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A note from trollthumper

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A note from trollthumpber, via the FC PbP FB page:


Hey, guys. If someone could post this to the page or let others know in chat, I'd appreciate it.

So, the vid card on my MacBook died yesterday. Good news is, there's some sort of "utility upgrade" thing that means I can get it fixed without paying anything. The bad news is, that still requires that it be sent to a facility for fixing, which takes 3-5 business days. Which means, at this point, I won't have my computer back until next week.

So until then, I'm putting my threads on hold. If I'm in anyone else's threads and they need to move forward (such as Red Five), feel free to sock puppet me. I'm going to try to get my old-ass PC laptop back up and running, but it's been in mothballs for years. If I can get posts done, great. If not... well, see you all next week.



Good luck, tt!

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