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The West End, Freedom City, NewJersey
Friday, January 2nd, 2015
11:15 PM

The Radiodeum is a theater infamous for its former tenants being the Toon Gang. Long evicted from its beautiful decor, the wooden framework is still looked on fondly by its many patrons.  A far more impressive feat on any other night.  Business had not resumed to its usual splendor after the Communion invaded.  The annual monster movie night in preparation for the pending school season hadn't attracted much attention.


In fact there were only two patrons in the theater.  Daphne Celeste and princess Thaelia or as they are otherwise known Miss Grue and the Glamazon two teens associated with the Claremont superhero group known as Next-Gen.  The Atlantean was as pop culture blind as one could be.  And you couldn't fill anymore pop culture inside the Grue's mind.  Making it easy to figure out who had picked their evening plans


Both had decided they needed to kick back and relax after the busy month they had.  Defending the city from an escalated amount of criminal activity in response to a majority of the local heroes leaving the city.  Now a new year had come to pass, and the two outsiders at heart wanted to do something mundanely normal to relax.  At the moment finding themselves halfway through a Wolfman movie.


"Why does the small one not simply stab creature?"  Thaelia asked Daphne.  Leaning over in her seat with a tub full of popcorn bouncing around as they stared at the black and white flick.

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Whilst Daphne loved modern films, and she whenever she could, she had a soft spot for the old black and white B-movies she use to watch on her journey to Earth. When she could she would watch them in the cinema the blackness of the room reminding her of the time spent drifting in space among the stars. She’d always enjoyed the one with the little silhouettes of people commenting on the story, but had been disappointed to find that they didn't show up when shown in the movie theatre.

“Well she’s not got a weapon, or training, not everyone was born a warrior princess you know. beside against the tropes... the rules of this type of horror movie.â€

She dressed for the occasion in a Gingham dress, in black and white, with her hair made up in a beehive. She’d considered making herself look like she’d stepped from a black and white movie but that might have raised some strange looks.


“Beside this is a really good bit.â€


It didn’t bother her that she knew most of these movies off by heart, it was enough to be here to try and eat her body weight in popcorn and hotdogs, in really good company.

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On the movie screen the door swung open.  To show that the young woman's father had broken in holding an axe to save her.  The camera had panned on to him long enough for the Wolfman to clear the screen.  Leaving father and terrified daughter alone in the room.  Before the camera panned to the broken window.  The camera worked in tandem with the music to tell a tale of suspense as the daughter tearfully thanked her father for saving her.


Thaelia saved her commentary on the fact that neither the girl's flesh nor her clothing had been harmed.  Even her hair was barely ruffled.  Making it hard to buy the fact that she was in any real danger.  Of course the reason she spared this commentary was because she was too busy staring at the screen while eating popcorn to care.


While the family members had their moment of relief on the screen there was a flash of thunder.  For a moment one could make out the wolfman's face.  And then the creature was gone without a trace.  "Was it raining before the thunder?"

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  • 3 weeks later...

Daphne happily munched popcorn as she watched the movie enjoying herself immensely, generally people didn’t appreciate her knowledge of movies and television. But Thaelia was a completely novice to all this, she needed her help.


“The thunder isn’t about rain, it’s to show that something ominous is going to happen. I won’t spoil it but somethings going to happen.â€


She lent forward in her seat eagerly awaiting the scare to come.

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  • 2 weeks later...



The movie continued with the father and daughter running to the heart of the village. Aparently aiming to arm up a posse and hunt the creature.  Accusing the blacksmith's son of being the werewolf.  With absolutely no evidence other than him having moved into the village when the animal attacks began.  If the movie played to stereotypes it was the classic evil foreigner paranoia in older films.


As the villagers began arming up there was another flash of thunder.  In the distance a figure was watching them.  It was not the blacksmith's son.  But the blacksmith himself.  Eliciting a gasp from Thaelia.  As the movie established the fact that his death lead to the son moving into the village in the first place.  It was a twist!


"Manners!  Hasn't anyone taught you insufferable gits manners?"  A voice boomed in a thick British accent responding to the girl's continued conversation.  A quick visual scan reaffirming that they were indeed the only ones in the theater.  

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Daphne felt a little guilty at interrupting the other moviegoers in their enjoyment she hadn’t realised how noisy they’d been getting.

