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Giant Size Issue

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Sparrow Cafe, Southside


It was a quiet day with a few customers, mostly quite happy with there food and relaxed and chatty. Good days like this were few and far between and needed to be enjoyed to their full extent.

Of cause that was when superhero shenanigans were bound to happen. Today it was a giant foot, followed by enough walking past the cafe on there way to do something no good. Even though super’s were an almost everyday occurrence people still came out to see what was going on, though some jaded locals carried on with their business.

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Inside the cafe, Danny was just trying to enjoy the rare slow day. As he cleaned up one of the tables, he allowed his mind to wander, reflecting on the events that led to his recent career as a costumed hero. He was shaken from his thoughts by a sudden stirring from several of the kids inside the cafe. He turned around just in time to catch what looked like an enormous heel passing by outside. He popped his head out the door, hiding amidst the group of onlookers with their cell phones out. After about a second, he popped back in. 

"Hey, Tuck?" He yelled to his friend at the counter. "You mind telling Nattie I'm going to be out for a few? Tell her I'm delivering that... err... stuff we talked about."

It was a bad excuse, but Nattie would know what he meant. Her understanding was a nice perk of working for an ex-superhero.

Danny brushed past the onlookers and out the door as he relished what looked to be his first big encounter.

"Alright, city. What are we dealing with today?"

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The giant in questions wasn’t exactly what you’d expect, instead of some massive costumed villain it appeared to be a teenage girl. One over two stories high but an average woman in general appearance. She was dressed in a simple t-shirt, with a billboard sized face festooned upon it, jeans with a pair of rainbow colored sneakers.

She was apparently walking purposefully down the street apparently set on a destination paying little attention with anything in her way, like people, trucks or cars, mumbling to herself as she walked.

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"Ah, good," Danny said, keeping a safe yet relatively close distance behind the teen behemoth on his motrocycle, "I was worried I'd have to deal with something really weird today..." Observing that everyone's attention was focused on her, Danny seized the opportunity to deploy his armor, willing it to fold out and cover his body. After a couple blocks, he was also able to focus a little bit more on the mumbling of the large lady. He could make out something along the lines of "I'll shower just how useful I can be... Yeah, she'll definitely want me after this..." 

"Ah, geeze... if this is a whole "spurned friend/lover" situation, I am so out...", Danny thought. He would fight supervillains readily, but personal conflicts? That was some CW-level crap there... Sighing, he finally decided to address the giant girl. "Hey there! Miss! You, stomping down the street in the smiley shirt! I don't suppose I could help you out here!? Also, I think these fine pedestrians would appreciate not being stomped on! Some people are just funny that way!..."

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The giant teen swated at Danny but it was pretty obvious that her heart wasn't really into the attack.

"You wouldn't understand you heroes have it so easy sometimes." Whilst her voice was booming it also sounded young.

She slumped against a SUV who's owner would have a very interesting insurance claim to file.

"It's just I've given up so much for over the last few years and now she says I'm suitable as sidekick. Oh it's Maxi-Marvellous by the way." she offered up a massive hand.

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Danny pulled his bike over as his quarry slowed down. Taken slightly aback by the sudden change in situation, he attempted, awkwardly and confusedly, to shake a hand that was larger than he was. The ending "Marvellous" immediately brought to his mind images of a psychotic and flamboyant supervillain who had made several appearances in the news in the last few years. He vaguely recalled something about a size-shifter following her around, and wondered what this girl saw in such a fruitloop.

"Uhh... Blue Stinger..." he halted out, "You'd be surprised, actually. I mean, yeah... You've clearly, uhm... got more than just a sidekick thing going on with the whole... growing... huge... thing. That's a pretty cool ability... Should I ask why your end goal is teaming up with with Madame... Marvelous, right?" He dragged out the name, as if to second-guess his statement.        

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She dabbed her eyes and managed a weak little smile.

“Thanks it’s nice of you to say. But I’m happy to be her sidekick.”

She began to wave her hand around as she began to explain herself, real enthusiasm moving into her voice.

“I don’t know if you saw any of her stuff before she turned to crime but it really spoke to me growing up. I wanted to be her or at least be her friends. When she changed lots of her fans abandoned her but a few of use remained loyal after all if was still a performance and no one normally got hurt.”

She though for a few second and then came to a decision adding.

“When someone offered my a chance to gain powers I jumped at the chance, not even pausing to consider the cost and through hard work she notice me, notice me of all people! And then when she asked me to help her with a crime, well it was the proudest day of my life.”

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"I think I saw a recent movie of hers, yeah. Not long before she switched careers..." He chuckled. "It was this hilariously awesome sci-fi movie with a lizard creature that totally looked like... Ah. Sorry..." Danny stopped as he struggled to reign his thoughts in towards the matter at hand. As a big metas fan himself, he'd known people like Maxi, who would attach themselves to a larger-than-life super powered being, giving anything to get closer to that world. More often than not, they were the ones you heard about on the news getting injured in crossfire, or hurting others by getting in the heroes' way, and the villain fans were usually even more trouble. He'd never met someone who had actually succeeded in getting powers, though. It seemed, however, that something about the reality of super-life was finally getting to this girl... He spoke up again. "I sense a "but..." or some other comparable conjunction coming along in your story?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

“Well she’s an artist in everything she does and whilst I try to keep up I can’t seem to keep up with her genius.Sometime she’ll sulk for days if a scheme doesn’t work out a way she wanted, and that tends to happen a lot.” Danny wasn’t sure if there was more going in this statement than just what she was saying.

