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Falling Star

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Port Regal, Freedom CIty

7:15 am, 14th October 2015

The sky was red and thunder filled the sky there was a pressure building and the air seemed almost electric. Not that any of that was unusual in a place like Freedom City but it was obvious that something momentous or unusual was about to happen.

With all that build up the result was almost anticlimactic suddenly a small figure appeared in the air a white cloak billowing out behind them. Then the figure began to fall from the sky plummeting to the city below them.

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Casey Blankenship was a morning person; years of camping and athletic practice meant she was usually up around 5am, hitting the gym by 5:30, the pool by 6, and then jogging around campus until she felt ready for a shower and breakfast. She often worked in some Taekwondo hyeong, stopping under a tree to work through the forms a few times. Rather than the ubiquitous earbuds most people wore when they work out, Casey used her powers to listen to satellite radio, usually WSIX from Nashville.


This morning, she was doing something she'd recently started enjoying: roof running. She wasn't cool enough to know any parkour, but running and jumping across the tiles (always being careful to avoid any dorms or apartments) was a nice break from grass and the paths, and was something she might actually have to do from time to time. As she easily leaped the gap between the auditorium and the gym, her amazing eyes caught a flicker of movement up in the air over the city.


"Oh my God." It was early; were any other supers even up? She looked down at herself: Nikes, bike shorts, Air Force baby T over a sport bra. In a flash, her top was turned inside out to hide the logo and she shook her hair loose, her head vibrating like a crazy bobblehead for half a second, and then she was airborne on an intercepting course.

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As Casey got closer the falling figure had a very familiar costume in the blue and gold, common among many heroes as a tribute to the greatest superhero of all. Even Claremont used those colours for it’s uniforms. But the figure was unfamiliar a young African-american woman of about Casey’s own age and for some reason unconscious.

It was an easy for her to match velocities and catch the young woman before she hit the ground, though like a few heroes she might have been able to survive the fall. As she caught the girl her eyelids began to flutter open.

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The trick to catching falling people while flying was NOT just racing to meet them in mid-air; Vigilant made this very clear to his daughter, as he'd apparently broken a falling pilot's ribs that way when he was first starting out. You actually had to fly slightly above them, reach an apogee, and then drop down, matching their speed as you caught them. This greatly reduced the stresses to the victim's body and insured a full recovery. Casey did exactly as she'd been taught, easily snatching the unconscious woman out of the air as she gradually reduced her speed and brought them down for a safe landing in a Port Regal park. Clearly she was a super of some kind, though it was unclear how she passed out.


The blonde powerhouse smiled down at her charge as she laid her on the grass. "Hey there, sleepyhead! You okay? Any injuries?" She gave the young woman a quick once-over, looking for any visible wounds.

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The young woman gave a little eep and held onto Casey tight, not to much but enough to suggest she had quite a bit of strength for her age.

“Great Scott how did I get so high? I was fighting Alexander the Ape and he had this device there was a flash of light, and I woke up here...”

She looked around trying to get her bearings, apart from the initial shock she seemed calm with the whole situation.

“What’s happened to the city? Those shouldn’t be there, they seem so high...” she was pointing to the skyscraper that dominated downtown Freedom City, including the famous Pyramid Plaza.

“Oh sorry where are my manners? I’m Triakosia, pleased to meet you.”

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  • 2 weeks later...

Casey didn't know every super there was, but she knew a good deal about the ones who called Freedom home, or at least the ones who operated more or less in the open; because of this, she was fairly sure that Triakosia should be older than this. Or at least, the Triakosia of her world; several of her comments hinted at an extradimensional origin.


"And I'm Miracle Girl; it's nice to meet you." She offered the confused girl a warm smile and firm handshake. "As far as the buildings go, they've been her for years, or at least they've been on this Earth. Do you think you might have slipped through some sort of portal from another Earth?" Casey herself had yet to enter another dimension, but from what her dad said, it was not uncommon.

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Young Triakosia considered what Miracle Girl had just told her with a surprised look on her face


"Jeepers! Pardon me for say so Miss but that sounds like so bizarro pulp story." She finished with a smile and warmly shook her hand "But I can't  think of a much better person to explore this strange new world."


She looked out at the Freedom City skyline before asking slightly wistfully. 


"Could we go take a look at the view from there? I'd go myself but I can't fly and I'd like the company."

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Casey nodded. "Sure, no problem!" Then she paused to choose her words carefully. "So...do you normally fly and you just can't right now, or is that not something you can do?"


The tall blonde very gently picked the confused young girl up and began to slowly float up into the air. "Alright Triakosia, where do you want to go first?"

