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Marvel Heroes

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It's Marvel's free to play MMORPG, available on Steam. You play as one of some thirty Marvel characters, with new ones added regularly. You get to choose a starting character from a list of half a dozen ones, then you can unlock more later.

There's a story mode which is basically single player, random missions assigned as soon as you reach level 20, raids, and a PvP currently in beta.

It's free in that you don't pay to play, you can use money to unlock stuff but you can eventually unlock it in game too, without spending a coin.


Currently I'm playing Phoenix and Psylocke, and I unlocked a few more heroes including Widow, Gambit, X-23 and Silver Surfer. If you feel like playing and want to look me up, I'm Laura_Elle there.


Oh, and I play Avengers Alliance too, if you want to add me.

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