“It’s customary not to talk to loud during the movie we should be a little quieter.†she whispered to her friend, though she wasn’t sure if Thaelia had an indoor voice.

She lent over the seat and looked back at the man looking as guilty as she actually felt.

“I’m terribly sorry we’ll be quiet from now on in honest.â€she spoke in a loud whisper, she’d considered doing it telepathically but that would have probably caused more trouble.

She was a bit surprised that she couldn't see anyone else in the theatre.

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Thaelia felt no such guilt.  Not out of some sort of sense of entitlement.  But, because the princess was positive there was no one else in the theatre  She may not have been very attentive.  But, she could at the very least perform a visual scan.  There was no one in the theatre.  Not that she could see.  And she could see very well.


"I can speak in hushed tones.  But, for whose sake is this cordiality?"  Thaelia whispered back.  Unsure of who they were speaking to.  Respecting those around you, required there being someone around to respect.  Which seemingly wasn't the case.  Perhaps a spectre?  An invisible man?

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Even the best of psychic pick up a stray thought or two from people, or as far as she believed she hadn’t actually talked to any actual telepaths about her abilities, but she was pretty sure that she heard someone actually in the theatre. She really hoped it wasn’t another ghost the last one she’d encountered was bad enough, come to think of it she was involved in movies as well...


“I’m going to try and see if someones there, just keep an eye on me just in case.†this time she whisper so not to alert anyone.



Relaxing a little in her seat she let her mind drift to detect those around her, something she wouldn't dream of doing in a full theatre. She could easily pick up the bright mind of Thaelia and pushed onward to see if there any more mind in the room.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Miss Grue's potent abilities scanned the area to no avail.  There was no third mind apparently visible in the room.  At least not at first.  With substantial prodding the Grue ran into some pretty impressive mental walls.  She couldn't read the inhabitant's mind.  But she could tell something or someone was repelling her intrusion.

Now you're not even paying attention to the movie.  The same voice responded back in Miss Grue's head.  Clearly, you girls need an education on proper cinema.  That's when the migraine hit Daphne and Thaelia like a wave.  Their visions blurred before slumping over unconscious in their seats.

*          *          *

When the girls awoke everything was a haze.  All color seemed to have been sucked from the world.  The girls an their surroundings were completely in black and white.  With their clothing now looking positively dated.  A technicolor dreamcoat this was not.  They weren't in the comfort of double wide theatre seats anymore.  No, they were inside a small village.  Not unlike the one in the movie.  In fact, the clock tower near the goat farm in the distance seemed awfully familiar.

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  • 1 month later...

Daphne looked around with a little trepidation, but more excitement at situation they suddenly found themselves. She experimented to see if she could produce colours and once she found up she couldn’t settled on a shade of grey that she thought looked pretty.

“You know this happens to me more often than it should. I’ve been in television as well all I need is a video game to complete the set.” she beamed a wide smile, but she was looking around trying to work out were in the plot they’d gotten to having lost her place a little in all the excitement

“Do you know where we got to in the plot, I’m pretty sure we’re due a Werewolf attack pretty soon. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pick him up.”

She was curious if movie character had minds to read, would they be simple emotions like animals or just echo’s of there lines?

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"This occurs to you often?"  Thaelia asked unsurprised.  Weird things happen to people in Freedom City.  Her friend could have passed a word of warning.  'Oh by the way sometimes I get sucked into media'   That would have been nice to know before agreeing to a horror movie marathon.  Granted, Thaelia would have accepted even quicker.  But, that was besides the point.

Going with the punches the Atlantea began looking around she tried to note if anything compared to what they've seen of the movie.  The village streets were empty.  Which meant at least one of the wolf creature's murders had occurred.  And no one dared step out.  With no signs of a mob anywhere.  

"I believe we have arrived some time before the daughter disappeared into the woods."  Pointing to a piece of lumber with an axe attached in the distance. The same axe they saw the father use to break into the room to find his terrified daughter.

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  • 4 weeks later...

“Well to be fair I was trying to help when I got sucked into TV land, it wasn’t as much fun as it sounded.

She strode purposely to the axe a snatched it up with little effort

“This is when the daughter goes into the forest and comes back all dazed and we, the audience, aren't meant to know if she’s become a werewolf or not. I won’t spoil it in case we get a chance to finish the film.”

