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I Believe in Miracles

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Somewhere over Route 9
Southside Freedom City, New Jersey

Thursday November 19th, 2015

6:00 PM


Floating hundreds of miles over the city, Miracle Girl was experiencing a view of the city unique to those with some means to propel themselves through the sky.  She only had an hour left to patrol, lest Casey find herself late for dinner.  Thus far the night had been uneventful.  The most threatening thing she had encountered was the cold November rain whipping against her face as she flew around.  It seemed all but certain that she would go home after a quiet night out.


The stillness of silence was broken by the faint, rhythmic wailing of distant police sirens coupled with all too familiar red and blue flashes throughout the cityscape.  At the same time, Miracle Girl was able to hear the silent radio frequency of a security alarm being set off.  The alarm lying somewhere other than where the police where apparently headed.  Quickly tabling the idea of a completely quiet evening the heroine had options at her disposal.



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When you possess superhiman speed, homework becomes a much less daunting task; it usually only took Casey about one minute to complete her daily coursework, and that included double checking her math, proofing her papers and rereading all the chapters in her textbooks. And you can only exercise so much as well, so the blonde heroine had taken to patrolling at night, usually two hours before dinner and an hour or two afterwards.


Many nights were quiet, in which case flying over the glorious metropolis was its own reward, but usually something came up; a girl with her abilities was very useful if there was a fire or traffic accident, or If the FCPD were Involved in a high-speed chase, and little by little the sight of Miracle Girl was becoming a familiar one in Freedom. 


"Rain, rain, go  away..."


Casey floated listlessly In the angry sky, her hair and uniform plastered to her body; the cold didn't really bother her, but the damp was getting to be a bit much. She wiped her face for the umpteenth time, and wondered what kind of soup they were serving at the cafeteria tonight. Hot cocoa and a bathrobe sounded pretty good,  too.


She was seriously considering calling it a night, but then the familiar signs of trouble made an appearance, and all thoughts of her own discomfort were quickly dispelled. 


"Well, time to go to work."


Focusing on the alarm's signal, she zoomed down to discover its source, her extraordinary eyes peeled for trouble. 

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The source of the signal came from a junkyard.  Aside from an angrily barking guard dog, the lot seemed abandoned.  Flying through the maze of abandoned vehicles, the airborne teen found what appeared to be a bunker of some sort.  The sound of the alarm's signal was unmistakable.  Yet, somehow the bunker showed absolutely no signs of life.


Even Casey's infra-vision was not picking any heat signatures.  Suddenly, a man in a tattered leather coat came stumbling out of the bunker.  He appeared to be in his mid forties with ragged hair.  A worried expression on his face as he looked around the door.  Unaware of Miracle Girl looking down on him, he began palming by the side of the door.  As if searching for something.

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This was all very odd; how long had this man been in the bunker? Just a few minutes or much longer? In general, Casey believed in trusting people, but even an optimist like her knew not everyone was trustworthy. Ultimately she decided to risk It, so she quietly dropped down to the ground and approached him.


"Excuse me sir, are you alright? Do you need any help?" She held her hands out to both sides to show she was unarmed, though she wasn't sure what he'd make of her red, white, blue and gold outfit.

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The man froze for a moment upon hearing Casey's voice, quickly collecting himself afterwards.  "Oh hello there."  The man replied.  "I saw you on our security camera.  Don't mind me, Came out here to say everything was alright.   The storm startled me, I thought we were going to have another power surge.  Must have accidentally activated an alarm.  You can go on now, no need to impose on you hero types."


His demeanor was polite, but decidedly insistent.  His body square with both hands behind his back.  The sort of pose one would associate with members of the royalty or police officers on patrol.  An authoritative stance that might've meant more if the person carried any air of authority.  Something that at first glance this dismissive man was not.

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This man appeared to be hiding something, but of course that didn't mean he was a bad person; good people kept secrets all the time. Pushing her wet hair out of her face, the blonde teen smiled and shook her head.


"I'm not here to invade your privacy, sir, but I am already here and willing to help. You appear to be looking for something, which is something I'm really good at; what can I help you find?"


Though her tone was somewhat insistent, she tried to keep any judgement out of her voice.

