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Introductions Can Hurt

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August 7th, 10:34PM



A lot of things happen in this city. A lot of bad things. A lot of good things. Perhaps Mali would reflect on them later, but right now she was giving a knee to the gut of a drug peddler that would, perhaps, adjust the tides of the earth itself. Lifted off his feet from the strength of the blow, he collapsed in a heap, gasping and clutching at his midsection, his eyes threatening to bulge out of the eye sockets as he groaned.


In her defense, he had pulled a gun on her. Technically her response was nonlethal, even if he didn't believe it at the moment.


Others were running from this deal. It was a new hip drug on the streets. Well it would be, if tonight had gone anywhere. Still they were scrambling to load up some of the drugs into a panel van.


Because of course there was a panel van.


With her sharpened senses she could tell there was less than a handful of men still mobile, the two at her feet were taken out of the fight decisively.

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