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"I've been practicing but I can't seem to master flying, but I can leap really high. Enough to clear most skyscrapers,  but some of those seem really high even for me."


Triakosia blushed a little before explaining the limits of her powers, obviously a little embarrassed at her own limits on her powers. She thought for a few moment before adding about a possible destination.


"I think I'd like to go to the top of the tallest building in the city, see the lay of the land as it will."

The obvious building were those situated Downtown.


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Casey nodded and smiled. "Your wish is my command!" Keeping a sharp eye out for any low-flying planes or fellow supers, the blonde teen took a somewhat circuitous path towards the three towers; she wanted her passenger to have a memorable flight, after all. Acting as tour guide, she pointed out several major landmarks.


"Not sure what's different from your Freedom City, but you can see the Centurion statue over there....the Dutemps Building is the one with the cool castle on top. That's the GBN Tower there, in Parkside. Do they have Liberty Park? I hope so; it's so pretty from up here! Aaaaand here we go!"


She dropped down to the roof of Tower 3 with a soft thud, allowing her charge to wander off on her own. "It's so beautiful, isn't it? I'm so glad I get to live here now!"

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Young Triakosia stood on the edge of the roof apparently with little fear of the massive drop below them enjoying the view over the city.


"Almost none of these buildings are here in my Freedom City, though I've been there a few times in the past. I guess there must be a time difference between here and home, wow there must be so much differenow from home. I just have so many questions!"


From behind them both of them came a very similar voice.


"That would make two of us!"


Floating in the air, arms crossed, was a much older looking Triakosia.

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Casey frowned thoughtfully. "Are there any buildings you do recognize? Like maybe some of the older ones? That might give us some clues about how your world is different from ours." Then another idea struck her, and she became increasingly excited. "Or what about technology? Do they have smartphones on your-"


However the arrival of the more mature version of Tria brought the young heroine up short, at least part of which was her internal fangirling.


Oh my God, that's Triakosia; the real one! Not to knock the one who's my age, but...


Doing the best to play it cool, Casey strode confidently up to the new arrival. "Hi! I'm Miracle Girl, and I'm just...such a huge fan of yours, really!" But then her face darkened as she looked between the two Trias. "Wait, is it dangerous for you to both be here at the same time? I'm not really clear on how dimensional anomalies work, to be honest."

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The older Triakosia touched down gently on top of the building giving Casey a friendly smile.


“I like to think I do my bit. And I’ve also heard good things about you Miracle Girl. You gave a good quote to the Ledger not that long back.”


In saying that Casey got the feeling that she might almost recognize the woman from somewhere, but even most heroes saw hundreds of reporters and such like in a typical week.


The younger Triakosia had walked over stunned into silence until the two women were face to face. The youngers costume was almost the same but it’s color were much brighter than the more muted tones of the olders, as if one was a based on the memory of the other.


“I’m Dancia, and you are?” the older finally spoke, putting a lot of trust in both teens

“Daisy.” the younger Triakosia answer rather nervously.

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Miracle Girl's went bright pink as she heard the blood rush in her ears, and a simply huge smile spread uncontrolably across her face. "I, uh...try to do good." Boy, her speech coach would be so proud right now!


But when the two Trias shared and compared names, she felt like she was intruding on a private moment: two long-lost sisters reunited after a lifetime apart. Ryan Seacrest should be here, or Oprah.


"Casey," she suddenly blurted out. "Casey...is me." She waved her hands helplessly. "Everyone was sharing..."


Then the blonde heroine took in the skyline with a sweep of her arm. "This isn't normal, right? Two of you, in the same place at the same time? It means something; I mean, it has to, doesn't it?"

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Dancia gave a little chuckle at Casey’s question


“It’s surprising how common this kind of thing is in my life, the whole multiverse seems to have my whole life on speed-dial. Still it’s weird to look into my teenage face, I don’t remember much of that far back.”


It hadn’t taken long for her to get herself up to speed with everything that had bought the teen Triakosia to this point.


“Well I’ve seen enough time travel movies to know the question that we need to ask, what year is it in you world?”


Daisy spent a few moments trying to remember the exact date before replying.

“This morning it was 14th October 1938.”

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Casey Blankenship didn't have much of a poker face; she didn't really like lying, though she understood heroes sometimes had to every now and then to maintain their privacy. When Daisy mentioned the date of her departure from her Earth, Casey's eyes went wide with shock. 


"Oof! That is...quite the time jump! As of right now, you're in October 2015 our time." She looked around the skyline and sighed. "I guess that explains a lot, except for how exactly you got here." Casey frowned thoughtfully. "Tell us more about this 'Alexander the Ape'; like, what kind of powers does he have? And is he an actual ape, because if so, that is freaky."

