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Casus Belli 1: Fowl Play

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GM Post

October the 23rd, 1941 - Pacific Ocean, near the Ni'ihau, State of Hawai'i

As the war that engulfed the majority of the planet raged on, a lone Sentoku type submarine sailed under the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It's destination, the Republic of Ecuador, still a ways away, was currently being pressured into signing a treaty with the Republic of Peru by the United States. If signed, the treaty would mean the complete unification of the American continent, in direct opposition to the Axis powers. The Sentoku type submarine, helmed by Vice Admiral Konoe Takahashi of the Empire of Japan, was tasked with sneaking under the radars of the USA navy, making a line to Ecuador, and harass the nation until it agreed to signing a treaty with Japan instead. Of course, a single vessel would be hardpressed to achieve any results of significance, which was why it was originally accompanied by a small fleet of Kaidai type submarines. The rest of the fleet, however, was completely lost when it came under attack; Umiquan vessels had been engaging the Japanese in the Pacific, reportedly, over territorial trespassing violations.

VA Konoe looked weary, and the dread his sailors felt was palpable. They knew this would turn into a suicide mission, even if they somehow managed to reach their destination. Nevertheless, they had their orders, and they'd recieved no response regarding the destruction of their fleet. The old wolf could only laugh at his pitiable fate, the result of expansionist politics gone horribly, horribly wrong, and could barely sleep, waitting restlessly for the inevitable alert that they'd been intercepted. And become intercepted they did, as a single Umiquan vessel, shaped like a manta ray, came into the radar's view. But this one vessel didn't seem to be part of a pursuing party, as it was following its own course, making no attempt at communication with the Sentoku type, nor moving threateningly against it. If the submarine could recieve optical footage from the Umiquan vessel, it would have revealed the royal crest of the current Tyrant King, Lord Laosoon the IVth...


Friday, May the 8th, 2015 - Hunter Museum of Natural History, North End, Freedom City

It would seem that the attractions this day were of particular importance. Envoys from Atlantis had arrived, lending their artifacts for display, in commemoration of the Sea King's joinning the Freedom League. The exhibition would last for one month, starting today, and for its duration, admitance to the museum would be completely free to the public. Among the exhibits, a replica of the first crown King Thallor, King Theseus' father, wore during his reign, several sculptured depictions of the Ancient Greek Gods, most prominent of whom was Poseidon, God of the seas and Patron God of Atlantis, and a black jewel the size of one's fist, adorned with the symbols and mystic runes of Atlantis, dating back to the 17th century.

Quite a few Atlanteans had surfaced to Freedom City, for the chance to see their valued heritage being displayed side to side with that of their human cousins. Many Atlantean kids wow'd in wonderment at the display of the Tyrannosaurus Rex's skeleton, a sight that even most of the adult Atlanteans couldn't help but admire, both for its sheer scale and detail, as well as its evocative visage. This day would prove a poignant step in the continued improvement between the humans and the Atlanteans, and the royal family of Atlantis was sure to attend.

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The Atlantean princess had been constantly running around town throughout the day in the moments between class.  Even eating her lunch on the go.  She had promised the Hunter Museum that she would make a formal appearance at the opening of their exhibit.  It required ample preparation and would supposedly be a good PR move for the educational facility.  To which Thaelia overestimated just how much free time she had in a day.

Thaelia actually went as far as renting a town car for the occasion, despite it being a simple museum visit.  Seeing as Mali was the only person she knew for a fact regularly drove it seemed the surest option for not risking her clothing.  Thaelia was wearing a light blue floral embroidered gown.  Unlike her usual fashion choices there was no hint of decorative armor on the clothing.  Her hair worn up and held together by a pair of arrow shaped hair sticks.  The arrows connected by a pendant like accessory with the emblem of the Atlantean royal family.

Have a few pictures taken, do not break anything.  Have a few pictures taken, do not break anything.  Thaelia mentally recited the mantra as soon as the car rounded by the entrance to the museum.  Taking a deep breath before opening the door and taking her first steps towards the building.

She wasn't sure which of her family had also committed to attending.  If any.  It wasn't as if the surface worlders had a direct line to Atlantis.  But, for a city that had the outrageously offensive Atlantis Casino.  It was something.

