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Race to the Death

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Centennial Station
City Center, Freedom City, New Jersey

Saturday November 14th, 2015

10:04 AM


When you have a legitimate claim to the title of fastest woman in the world, your casual jogs tend to be anything but.  Zipping through the city at a leisurely pace Velocity weaved, leapt, and above all ran past any obstacles in her way.  Appearing and disappearing before anyone could even turn their head to appreciate the blur moving past them.  At least until the sound of gunfire filled the air.  It didn't take long for Velocity to narrow down the source of the commotion to the Centennial Station in the heart of the City Center.


A panicked mob screamed out for help as they flooded out of Freedom City's oldest station.  Screaming about a crazed gunman.  The sound of police sirens fired up in the distance.  Apparently no time was wasted in informing the FCPD.  But, they were too far away and far too slow...

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Megan Howell had been enjoying the chance to take a rather easy run through the city.  Even at mere supersonic speeds, she could cover most of the city within a short period of time.  But when your mind was able to work at speeds just as fast as one could run, a short period of time was more than sufficient to allow one time to think during a run. 

But all of the young woman's thoughts quickly went to the back of her mind at the sound of gunfire.  It took only mere moments for her to locate the scene, as people came running out of Centennial Station.

Wasting no time, Megan accelerated toward the station, even as she began vibrating the molecules of her body at incredible speeds, allowing her to pass harmlessly through walls in order to provide an easy entry to the building and past the panicked crowds....

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Velocity easily made her way through the crowd.  Catching sight of an elderly man just in front of the gate who was knocked over by the fleeing crowd in the corner of her eye.  His situation looking potentially grim if left unattended.  At the same time a train rocketed past.  Making absolutely no attempt to stop in the station.  There was not any outward sign if this was a conscious safety choice or a sign of mechanical failure.  


The closer Velocity drew inside the nearer she found herself to the source of the gunfire.  The echoing hail of bullets seemed to come from somewhere within the subway's tunnels.  Potentially placing the train that rocketed by on a crash course to danger.  "I can't believe he kept up with that train while shooting at it?"


"How fast was he going?"  


"Thank God no one was hurt!"


"You didn't see that woman fall out the window?"

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Spotting the elderly man that had been knocked over, Velocity slowed down and returned herself to normal, as she came to a sudden halt next to him, quickly bending down and helping him back to his feet as the nearby crowd drew back slightly at her sudden appearance.  After checking to be sure he was steady on his feet once more, she quickly moved past and onto the platform. 

"Everyone please remain calm!"  She called out, holding up her hands as she came to a halt near the crowd.  "If you could all please exit up to the street in an orderly fashion."

The request given, she then turned her attention to where she had seen a train speed by, quickly moving down onto the track and off in pursuit of the train and the apparently speeding gunman.

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Freedom League status was not without its benefits.  At the appearance of the well known speedster the crowd silenced immediately.  While people didn't go as far as calming down.  Their exit did become more orderly.  At least to the degree no one else was pushed to the ground while Velocity jet off in search of the attacker.  


On her search for the attacker she found the woman who another passenger claimed fell out of the window.  She was alive, but unconscious.  Laying on the tracks while an oncoming train was heading in her direction.  It would have taken three seconds for the train to hit, it only took Velocity two to move the woman out of the way.


Further down in the tunnel she could see a flash of light coupled with the sound of more gunfire.  Racing down the tunnel Velocity was treated to the sight of a supersonic speedster holding an automatic weapon.  He was wearing a ragged suit, looking as if he would have been right at home sitting in a board room if not for the ratty state of the clothing.  The man was racing after the oncoming train, firearm drawn

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  • 2 months later...

Velocity quickly spotted the man in the somewhat ratty suit who was racing toward a train with an automatic weapon in hand.  It took all of a faction of a second for the speedster to react to the situation, moving in a yellow blur after the man.  As fast as he was, Velocity was far, far faster.   

Moving up to one side, the speedster’' hand shot out at hypersonic speeds, producing a loud *CRACK* as it broke the sound barrier.  The attack impacted with the side of the man’s chest with a dull *WHAM*, the impact knocking him off his feet and sending him flying over into a column on the platform, where he collapsed in a heap. 

Velocity skid to a halt nearby, taking a quick look at the man to make sure he was unconscious. 

"Everyone please remain calm!"  She called out to those who had not tried to flee the area yet.  "I'm Velocity, and I have things well in hand."

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No sooner had Velocity spoken had the crowd began to stare in awe at the sudden arrival of speedster.  The speeding train coming to a stop without so much as a scratch on its passengers, due to her timely arrival.  Strangely, the crowd on the platform was not made up entirely of scared patrons waiting for their train.  No, at least half of the men and women on the platform were reporters.  Already positioned to get an exclusive.


"Velocity!  Velocity!  Frank Adair, Channel 5 WXAD News.  Just who is this man?  Why was he shooting on the trains?"  One reporter called out.  Others belted out their own variation of the same line of questioning.  Reporter after reporter crowing around not only the Speedster, but the knocked out criminal.  All in search of answers for the events that had just transpired.

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When she was operating at full capacity, most of the world seemed to crawl by for Velocity, so it took her factions of a second to realize there were already a host of reporters waiting on the platform.  She was also able to spot a report that seemed uninterested in getting the story, instead slipping some sort of payment to some scared youths.  Adding in the feeling that the reporters clearly had been waiting for at least something to happen here and the speedster was starting to get suspicious. 

"Wow, and here I thought I was the one who was supposed to be fast."  She answered initially as she turned toward the reporters, keeping an eye on the one off to the side, a feat made easy due to her speed and the high-tech goggles that let her see in all directions at once.  "I am afraid I have not had a chance to learn who this man is, I was reacting to the incident and caught up with him."

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Although there was a visible twinge of disappointment int he group of reporters.  All of them were quick to show excitement at Speedster's soundbite.  A chorus of rampant speculation ringing among them as they each turned to their respective cameramen with their individual theories.  None of which sounded plausible to the experienced hero. 


The reporter in the back pressed a finger against his ear while mouthing something out of earshot.  Turning to leave as soon as he finished whatever he was saying.  Completely counter to the behavior of the remaining reporters still crowding around Velocity.  As the strange reporter made his way up out of the subway platform a group of officers rushed down.  Worried expressions on their faces as they cut into the crowd towards the flaxen Speedster

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  • 2 weeks later...

Velocity watched as the strange reporter started to make his way off the platform and back up toward street level.  She was just about to follow him when she spotted the police making their way over toward her.  The speedster gave a silent sigh, as she waited for the FCPD so she could give a quick statement and see if they happened to have any additional information.  Then she would see about trying to catch back up with the unusual reporter

Not for the first time she regretted how slow everyone else could so often be as she waited for the police.

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  • 1 month later...



A group of five uniformed police officers made their way down the stairs after another minute or two.  Their expressions filled with worry.  Despite, the fact that the golden speedster had already caught the madman on the tracks there was no look of relief on the officers face.  Before they even reached Velocity it was clear that someone had something to say.


Hungry reporters did not miss a beat.  Creating a wall ready to stick their waiting microphones in the faces of the nearing officers.  At least those that didn't continue trying to get more sound bites from the Freedom Leaguer standing right in front of them.  The camera men were readying themselves to take a picture at the moment of hand off.

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