She shoulder the axe and took on the clothing and rugged features of one of those ax men you saw all the time on television.

“What do you think is a woodsman fighting off a werewolf a little too much symbolisms?” even her voice had the right sounding tones as she admired her newly acquired beard.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"I do not know if finishing the movie will be an issue."  Thaelia mused now that they had become bit players in the film.  She had seen Daphne shapeshift before.  It was always fascinating. As far as texture was concerned for things like facial hair or clothing.  The Atlantean was partially curious as to how it worked as far as things that one wasn't all that familiar with.

Especially when she still smelled like Daphne.  Following the cues the Grue had given they saw the young woman running down.  The daughter was wearing a scratched up hooded cloak.  Unlike in the original production there were visible scratches on her skin.  Apparently their black and white trip was not limited by the bloodless rules of yesteryear.


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Daphne gave a little frown, that looked out of place on her more manly face.

“See those mark that means she might have been scratched, it’s a bluff in the film but I’m not sure if the plot still applies here. There’s definately a werewolf chasing her right now.”

As she spoke she moved again shifting her form until she resembled the woman being chased, even though she wasn’t real Daphne’s instincts was to try and help the woman.

“Get the daughter somewhere safe, I’ll try to draw the Werewolf away. We’re still linked so just think at me and I’ll be able to hear.

With that she stood in the clearing the woman had just dashed through looking as if she was scared and tired, waiting for the Werewolf to get just a little bit closer.

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Thaelia wrapped her arm around the scared girl.  Who screamed at the site of the statuesque teen.  But, the Atlantean demigoddess would not be deterred.  Hoisting the girl along with ease so as to create a distance from the encroaching beast.  If Daphne was right about the movie plot no longer applying.  It meant they didn't entirely know what to look forward to.  "Come with me if you wish to survive this experience."

Be alert.

Even worse.  They didn't know if the mysterious movie patron was actively watching them.  Or how he even did this.  Psionic abilities, magic, the list went on and on at the possibilities.  But, the low guttural growl coming from the direction the daughter had run in from gave little time for investigating.

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  • 1 month later...

Pretty sure she was out of sight of the creature she shifted her form again, this time into that of the woman that the Werewolf had been chasing. It was a bit of a gamble but she was counting that the beast would be compelled to follow the plot, and that meant chasing her down. And of cause she wasn’t exactly completely harmless, with or without the axe.

And if the beast had been placed here to punish the two of them well so much the better. She hoped though that she at leasts go a decent score when the fight started.

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  • 3 weeks later...


A howl cut through the air.  Miss Grue was quickly alerted to the sound of footsteps nearing.  More than that she was alerted to the predatory thoughts of the creature.  The bulk of which were simple and instinctual.  'HUNGRY' 'EAT' 'BITE'  Coupled with what felt like pure mindless rage.  

The moon reflected of the creature as it came into view.  Crouched on all fours there was no question that it had the bipedal form of a man despite its posture.  The creature's canine features were unmistakable.  Long pointed ears, fur, a large bulbous nose, fangs built for tearing flesh asunder..The creature's leather clothing served to leave plenty to the imagination beneath its clothes.  

The creature's eyes glowed under the reflection of the moon.  Staring at its prey with pure bloodlust.

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  • 1 month later...

Not being able to help herself Daphne gave a silent scream before dropping it and giving a small smile.

“Nah I’m kidding, surprise!”

As she spoke she began to grow in size as she took on her normal form growing up to her full 15 foot height, something that would have been well beyond the budget of a movie like this.

“Look attack of the Fifteen Foot Grue, give it your best shot little wolfie!”

As well as not taking this whole thing seriously, she was aware that her sudden change couldn’t help but keep the focus on her. Both cinematically and from the pure instinct that the beast.

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  • 1 year later...


In just a few second Miss Grue had grown to her full height, only around fifteen feet rather than fifty but the movie reference was close enough for her. She looked down at the now tiny looking werewolf and grinned beginning to enjoy her new part in this movie.


"Time for the bad puppy to go sleep for a little while the adults talk."


She stomped down on the creature with her giant foot, taking great care not to hurt the creature too much, just enough to put the creature out of action for a while.

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