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Eliza tried to hubbub amongst the rich, famous, and historically literate like she had any clue what she was doing. She'd managed to find a gown that didn't look too hideous and didn't cost too much - even if it meant she would be eating ramen for quite some time - and here she was, trying to be sophisticated. She'd already been carded at the bar, so that was out, so it was in her best interest to dash about, maybe grab some hors d'ouerves for Janet, and just pretend not to be seen while focusing on the art.

Thaelia had sent her the invite. That was reason enough to show up. She and the Atlantean princess had been on good terms, despite the fact that most of their get togethers tended to end in violence. She hoped it wouldn't come to that tonight... but she'd still scoped out how much ice and water was behind the open bar, as well as the location of nearby water fountains. She wouldn't be lacking for choice if some idiot decided to strike this place. 

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It wasn't often that Jerry had the chance to witness actual, tangible artifacts from a civilization that, for the greatest length of surface-dwelling human history was thought to have been lying somewhere between ancient history and myth. Even though the Atlanteans had long since made their pressence known, diplomatic relationships between the surface world and Atlantis had still gone through many ups-and-downs. Still, it was nice to see that efforts to bring those seafarring folk and the rest of humanity together persist; at the very least, it meant that Jerry had the chance at studying about a normally secluded civilization's religious history. Professor Loretta Cadmin's group assignment called for an extensive comparative detailing of a minor religion, so Jerry and a few of his colleauges had taken this chance at using the Atlantean Exhibition as their main source for their assignment's material. They weren't the only ones who thought of that, as two more groups had arrived, from what Jerry's friend Ismail noted. Even Professor Cadmin herself had attended the opening of the exhibition.

"It's interesting, though, don't you guys think?" Irine asked the group. "While the major Atlantean religion is that of the ancient greek Dodecatheon, there appear to be many differences so far from what we know of the religion as practiced in Classical Greece."

"Yeah, besides the greater emphasis on the water deities - obvious, really - there's less prominence in sacrifices and offerings to the gods." Ismael added.

Jerry was examining the plates for the exhibits, nodding in response as he did so. "Still, I think we should not focus entirely on the differences between the same religion being carried out in two different regions and/or enviroments; I think we could stand to compare Atlantean religion to Norse and Irish mythology as well."

The other two didn't speak as they considered the possibility, but the fourth member of the group, Idrees, spoke, saying "Well, before we decide what direction to take, what say we continue taking notes? We can look over them in the weekend, an decide then which direction to take."

"Eeeeh..." Ismael said with some uncertainty. "... Well, ok. Let's see how this goes and play it by ear, then."

Jerry just smiled, as he thought about gods and mythological monsters. It's one thing doing detached research on them, and another thing alltogether, knowing that such things exist. He'd encountered a few such beings himself, as he remembered working for Set during the Communion Invasion. A Valkyrie had popped up from the sky. With those doors open, there's no telling what other things are real and not.

The woman smiled at herself, as her agents had scourred the place. It seemed that her prize laid in wait for her to swoop in and snatch it, a rare opportunity for her to aqcuire a treasure from the deep. She decided to enter the museum, confident that no one would bat an eye at her.

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Making her way inside, Thaelia moved through the crowds of people with ease.  Being a tall young woman in a dress had about as much push as Super-Strength if you threw it around well enough.  And in social situations, she could throw it around at least long enough to spot Eliza in the distance.  "Eliza!"  Thaelia shouted drawing more attention than perhaps she should have, considering Glamazon had no semblance of a secret identity.  Which the stray shutter of phone cameras signified.

"No flash photography near the exhibits!"  A staff member shouted out to mixed results.  Before security would get involved, Thaelia had already taken off.  Making her way to Eliza and immediately feeling more relieved.  Her buffer had already arrived.  No doubt there would be a careless comment or two strewn about in such a thick public setting.  The last thing she needed was to actually engage the people making such comments.  Which was were a level headed compatriot came in.

 "Pardon my tardiness.  I shall be more prompt to any future engagements"  Thaelia opened with a smile.  "That dress looks most becoming on you."  Truthfully, Eliza had tertiary reason for inviting Eliza.  The first, was the obvious level-headedness.  The second, simply wanting the company of a friend.  The last, and most curious interest she had.  "What do you expect from the spirits near the artifacts?"


