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Legacy of Hatred (OOC)


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Kingsnake is going to try to stay hidden while eavesdropping as best he can.  If the opportunity presents itself, he'll try to sneak into the actual crime scene so he can "look" for clues (Search to find them, Investigate to collect and analyze them).  The "Soldier" template has like +2 Notice, so there's technically a chance someone could hear or spot him.


If any NPCs on the scene have Ultra-Hearing, then they can hear Kingsnake's echolocation pulses.

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Stealth check: 18.  Only rolled a 3.  Grimalkin notices Kingsnake on a Notice roll of 3+.  Since Brandish is taking 20 on a minute-long Notice check for the area, he also sees Kingsnake skulking around.  The soldiers on-site would need to roll 16.  Remind me to get another rank of Skill Mastery.


Search check to find any clues: 34.  That's more like it.


Skill mastery to take 10 for 30 on any required Notice checks.


Gather Information check for Well-Informed on Grimalkin: 28.


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Stealth check with Hide In Plain Sight: 21.  Ugh.  Seriously, I need to get more Skill Mastery.


I'm assuming that Brandish can't roll a 24 on his Stealth check, so Kingsnake can spot him.


If Brandish can get 13+ on his Notice check, then he hears Kingsnake coming.  Otherwise, he doesn't know Kingsnake is there until he starts talking.


Skill Mastery with Intimidate gets Kingsnake 25.  Which doesn't matter, since interaction skills to influence attitudes don't work on PCs.  In this case it's just an informal, hypothetical measure of whether or not Brandish would be scared if he were an NPC.  By that measure, with the best of his Will or Intimidate (+8), Brandish would need to roll a 17+ to avoid being intimidated.


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Of course, Kingsnake can't see the color scheme on Bastion's armor, so until he gets a name, he's got nothing to go on and has no idea who this is.


Bastion's armor has Ultra-Hearing, so he should be able to pick up on the pulses emanating from Kingsnake's brain.

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It was fairly high profile and rather recent.


"Eric Micheals, aka Bastion, aka Malice. A prominent and rather deranged villain active in Freedom some years ago. Hated meta humans, and was a running man with Captain Knieval. He was based in Riverside, and his secret HQ there was blown sky high when he was captured. He was recently released from Blackstone as part of a new initiative they're pushing to rehabilitate supervillains. He has thus far avoided going on a rampage." 


Or something to the effect of that.  But with heroes I would assume they'd keep tabs on reforming villains, so feel free to dig deeper if you'd wish.

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