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I Believe in Miracles (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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Initiative: 6#1d20+0 19 10 3 19 2 6


So an HP to Miracle Girl for the ambush!  They're all minions.  Take 10 and all that good stuff.


Initiative                            Character                            HP                                             Damage Condition

19                                   Battlesuit Thug  1                  GM                                               Unharmed

19                                   Battlesuit Thug  4                  GM                                               Unharmed

10                                   Miracle Girl                              3                                                 Unharmed

10                                  Battlesuit Thug  2                  GM                                               Unharmed

6                                    Battlesuit Thug  6                  GM                                               Unharmed

3                                    Battlesuit Thug  3                  GM                                               Unharmed

2                                    Battlesuit Thug  5                  GM                                               Unharmed


The first thug Shoots Miracle Girl (DC21): 1d20+4 21


also shoots Miracle Girl (DC21): 1d20+4 7 Missing


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Okay, Casey wants to drop these goons as quickly as possible, as the guy running away seems like the prime target. She will definitely spend the HP for the feat to better take on multiple targets, but I'm not sure if taking 10 with +9 Unarmed Attack is enough to dependably mop the floor with these guys.


Fuggit, only one way to find out! We'll see how well she fares with this tactic.

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