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Last Fare of the Night (OOC)


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At length, he answered her second question. "Home; North Bay is home." He gave Noemi the address, his eyes never looking her way. "Take your time, kid; I'm in no hurry."


 He did give her an address, I just didn't bother to make up a fake one.

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They are Minions (I prefer the term 'Mooks', meself) so yes, you can take 10; let's see how Stubbles does on his Toughness save:




Not bad, Stubbles, but not good enough! He is now Bruised, so -1 on future Toughness saves! Now he gets the chance to retaliate.


Attack: 1d20+1=14 I doubt that hits you, but if it does that's a DC 17 Toughness save (14 Strength) Let me know if that connects, and then I will post.

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