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The doctor sighed.  "Look our guard's not feeling well.  I think my experiment gave him some stomach troubles.  I was just going to put in the alarm code.  I'm not going to put in the code with you looking overhead."  The statement closed was another hint the man wanted Miracle Girl to leave.


"This is an AEGIS facility.  Secret.  If you so much as touch this door I'll have to call it in.  So please leave or I'll have to call the police to have you forcibly removed young lady."  The Doctor urged.


It was a good lie.  AEGIS did have secret bases.  While large bases and Satellite bases were always publicly marked.  There was still merit in keeping a hidden backup for when things went wrong.  But, it was a lie ever the same.  Anyone who knew anything about actual AEGIS procedures knew they'd never admit to a secret base belonging to AEGIS.  They'd even go as far as pining it on another law enforcement organization.  Whether the base belonged to AEGIS or not, even the trusting Casey could surmise this man did not.

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The blonde powerhouse frowned and crossed her arms, doing her best to look menacing.


"Oh really, an AEGIS facility?"


Then she was suddenly all sunny and cheerful.


"Great, my dad works for them!" 


She reached into a belt pouch and pulled out her cellphone, and began going intently through her contact list.


"You might have heard of him; codename 'Vigilant'? I'm sure he can clear this whole thing up in a jiffy..."


Yes, she was laying it on awful thick, but she really couldn't help herself.

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The man's face soured.  "Sure, sure.  Call it in."  Turning around he brought his wrist to his mouth.  Although Miracle Girl couldn't hear what was being said.  She could make out that the a radio signal was just broadcast.  Suddenly, and without warning the man took off in a sprint.


But, not before six people in completely white battlesuits burst out from inside the room.  The suits were rusted over and in dire need of a paint job.  But, each was armed with a large rifle like weapon pointed straight at Casey.  Rather than move to try and surround her, they positioned themselves at a distance.   Readying to also make their escape if the opportunity presented itself.

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Casey was dramatically circling her finger over the call button when the suspicious man suddenly made a run for it, catching her off-guard and allowing his armored goons to come pouring out of the bunker; served her right for messing around! The blonde heroine craned her neck to look past the row of battlesuits.


"Hey, I'm not done with you yet, mister!" But it seemed she had to deal with these people first; rolling her eyes, Casey held up her hands. "Look, I don't want to hurt you; I just want to catch your weasel of a boss before he-"
 Unfortunately, she made the mistake of taking a step forward, which was no doubt seen as a threatening move, and the six of them opened up on her with their laser rifles.


"Ow! Ow, OWW!" A few of the hits were painful, but no more than a quick painful burn; actually the tightly focused beams hurt her eyes more than anything else. Now thoroughly annoyed, the teen powerhouse growled and charged into the middle of the pack and began bringing the pain, in the form of a furious assault of taekwondo kicks and punches delivered to the heads and torsos of her foes. She held back a bit, of course, because Casey was no killer, but the fact that all of her opponents were pretty well-armored gave her a little more leeway, and she was happy for it.


After she slammed the last two grunts together over her head and let them drop, she turned her attention back to her original target. "YOU!" Her voiced boomed across the rain-swept junkyard as she took to the air. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!"

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"Okay!  Okay, I give!"  The man raised his arms in the air acting as if he was ready ready to surrender.  Showing no concern for the fallen slump of bodies on the ground.  Instead he was still running, hands in the air.  Apparently convinced that he could run faster than Miracle Girl could fly.  


"Look, brat.  You started this.  Attacking AEGIS is a federal crime."  The leader of this unruly bunch falling back on his now obvious lie yet again.  Clinging to some strange hope that he could still fool Miracle Girl.  Clearly they weren't the sharpest tools in the shed.  But, he had also yet to answer Miracle Girl's questions.  "I bet you're not even Vigilant's daughter.  We're best friends he and I!  Don't make me call him now!"


Not the sharpest tools at all.

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This was really starting to annoy Casey; this guy was clearly up to something as well as criminally stupid, and she just wanted this to be offer with as soon as possible. Not really bothering to put her full effort into it, she took a quick fast breath and blew the idiot to the ground with a quick blast of air before landing right in front of him, hands on her hips.


"Get up, you stupid lame-o; you can't escape from me, and if you continue to talk, I can have you arrested for impersonating a federal agent, because unlike you, I actually can call Vigilant on my phone."

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