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This Concludes Our Broadcast Day [OOC]

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Guess I'll post the details first. I am using the Emotion Control.

It's a Will save, DC 20, and is a Mental Perception ranged AOE. I may have the Area Effect confused, as it is a Burst, but at Rank 10, it can affect miles based on the range table. Those that succeed will not have their emotions changed, those that fail will have either a warm fuzzy feeling, or any negatives canceled leaving them in at worst, a neutral emotional state.

Also, I am searching the office prior to using the PA system, making sure that anything that doesn't look right is unplugged. I'll roll a Notice for that:

Link! http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4831681/

Lemme know if i did anything wrong here. :D

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You can't notice the PA system's finer operations from here, but you at least see the speakers in the lobby are together.

As for Area Burst... Area effects do not use the Range or Extended Range tables. The Area Burst covers a space with a radius of (5 feet x rank) - so, 50 feet, in your case. With a diameter of 100 feet, it should cover most of the building... but we are going to need an Opposed Powers check, as Oracle reaches out and feels something at work. 

That's an 18 for whatever is happening. Roll the rank of your Emotion Control effect (10) against that; if it beats it, the effect is drowned out. 

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Dice roll for my Emotion control opposed check.


I guess i am a little iffy on the AOE rules. I thought she had a larger range. In any case, as long as it's not outside her radius, I won't worry much. I will remember in the future.

Also sorry for the post delay, I didn't have the ooc thread followed, but that's fixed now.

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Then everybody notices that, amidst the discordant wailing and gnashing of the damned, is that... a snare drum? Could this actually be music? 

I messed up, Oracle doesn't *have* Skill mastery. But mostly because her player is dumb. :D

So Not sure if you want her to catch it, or if I should roll... I'll roll in case.


There, sorry for the mistake. Silly me...

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All right, as at least everyone scored 10+ on a key roll, they all recognize the song - it's "Nearer My God to Thee." Harrier might recognize it as the song that was playing when the Titanic went down. For Cannonade and Oracle...


There was a recent news story on how a piece of tape leaked from CNN. This piece of tape was long talked about but rarely glimpsed. It shows a military band in full formation standing in front of a mansion. The tape and quality is somewhat strained, but they're clearly playing "Nearer My God to Thee." This is the piece of tape that CNN has on standby to play on the day the world ends.

As this is a thread for Oracle, I'll let her handle this piece of news, if she wants to. 

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