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College Visit Ref Request


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Since we're getting close to the point I figured would be good to get a ref (and it's been mentioned), in the College Visit thread (IC, OOC), I thought I'd put the request up for it.

There are some stats for NPCs to send for it, although they're similar to stats in the book - so I can send in the full set or just the changes made.

I'm not quite sure if anything else is needed in the request, so if so let me know.

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"How do you write such imaginative stories?"

"Oh, I've always kept the heart of a little boy. In a jar on my desk."

-- Originally attributed to Stephen King.

I don't know about you, but it would work for me.

I'll go ahead and send it to you Heritage. Just need to pull it up.

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Sounds good - gives a little time for us to wrap up the player-led before you join in.

And if you want to have Dr. A look over them, it's fine by me (then either of you could ask me questions and I'll send the question/answer to both of you).

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