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Freedom's Finest #3: Corrupt To No Good [OOC]


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Bright red and shapeshifting says one thing to any Freedom City native: Grue. The shapeshifting aliens have tried to invade Earth more than once but they've always been beaten back, while a handful have actually stayed on Earth like the Freedom League member Pseudo. One of the more persistent Grue villains is the Meta-Grue, who has the combined powers of the Atom Family on top of his people's usual shapeshifting and telepathy; Jack of all Blades and Geckoman's fight with the Meta-Grue a few years back was widely televised and was briefly a bit of a sensation given how handily they took the alien down.

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Sorry for the delays, Bluefish, getting caught back up!


Grue Arcane
1 - 6: Combined Mental Blast vs Metaceptor; DC 27 Will Save
7 - 11: Combined Laser Pistol vs Echo: 5#1d20+7 20 9 24 23 18; DC 24 Toughness Save

12 - 15: Aid Attack vs Jack of all Blades: 4#1d20+7 19 27 15 26
16: Laser Pistol vs Jack of all Blades: 1d20+15 18


Bench is rushing to the alien equipment and doing... things!


Will Save vs DC 27: 1d20+10 22 Dazed!

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