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Malice gets out of jail


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The title is really is all you need in this instance.  Right now I'm wanting to lean on social threads to help reintegrate Bastion into society, though I totally understand the desire for the other PC's to want to devolve it into a combat thread (which I will support if there's interest).  There are three avenues I've been thinking of for threads to occur, but I'd like input for which people think would be the most interesting and/or which they would like to be a part of.  Characters that were associated with Malice/Bastion are going to be given priority. 

1 - The Press Conference - You simply don't let someone with Eric's rap sheet walk out of jail without letting everyone know that this is going down.  I'm waffling between whether or not the details of the press conference were released ahead of time.  On the one hand the real life implications seem to favor letting the press know ahead of time, while the comic-book implications would totally have the surprise reveal of Eric walking  into the stage and shaking hands be the last splash page of a comic to continue in the next issue. 

2 - Villains out shopping - Eric wanders into a PC when the both of them are in their civilian ID, Eric being oblivious, but the other PC not.  A nice walk in for anyone who own their own business or the like.  Semi-related to Eric getting his finances back in order; maybe the penthouse he moves into makes him your neighbor. 

3 - The Patrol - Eric goes out on patrol as Bastion in his full power armor hoping to help solve the latest crime spree, but to the PC's or the police want his help?


As I mentioned above, if anyone has any other thread ideas, I'm all for it.

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I have two characters that might make for interesting interactions. Phantom would be in the 'I'm not sure you can be redeemed' camp as she lived in Riverside when it blew up and was an active hero during his villainous time. She also tangled with Knievel. 

Bombshell never fought Malice but as an ex-villain herself, she might be an interesting conversational partner on going 'straight'. 

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Heritage, I think you may be right.  If there's too much animosity, there's not a thread to be had, they simply tell him to buzz off, but if there's too little, there's no conflict for the thread to center around.  The only angle I can think of working in off the top of my head would be if Eric was in the midst of writing a book about what life is like on the inside of Blackstone prison, and the Freedom City correctional system in general, and he was hoping to drum up support from local businesses. 

Alder, I think either of those could work.  Would Phantom be the type to seek Eric out?  I know Eric would try to seek out Bombshell, as she is pretty much the poster child for reformed villains. 

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Their lack of history could be a bonus in some ways. If he actually has a book completed, a book signing/meet the author event in the store might make a very interesting thread; Lynn might be persuaded to let him use the shop, as she is serious about criminal rehabilitation, and having a few supers on staff for security doesn't hurt. The potential for an angry former victim trying to attack him could make for a tense thread! 

Of course, it might be a while before he has anything published. 

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Heritage, that sounds like an excellent idea, but I echo your sentiment that it's something not likely to occur right out of the gate.  So we'll put a pin in that one and double back to it later, sound good?

Alder, Bombshell seems like a good jumping off point.  I'll see if I can get a thread up either tonight or tomorrow. 

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