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Eliza wasn't entirely sure she expected much from the artifacts. Such things rarely had their own spirits unless magics had fixed said spirits to them - or, unless the artifact itself was of grand historical significance. She still remembered the vacation to Philadelphia, where spirits of sound and patriotism had clashed for the strongest claim to the Liberty Bell. Still... the fact that she didn't know much about Atlantean history meant that she wouldn't know much about Atlantean historical artifacts. Perhaps there were some spirits with interesting tales to tell...

"I'm not sure at this time," she said. "But mainly because my knowledge of Atlantean history has some sizable gaps. Still, I hope the spirits in the artifacts might tell me something interesting. Even if it's just who was trading gossip with who in what noble house." 

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GM Post

"Oooph. Oh, excuse me, madame." One of the museum staff apologised to the woman he bumped into, as he tried navigating through the crowd.

For her part, the woman just waved his apology away, flashing him a big smile along the way. "Ah. Please, don't worry about it." The museum staff was left starring at the void for a few seconds, before shrugging and returning to work, while the woman made her way around the exhibits. She really felt amazed with herself, at times; it was trully unbelievable, the things you could hide in plain sight, with a good costume, some make-up, and a proper haircut. Staking out the museum for easily accessible exits was easy; blending in was easier still. Nevertheless, despite her better efforts, she'd found that she'd occasionally attract more attention than strictly necessary.

"You know," the man said, approaching her. She perched curiously to see the man talking to her, then returned her gaze at the exhibits, feigning disinterest. "these days, I've been reading..."

"Oh, really?" She cut him. "Well, with some antibiotics, I'm sure it'll be just fine."

"Hehe, you wouldn't have any recommendation for good books, then?" The man persisted, trying to roll with the jab.

"Look, my good man, in your case? Even reading the bills would help you improve." She responded, with some annoyance.

The three merfolk made their way through Liberty Park. Getting from the Pacific Ocean all the way to Freedom City was not a particularly easy task, especially not since they had to cross Mexico to do so, but they'd arrived with no hitch. "Tell me, sage Hagenmol, where do you divine the Amulet of Til'ilk is located?" The man in coral-woven armor asked the shaman.

"Hmmm..." The man named Emrit Hagenmol inspected the assymetrical assembly of random objects he'd find around him and put together unconsciously, though perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that he looked through them. It was an old Shamanistic trick, less of a way to divine using the objects themselves, and more of a way to focus magic energy through them, amplify one's own powers, and attune their sight with the world. "Over there, my lord." He pointed at the end of the Park. "Inside the building guarded by the dragon's corpse."

"What are your orders, my lord?" the woman accompanying the two asked.

"We go." Curling his lips in distaste, the first man marched forward. "When I find the thieving scum who took the amulet, there will be hell to pay."

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"Even aged gossip can be most entertaining."  Thaelia admitted curiosity on dirt that would no longer be relevant to the noble houses.  "If it did not relate to the arcane history I may have devoted less time than I should have to learning the tales of the past."  She admitted her lack of studios efforts nonchalantly.  Thaelia knew stories of course.  But, she was no scholar that knew the ins and outs of every detail.  Not that  she expected anyone to.  Especially considering the culture's nomadic early history.

"Many Atlantean Warlords have a noble bloodline.  It is why some Barbarians claim to have the right of rule.  Or strength equal to the royal family.  It is silly hearsay of course.  Under the sea there is none who matches the king."  Thaelia opined.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Eliza tried to watch her words. While she didn't think she could gravely offend Thaelia - and highly doubted that Atlantis had a custom of dueling for one's honor - she didn't really know anything about Atlantean politics, or where the dividing line between "barbarian" and "noble" lay. But... she was curious...

"I imagine there's been some history of challenges in Atlantis," said Temperance. "I'm kind of curious about the fact that 'warlord' is something you can put on your tax forms. How does that work? Do they hold little kingdoms on the edge, or is it more like straddling the line between legal and illegal while having enough cache to keep yourself from falling into the latter?" 

She listened intently to Thaelia's answer, but still kept one eye on the artifacts. If there was going to be a spiritual disturbance - and she knew that, wherever she went, there was a non-zero chance of that happening - she didn't want to be caught off guard. 

