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I Am From History

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I have decided to start a thread for historical tidbits I find that might serve as plot inspiration. 


Other people can post here too - but it must be from history! 

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For your Iron Age gadgeteering needs. 




This seems like an interesting AU to visit. 




There's a Victorian-era origin in here somewhere. 




What if they suddenly started getting matches? 

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List of the oldest buildings in the world - many are ancient tombs holding unspeakable secrets. 




The oldest building in New Jersey 




The town that's closest to the real world location of Freedom City. 

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I had a lot of skepticism about this - I wonder if there's a way to do a better version here. 




OK, here's your alternate Zatara. 




His Victorian predecessor. 



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Not exactly unknown, but I stumbled across this today, and - who doesn't like mysteries that are "how did they lift these things?". Some interesting history on it too, with lots of speculation and theory (bring in the time-travellers, I say!)

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