“But I’m a Personal Assistant, or something like it, of a real Super Star. And criminal one I’ll grant you but that got to be worth something?” it sounded she was trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

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Sitting here and talking, Danny had to continually remind himself that this girl was the cohort of a supervillain. She didn't quite have the malevolent edge he'd come to expect from a villain. It was as though she didn't quite realize what she'd gotten into. Still, she seemed like a decent enough sort, and obviously needed help of some kind. As a superhero, he was obligated to try and talk her out of villainy at some point, but he felt like she was pretty strongly attached to her "boss", so that would require tact. And she did seem like someone who genuinely needed some personal advice...

"Look, I'm not really the best guy to give life advice, but... I mean, have you ever thought about what you, yourself want? I mean, I grew up reading old Tomb Of the Scarab issues, and I'd totally give my left arm to hang out with Scarab. Even the new one that nobody knows much about. But at some point, I've got to be me, you know? You're hanging out with Madame Marvelous now, but what about your own future, right? I mean, wouldn't you like to spread your wings and have some Maxi fans of your own some day, or something?"  

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Maxi rubbed her chin and considered Danny’s words, he wasn’t sure but he might have been getting through to her a little.

“I’m not sure I want to be the start, I’m happy to be a side-kick. I mean everyone on the forum are green with envy that I get to work with her, it almost better than being the star as I get to Blog about it all.”

She seemed to be pretty pleased that she had this little slice of virtual fame, apparently for now it was enough for her. Maybe it would be harder to get through than Danny had thought...

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"And it's not necessarily that you need to be a star, just... it's important to know who you are, you know?" Danny grimaced a little. He was going to have to address something that might be a little hard for her to accept. "And... I guess even being a sidekick isn't a bad thing. I've known plenty of way-cool sidekicks who were great people in their own right. But you must have noticed that she's not exactly the person she used to be. Like you said, nobody usually gets hurt, but that's only because the capes usually show up in time. And someday, if someone is a little late, she might decide the show needs a little more audience participation, if you know what I mean." He stopped leaning against his bike and stood up. "You seem alright, Maxi, but this path you've chosen is going to get much less fun someday, and when that happens, you'll have to decide what kind of person you are, and not me or her or anyone else will be able to help you make that choice."   

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  • 2 weeks later...

“I don’t believe she’d deliberately hurt someone, not very seriously anyway, at least I think so. And you don’t get to see her like I do, there are time when she’s almost like she was before...”

She went quiet for a few minutes a began to rub her chin, obviously considering everything Danny had mentioned.

“Say I agree with what you say, how would you suggest I go about starting on my own?”

It seems that his words had actually got through to her in some way, maybe this hero lark wasn’t all that difficult...

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"Dwah...uh.. I mean... yeah...uh... well... umm..." Danny sputtered. He honestly didn't expect that to work, and hadn't really planned what to say next. Where'd that talk about "choosing the right path" come from? He sounded like his dad... Still, he at least seemed to be doing alright. "I... really, I guess it's kinda up to you. I mean... like, I've always felt like these powers we get always come with some kind of... calling? (Somebody else could probably phrase that better...) Anyway, like what kind of stuff are you good at? With your powers, you could do a few different things. What makes you happy when you do it? Personally, I just kind of wander around looking for stuff to do, but I guess I wouldn't recommend that. It's really a matter of what feels right when you do it."    

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  • 4 weeks later...

“Hrm you made some good points. If I was going to go solo I’d need to do something to prove myself...”

Maybe it was that Danny’s sixth sense was in tune today, or maybe it was that he was expecting trouble from the get go, but he was moving almost before she threw the punch. Her fist impacts on the road throwing out a show of rubble. She was now up and in a fighting pose.

“Look I’m sorry about this I really am, you seem like a nice kid, but to prove myself I need to defeat a hero and you just happen to be the only one around.”

So much for the power of psychology.

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  • 2 months later...

Danny flipped to the left as he began to work out what to do next.

"Okay. First off: Not exactly what I had in mind when I said to do what comes naturally."

Moving basically on instinct, he slid past her, trying to get behind his quarry.

"Secondly: "Nice kid?" Really? I'm probably older than you are!"

Flashing back to an old Playstation 2 game from his youth, Danny took a flying leap at Maxi's back and engaged his suit's adhesive field. At first, Danny felt quite proud of himself for this strategy. It wasn't until she started trying to shake him off that he realized he had no idea what to do next. Crap...

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The giant villain, at least in stature, tried to crush Blue Stinger against the wall of one of the nearby buildings.

“This isn’t personal you seem like a sweet guy. But if I do this I can earn her respect back. I promise it won’t hurt to much.”

Her attack was thwarted by Danny moving around to much, a little like an itch that she couldn’t scratch, and instead of crushing him she only succeeded in knocking off part of the corner of the building with her elbow.

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