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"Atlantean culture was originally nomadic after the sinking.  However, the various tribes that were created as a consequence found over time that they were not alone.  If you recall the Samebito we met in Japan were some such denizens of the deep.  Then there were those who were a product of biological tampering.  Of which you have also seen."  The Atlantean could have mean the mermaids that they saw floating in the Atlantean capital shopping around, creatures of Lemurian origin.  But, she more than like was referring to Dakuwanga.  The foul creation made up of a mixture of Atlantean dna and dna from the prehistoric Dunkleosteus.

"The nomads reached repeated conflict with other cultures, strength became a valued commodity.  With only the strongest truly claiming the right to rule.   Tribes began to combine, there were wars, eventually the kingdom of Atlantis as we know it was formed with the royal family claiming dominion over the oceans of the world.  Such a declaration also came with a responsibility to protect the seas and its people whether Atlantean or otherwise.  At least that was the original intention.  Before Atlanteans began interbreeding with Deep Ones corrupted and worshiping Dark Gods."  Thaelia notably ignored, or wasn't quite aware as she claimed, that the interbreeding began with the Serpent people and Atlanteans mixing that created those Deep Ones to begin with.

 "Before the swamp creatures who inhabit the hypoxic zones attempted their invasion.  Before...many events.  What is not examined through the lens of history often is that that not all the Atlantean tribes agreed to join the kingdom.  To the civilized Atlanteans they became known as Barbarians flying under the banners of various Warlords.  Occasionally new tribes form within the kingdoms.  Perhaps a haughty soldier in a remote settlement or outpost believes himself worthy of claiming the throne, he recruits barbarians under his banner.  Inevitably he falls in battle, they all fall.  Sometimes the traitors are caught, other times they escape and form a new nomadic tribe.  The Warlords are less likely to attack Atlantean settlements for supplies as they are to attack human vessels.  Because, the Atlantean people have little reason to rally behind harm occurring to surface dwellers.  They are called Warlords, for war is how they survive.  With many naming claim to the resources under the sea, those without must take by any means necessary."

She paused for a moment.  "The man who summoned my father...that is a story for another time."

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Eliza listened, somewhat rapt, to Thaelia's description of Atlantean history. It made a surprising amount of sense. She remembered fragments of history class, and how everything outside the Roman Empire had been considered "barbarian" - it wasn't a huge surprise that Atlantis viewed it in similar terms. It was interesting to hear about the other kingdoms - or fiefdoms, as was likely more appropriate. Most people on the surface tended to think of it as "Atlantis, sovereign nation of all the seven seas." Applying one kingdom to 70% of the planet's surface may have been unrealistic, and now, hearing it, Eliza was just starting to fully get that. She'd known about the Deep Ones, of course, but she hadn't known much about the other territories. 

"Interesting," she said. "How many times do these tribes try to swear fealty to Atlantis? Do many of them wish to rejoin the kingdom, or do the majority tend to declare independence or lay siege?" 

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"Some wish to join the kingdom.  Some wish to siege and claim it for themselves.  Some oddly enough wish to keep to themselves.  The kingdom offers size and protection otherwise not afforded.  That has not prevented coup attempts.  I believe while the king was a member of the Freedom League there was one such attempt from those that felt his rule weak."  

Thaelia smiled for a moment.  An odd reaction after describing an attempted siege on the castle before her time.  "Simply remembering something.  A tale for another time.  My first kiss and coup.  Still, an outright attempt to lay siege is not a common occurrence.  There are disputes over territory to this day.  Especially in the Pacific.  Atlantis prefers to stay out of former Lemurian territory, yet we do not uphold the UN sanctions prohibiting entry into Lemuria.  I have heard rumors of Atlantean tribes and other peoples claiming that land as their own.  The Samebito were the first to live within a dimensional rift similar to Utopia or the Lost World that I have encountered."

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GM Post

While Thalea and Eliza continued talking, various Atlanteans approached the two, having recognized Thalea, in order to pay their respects. This in turn, caught the attention of the regular humans, and many of them seized their chance to meet an Atlantean royalty from up close. The fact that said royalty was Glamazon, who would regularly make rounds in the news due to her wanton approach in heroics, only served to make their curiosity that much stronger. The woman was certainly eyeing the pair for some time now, despite some persisting interference

"No, I'm saying this because Terry, a good friend of mine, gave me a book called <Witticisms of Famous People>, and I wanted to hear your opinion on my reading it."

She'd have to admit, the guy wasn't taking it personally. Either that, or he's too thick to notice. "As I told you, every bit you read is-"

"-May I read you a couple of passages I've memorised?" he cut her off this time.

