grapple. If you use a power requiring a standard action, you forfeit your grapple check that round (meaning you automatically lose the opposed grapple check). This may be worth it if the power helps you get out of the grapple or otherwise deals with your opponent. The GM may require a Concentration check (see page 44) to use some powers while grappled, while other powers (those requiring freedom of movement or the ability to access a device, for example) may not be usable at all, at the GM’s discretion.


Right out of the Core Rules. I would never in a million years (and I think no reasonable GM should) require a Concentration check to use an attack power against the opponent grappling you. It is, however, advised to have one if someone wants to, say, turn Incorporeal or Teleport to escape the grapple. So, no actual Grapple check required from you. You can do unarmed damage, throw her, pin, or end the grapple. No rolling required. I'll post tomorrow. It's been a day.

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