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Found 4 results

  1. Reposting Blue Rose's actions. BR: Needs an OOC thread. I'm taking 10 on stealth for 20 and if someone comes up looking like they're doing business in the van, I'm riding along via sensory link at DC16 will.
  2. 11:01 PM August 8th Riverside was a nicer part of downtown. That didn't mean much. Not to Wayward. Especially when she had dealt with a mugging with a guy who had been a wee bit too strong for his size, and seemed preternaturally agitated. He was high on something, and after a bit of a shakedown she was able to score back to a panel van in an alley. While not the most glamorous, or exotic of locations, it was a fairly smart ploy. As hiding almost in plain site, in a spot where a normal business' delivery van would be. It took a few hours, but she managed across it. Nestled back in an alley, and without really much of a line, it was subtle and obvious at the same time. Had she not known to look for it, she might not have noticed it. Yet, here she was.
  3. August 7th, 10:34PM A lot of things happen in this city. A lot of bad things. A lot of good things. Perhaps Mali would reflect on them later, but right now she was giving a knee to the gut of a drug peddler that would, perhaps, adjust the tides of the earth itself. Lifted off his feet from the strength of the blow, he collapsed in a heap, gasping and clutching at his midsection, his eyes threatening to bulge out of the eye sockets as he groaned. In her defense, he had pulled a gun on her. Technically her response was nonlethal, even if he didn't believe it at the moment. Others were running from this deal. It was a new hip drug on the streets. Well it would be, if tonight had gone anywhere. Still they were scrambling to load up some of the drugs into a panel van. Because of course there was a panel van. With her sharpened senses she could tell there was less than a handful of men still mobile, the two at her feet were taken out of the fight decisively.
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