Giving an exasperated sigh, she asked "Is there any way for me to avoid this?"

"None that I can think of, no." He cheerily replied. "Anyway, here goes: <Man is not made to work; the evidence of that is that it tires him.>" He waited for her response, but she didn't seem particularly impressed, so he moved on. "Okay, tough crowd. Well, here's another one: <Most people would die sooner than think; in fact, they do so.>" The man laughed as he said that.

This one elicited a brief snort, but wasn't otherwise successful, either. "Right, right."

"<When someone sees you, they fall in love with you.>" This gave the woman pause. It wasn't just what was being said, but it was also the way it was being said. This one seemed to be full of frank emotion and seriousness; it wasn't faked in, as most attempts at pickup were. And if anyone could tell faking things, it would be her. She turned to face the man this time. "<When they fall in love with you, where can they see you?>"

The woman remained silent, as she gazed into the man's eyes. She so did not need this, not right now, with the job on the line. Still... "Well... if you wanna find out, you'll just have to wait and see." And with a smile, she turned around, resuming her work. It was at that point, that she decided to approach Thalea and Eliza. "Quite the exhibit you have here, your royalness." She curtseyed. "When are we expecting your uncle, King Theseus, to arrive?" It was apparent that the woman spoke with a heavy and thick accent, some weird mix of Russian and German.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thaelia smiled as she tried to interact with everyone who walked up to them.  Some in jokes exchanged in Atlantean.  Various poses with those taking pictures.  Trying her hardest to please everyone as it catered to the princess' people pleasing nature.  So when the pale woman asked her question, Thaelia was quick to answer.

"I do not know for certain.  As I do not have a form of long ranged communication with my family I can neither confirm nor deny who has arranged to make an appearance on this day.  However, let it be known the King enjoys himself a spectacle.  If not today, the king will certainly make an appearance in the future."

If Thaelia had any expectations.  It was that her cousin, Tethys would be the relative most likely to make an early appearance.  As an avid lover of her own time on the surface.  But, the demigoddess was not about to make a promise on someone else's behalf.

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GM Post

As if on cue, King Theseus arrived, along with his entourage and his wife, Queen Ariallis. Immediately, the crowd flocked around them, the photographers took pictures, and the reporters asked questions, while he and the Queen shook hands with the representatives of Freedom City, as well as a few ambassadors from various nations around the world who were also attending. As soon as he was free to move, King Theseus walked up to Thaelia and Eliza, greeting the two as he did. "Well met, Thaelia, my dear. I've been hearing some excellent remarks about you from Summers." Grabing Thaelia's shoulder, he smiled as he said "I trust that you've been keeping out of trouble, right?" They both knew, of course, that she hadn't. He whispered to her "Oh well, I've been keeping your father, Poseidon, informed about your... exploits, shall we say? And he wants you to know that, regardless of whatever bad feelings there are between you two, he couldn't be prouder to have you as a daughter. And the same goes for me, of course; though I wish you'd learn some restraint, I am content as long as you are true to your heart, dear child." Pulling back, he then decided to greet Eliza as well. "Greetings, uhh, Eliza, correct? I remember you from your friend's Graduation party in Atlantis. I trust that my niece is not giving you much trouble?"

As Queen Ariallis proceeded to hug Thaelia, however, the lights abruptly turned off, and not a second later, a barrage of flashbangs started exploding around the museum, blinding all those who were attending! Before anyone had a chance to react, a female voice with a... Spanish(?!?) accent boomed. "Well met, Freedom City Citizens, and well met Atlantean envoys! Please remain still, making no sudden moves, and I promise you that no harm will come to you. So says I, Bandida Aves, and her merry band of Fowlings!"

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King Theseus' entrance drew a lot of looks, and Jerry and his classmates were no different. They felt that they'd collected enough material to start working on their paper, but decided to linger a bit more, in order to see the King and his entourage from up close. When the lights turned off, everyone looked surprised, and though visibility hadn't been extinguished, it had nevertheless gotten considerably darker.

"What's going on?"

"Dunno, guys... a blackout?"

