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A Bundle Of Pish (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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OOC for this thread


So I'm tossing us right into a firefight.  Both Foreshadow and Arrowhawk can recognize the arm blasters being made out of computronium from a distance.




Bill Sweeney has had a suitably long career running the second-most-successful crime firm in the UK for decades.  Rumor has it that Sweeney has decided to get out of the game.  In a bid to keep himself out of prison, he has agreed to testify and turn over evidence that would implicate a great many of his rivals.  The Sweeney family is known to favor "sin crimes". Including but not limited to illegal gambling, prostitution, and the illegal smuggling and distribution of otherwise legal yet controlled substances. 



A bounty has peen placed on Sweeney's head.  Word has it that even members of his own crime firm are finding their own loyalty being tested if tales of Sweeney's sudden change of heart are to be believed.



The Dennison Gang, heads of the most notorious firm in all of the UK have even been purpoted to have sent their in house superhuman assassin, the rarely seen Jangles after Sweeney.


Gather Information



Jangles is so named as the only indication to his existence is the jingling noise his victims hear before their deaths.  No one who has seen him has lived to tell the tale.


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The Knowlege/Gather Info Check previously noted are meant to show what they've uncovered before the thread start.  Since I've thrust us into the thick of trouble feel free to write your entrance however you like.  Taking a free surprise round upon attacking.  This also means it's a good time to roll initiative.

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Standard Action: Set an Obscure between the attackers and the house at rank 5, so 100' radius and 15PP. It's Independent, so it'll keep going, but Fade

Move Action: Attempt to Intimidate the group into stopping. It's at -5 for a move action, sadly. Still nets a 25 with Mastery, though.

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Intimidate: 2#1d20+5 24 14  The group with the knives are weeping babies, the won with the arm blasters come to a cautious pause.


Letsee if I recall the difference between mass intimidation and the core's intimidate a group (aside from being able to demoralize more than one) is that the latter is meant to only affect minion's correct me if I'm wrong.  Either way we won't have the head of the gunmen rolling.  

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                                                                          Round 1


Initiative                          Character                                   HP                                           Condition
29                                 Foreshadow                                  1                                            Unharmed

21                                 Head Assailant                              1                                            Unharmed

19                                 Arrowhawk                                     3                                           Unharmed
  7                                 1 Dozen Armed Assailants            GM                                        Unharmed
  5                                 1 Dozen Armed Assailants            GM                                        Unharmed


So the gunmen are bundled together that Foreshadow can only Takedown Attack groups of 6 at a time.  Arrowhawk can still get the lot of them with some of his area effects.   The Head Guy is the only non minion, though he's still at a lower PL than the heroes.



Standard Action: Take 10 and Power Attack a group of Assailants (pending on the success of takedown attacks)

Armed Goons' Tou Saves (DC24): 6#1d20+6 19 10 13 17 7 11


Head Assailant

Move Action:  Notice (DC20): 1d20+12 23

Concealment Miss Check (11+): 1d20 14 He might have a chance!

Standard Action: Shoot Arrowhawk (DC26): 1d20+7 11Nope all the misses

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