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The Rock
Outer Reaches of Contested Space
Tuesday, May, 5th, 2015


When the Stellar Khanate initally rose to power, Star Khan needed a prison facility for all criminals too value to simply kill off. Known informally as "The Rock",. the Khanate's best architects created a hidden prison on an asteroid field within the oribt of a resource fueled planet known as Veritas.  The prisoners were periodically brought down to a mining colony on the Veritas to participate in forced labor.The prison was designed almost entirely with "re-purposed" technology.  

Namely Lor technology.  Every guard an emotionless Lor Enforcer robot.  Only the Wardern and the on site doctor were flesh and blood Zultasians.  The various defense measures made the prison impenetrable.    With not a single documented escape or break in.  The Rock was basically a fortress in of itself.

After Star Khan was bested in the Lor-Khan war Veritas broke away from the Khanate.  And with it the prison planet.  Most Government bodies were led to believe the prison fell out of use.  In reality, The Rock became a private enterprise.  Storing prisoners for those willing to pay the right price.  The Enforcers also acted as bounty hunters collecting prisoners and faking their deaths before transferring them to the Rock for the credit reward.  Providing the Warden with a never ending stream of prisoners to act as miners even in the present day.  

Every criminal worth his salt knew to avoid the Lor's Enforcers.  Never knowing if they were the genuine deal or hired goons for someone with enough pull.  Unfotunately, Star Shot's crew of intergalactic environmentalists were not criminals proper.  When Lor Enforcers boarded their ship they assumed they were being questioned on a routine stop.  They were wrong and promptly arrested.  In reality, a Lor Diplomat faked footage claiming them to have been poaching rare interplanetary wildlife.  All to prevent them from bringing to light evidence of his own illegal gaming.

Deep Freeze thought ahead.  Sending out a request to an underground crimenet for a cash reward. Anyone who could rescue the captured crew would be generously compensated.  Only one crew was reckless enough to actually willingly get captured by the Enforcers.  In the middle of being processed for their own suspect criminal history, such as attacking a certain law enforcement officer made of sand, the Voidrunners grumbled as all their equipment was taken by the Enforcers.  Bliss and Ruby instantly regretting going along with what could only be described as another plan Roulette purposely designed to tick off his comrades.

Elsewhere, in the prison cafeteria, Seika had just accidentally bumped into a bloated round shaped purple skinned extraterrestrial creature with eight arms.  The creature's tray fell on the ground and it snarled.  Almost instantly the purple creature was joined by three other large creatures.  "Stinky two arms!"

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Ruby took slow, deep breaths as she found herself going down a corridor into what she can assume is the prison's cafeteria. She turned her head and glared at Roulette. There was rage in that look for the first time since they started working together. "Stahnze, be kind and remind me why I have not collected the price on your head?" She said in a harsh whisper between gritted teeth. Apparently getting caught, beaten up, having her ship impounded and all belongings seized because a certain Zultasian thought that was the perfect way of infiltrating The Rock was one of the ways of getting the normally cool headed Bounty Hunter angry.

She might be doing this as both a favour for someone that helped her out with the Gorgon and for the money. It did not mean she enjoyed it.

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Roulette fought back the urge to chuckle.  His eyes were covered by some sort of large machine designed to keep his optic blast in check.  And Ruby had the nerve to complain about a little thing like incarceration.  At least Ruby could see.  Roulette was walking blind.

Probably best if I never tell her that Zaul wasn't really the one who placed that bounty.  Easiest way to get in hear.  Have it her or Bliss' way we would just shoot our way in.  Roulette was pushed forward by one of the robotic guards.  Who coupled with being emotionless machines had an apparent lack of patience.  "You have to love the irony.  All that time chasing me down.  And I'm the one that gets you arrested.  Haha."

As they neared the cafeteria the garbled sounds of various prisoners shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" in a number of alien tongues began to ring louder.

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