"Talk about annoy-"


The explosion blinded everyone nearby, while also taking all sound away from them, with the only exception being a static noise that kept ringing inside their heads. More similar explosions followed, not a second later, affecting everyone else in the room. Jerry tried to warn his friends, but in vain. "Everyone! Where are you?! Get down!" No one seemed to listen to him, nor could he hear a response, so he flailed about, trying to find them via touch. He grabbed two people, and tried to force them to the ground, so that they'd keep safely away from danger, but they fought back, flailing just as blindly as he had. "Damn!" Jerry rubbed his ears, trying to clear them so that he could at least hear, but to no avail. Not even the female voice's words could reach him...

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It all happened in a, for lack of a better word, flash.  Thaelia was dazed by the sudden lack of sensation.  Her mouth had been parted open to respond to her uncle and guardian the king of Atlantis.  But, instead what came out was a 'muh' sound.  The complete change of environment throwing whatever words she had originally intended to escape her lips by the wayside.  

This wasn't the first time Thaelia had been taken advantage off by a Flash Bang.  And she suspected it wouldn't be the last time either.  Such knowledge provided no comfort.  "Who dares attack?  Prepare to face the might of the Daughter of the Seas vile fiends"  Not that she could hear the response.

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GM Post

Total chaos was reigning inside the museum. While the citizens clutched their ears in pain, they stumbled around blindly, instictively trying to avoid any potential danger, only to bump against each other and fall. No one was giving any attention to the voice of Bandida Aves, something that incensed the leader of the Fowlings to no end. "How rude! I tell them to stay put and they completely ignore me." Turning to one of her underlings, she says "D'you think that we should have gone with the paralyzing gas, instead?"

The Fowling, a man in a purple costume with a bird theme, replied "To be fair, boss, I think it'd be kinda hard for them to listen to you, what with being blinded and deafened and all."

"Wait, wait, what did you say? Speak up, Roger, I couldn't hear that bit at all."


"Come on, man, can't you hear me? I told you-" Before she could continue, the Fowling who went by the name Roger indicated at his ears, then towards Bandida Aves. Three seconds passed, before light dawned. "...Ah!" Being the only one to not have yet taken her earplugs off, after the sound from the bang had dissipated, she apologised to her underling after removing them. "Sorry, Rog, forgot we had put these for a moment there." Looking back at the chaos in the room, she lamented "Guess we didn't think this completely through, did we?"

"Should we go to the plan B, Bandida?"

"Yeah... let's get what we came here for and skedaddle."

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The din and the light show almost overwhelmed Eliza, but not by too much. Even as her sight came back to her, she had to make sure she was seeing things correctly. Oh, great, she thought, we're under attack by chickens. She scanned the room - there was the ice tin, there was the soda sprayer behind the bar, there was the water fountain...

With one quick summons, a good portion of the water in the room flew towards her, forming a thin rime around her dress and arms. It wasn't elegant armor, but it would certainly do a job of obscuring the pattern and build underneath. The mask, likewise, wasn't going to be high art, but it did a good job of keeping her face hidden. "It sounds like this may be your first time pulling off an operation of this magnitude," said Temperance. "Allow me to show you how an expert handles a crisis." 

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Glamazon had both fists clutched together with her arms raised over head.  It was a split second decision to not slam her fist into the ground.  Whatever ensuing quakes possibly would have knocked over her invisible assailant.  If not for the fact that there was a chance of damaging the display.  Specifically anything Atlantean in nature, Thaelia may have abandoned the mantra she started the day with.

But, her restraint was only a temporary stay of violence.  Blindly stumbling into those near her.  It was only her sense of touch that made her sure they hadn't been somehow transported out of the museum.  Growing increasingly aware how much she relied on her sense of sight.  "Uncle, if you can hear me.  I ask a thousand pardons.  For the state I shall leave the fiends who did this in will be nothing short of unsightly"

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The good news about being in a place with central plumbing and a lot of drinks meant there was no limit to ammunition for Temperance. She didn't want to be wasteful, but she also didn't feel comfortable trying to pull off all sorts of tricks with the same gallon. "I really do hope you had some sort of plan coming here tonight," she said, crafting the water in her hands. "Some sort of fallback. Some sort of contingency. Something that could make it less embarrassing that you decided to show up looking like chickens in drag." 

The ball of chilled water leapt from her hands, coiling in mid-air into something almost like a lash. As it aimed for the lead woman of the bird-like bandits, it began turning to ice, slowly forming into a frosty prison. "But somehow, I doubt that." 