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  • 2 weeks later...

The elder Triakosia raised an eyebrow and her tone was one of bemusement.


“Alexander the Ape? Just when I think things can’t get any weirder!”


The younger Triakosia was obviously more comfortable with this and briefly forgot the weird situation she found herself.


“Oh yes he’s a technical genius and runs a nefarious underworld empire. I’m, not sure if he was always an ape, but seems happy with the whole thing. he’s tried several time to stop me from foiling his plan... I guess he succeeded this time.” her perky demeanour dropped from a few second.


The older Triakosia took the opportunity to give her younger a comforting hug, a despite what some programs might suggest nothing bad happened to either of them.

“Don’t worry some people here in Freedom City travel dimensions like it’s just a daily commute. We’ll help get you home, and maybe stop this Ape?” she looked over to Casey to see what her response would be to the offer of aid.

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Casey nodded and smiled. "Of course, I'm always happy to help!"


Then she looked down at her outfit and sighed.


"Uh, is there time for me to swing by my dorm and suit up? I'm not really dressed for a gorilla fight."


Then another thought hit her; pulling out her phone, she noted the time and clucked her tongue.


"Also, if I miss Algebra, I'm going to need a note.

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  • 3 weeks later...

GM Post


Even in a school for superheroes the sight of Triakosia(s) sat patiently waiting to see the headmistress seemed oddly out of sorts. The younger Triakosia seemed to have a millions questions that she wanted to ask but for now held her tongue, obviously having a lot of respect for her older self. After waiting for what seemed like forever the secretary gestured that the Headmistress was ready to see them, standing the elder Triakosia gestured for them to remain seated.


“I need to discuss something with the headmistress, you two wait out here.”

Without waiting for an answer she went through into Summer’ office, leaving the two teen superheroes to wait again.

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The blonde teen felt much more comfortable doing heroics now that she'd had time to suit up; she felt kind of exposed with her glasses of in civilian dress, which was kind of weird when you thought about it. Casey looked around, her eyes wandering over the various academic and inspirational posters on the walls, not quite sure what to say with this time-stranded version of Triakosia. Finally, she cleared her throat and gestured at the room around them.


"So this is where I go to school; it's a school for special kids like you and me. Do they have anything like that in your Freedom?"


She really hoped they did; the thought of going through normal high school with superpowers made her sad. Who would you talk to about the bizarre events of your day? How could you best learn to use your gifts without qualified adult supervision?

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  • 1 month later...

Daisy swung her feet back and forward for a few seconds, looking much younger than she was as as she did so, before answering.


“Oh now I go to a regular school, Ripley High School, it’s difficult to balance the two but I think it’s worth it.” she paused for a moment and a moment of doubt flashed across her face “But I’m sure it would be amazing to go to a school like this, surrounded by your peers and learning how to be a hero!”

She gave a little smile apparently happy at her masterful display of diplomacy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Oh," said Casey as she thought about that. "So, do you have any friends you can talk to about, you know, super stuff?" The truth was, Casey really didn't have any close friends at school anymore either, since Saku had gone back to Japan. She often came off as very outgoing, but her actual friend circle was usually pretty small. At least she could talk to her family about school and stuff.

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  • 2 weeks later...

“Oh I have a few friends who know about my powers, plus my Aunt and Uncle as well. They tend to set my straight if I start to go off the rails a little...”


Apparently realising something she went quiet for a few second, when she finally spoke she sounded a lot less enthusiastic as she did normally.

“I really hope Triakosia does know how to get me back home. You world is great and all, but I would really miss my friends and family if I had to stay. Once is quite enough for anyone”

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  • 1 month later...

Suddenly it struck Casey that despite all her enthusiasm, Daisy was in fact a lost girl who was far from home and trying very hard to be brave. She reached over and took her hand, their fingers threading together, and gave her a hopeful squeeze as she smiled warmly.


"We're going to get you home, Daisy; we've got lots of really smart people here, just like in your Freedom. We'll figure it out and get you home in no time."


Then she paused.


"Can I get you anything? Are you hungry? Personally I know eating sometimes makes me feel a bit better."

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“Thank you it’s very kind of you to say.” She wiped a small tear from her eye and after a moments consideration gave Casey a rather friendly hug “My... double seems very capable I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. I wonder if I’ll be that good someday?” She paused for a few moments before going onto to more important things.

“So if this the future then you must have amazing future foods, according to my Sci-fi it should all be in pill form.” She gave a cheeky grin “I could definitely use something to eat.”

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