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GM Post

The appearance of Temperance caught Bandida Aves and her gang off guard; certainly, they were expecting some resistance, but they'd hoped that the flashbangs would have bought them some time to do their work and get out while there was still confusion. Having lost the tempo, Bandida swiftly came under the ondine's watery lasso, however, though the lasso managed to make contact with the avian thief, her wings flung instictively at their would be restrainer, giving Bandida Aves ample time to backflip out of the fast closing ensnarement Temperance conjured. "How rude! You always wanna tie your partner from the first date down? You should know that birds aren't particularly fond of captivity." She remarked with a dismissive tone, while drawing a rapier-looking sword from its sheath. She flourished, then pointed her sword towards the floor "Oh, well. Time for plan D. Gang? Why don't you show our uninvited guest here what happens to those who go pecking about others' business."

"RIGHT!" Roger and the rest of the Fowlerings aqcuiesced immediately at Bandida Aves's orders, and swiftly maneouvered through the crowd, in order to surround Eliza. Three of them reached her first, and they attempted to unleash a coordinated flurry of stabs and slices with their own rapiers, though only one sword managed to find its target.

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Glamazon's hearing and vision quickly recovered.  Adjusting to the punishment they had been put through with minimal effort.  Thaelia wasn't caught up on the going ons.  But, she could tell the people surrounding Temperance were likely not friends.  As such the princess leapt into action, literally.  Bounding through the air without a running start towards her friend currently surrounded . Then the daughter of the Earth-Shaker landed the impact struck with enough force to send powerful tremors throughout the area.  The intention was to knock their foes off their feet.  But, it was an indiscriminate method, meaning Temperance was just as likely to be caught in the maneuver.

Sadly only one of the fowlerings surrounding Temperance was knocked to the ground.  Which was a bit less useful than Glamazon had attempted, even if the intimidation factor was still potentially there.  "A thousand pardons Lady Temperance, the Daughter of the Seas did not mean to keep you waiting.  Let us be rid of these fiends."

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Jerry had been very hesitant about acting. He had no solid idea about what was going on, or who was watching and listening, so he was left flailing helplessly about, as he contemplated on wether he should risk it and transform  right there and then or not. He did not expect the sudden earthquake, and he promptly found himself rolling on the ground. "Arrrgh-kuk." Truth be told, he was more surprised than he was hurt, but nevertheless, the shock was powerful enough that it helped him regain his sense of hearing, and in a second or two, his sense of seeing returned as well. Now what just... He did not waste time inspecting, and he noticed that most of the museum visitors had fallen to the ground, along with plenty of exhibits. King Theseus, while blind as a bat and deaf as a post, had instictively grabbed hold of his Queen, and holding her for dear life. And then...

Thaelia and Eliza surrounded by people dressed up as birds, and a humanoid woman who looked like a bird was watching with mild disinterest. He was still unsure as to what was going on, but now, Jerremy had finally decided upon a course of action. Whelp, no sense hesitating now. You're just one more dumb civilian who's fallen face-first on the ground. By the time they notice that someone's transforming in front of their eyes, I'll be long gone from their sight and my face from their memory. Thanking his 'luck' that caused him to lose his footing, Jerry chanted the transformation spell "VENTUS AD ME CIRCUMFLAT!" and his body started twisting and turning in unnatural ways, until flesh and bone gave way to an aetherial substance.

Now Jerry was free to act as Meatheral, the quad-elemental hero, and he wasted no time dispersing his gaseous molecules to the point of vanishing from sight, and taking flight. As he did so, plenty of visitors felt a light breeze pass them by, but they had no idea what was going on.

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Temperance felt the marble shake beneath her feet - and then she really felt it. She plummeted to the ground, butt first, landing with a thud after Glamazon struck the floor. It's okay, she thought, nothing broken. Except my pride. All right, Eliza... see if there's some way you can get off the floor without looking like a complete jackass.

With a surprisingly swift motion, Temperance rose from the floor - but still needed a second to stabilize herself, her knees wobbling as her soles touched back down on the floor. She locked her eyes on the bevy of costumed thugs. The more of these guys go down faster, the better. She called the ice to her hands, sending out a blinding volley aimed at... she decided to be conservative and strike three of them. As the ice flew from her hands, she knew it was going to be going wild. This really is not my best night, is it. 

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