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February 23rd, a regular sunday afternoon...


It was indeed a regular sunday afternoon. Going to church, settling down for a big Sunday lunch, hustle, bustle, rest and relaxation. The City ticked along at a pleasant pace. 




Out of the manhole, out of the sewers, came two Sewer workers, in broad daylight. Not your regular sewer workers, no. That would be quite unremarkable. Instead, the two men were covered in a green shine, a goo that clung to their skin and dribbled from their mouth, oozed from ear and eye. A slime not of this earth. 


Not words came from their mouths, just a long drawn out wail of despair. 


One swung an arm at a cop who approached, cautiously. A slow armbar slamming into the cop and gripping him. He immediately seized up, choking, and collapsing to the street, his face puffed out and red, reacting to the slime that touched him. 


Again, the two sewer workers wailed...and lurched forward to the screaming pedestrians and cars that had slammed still. 

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The Blur didn't have time for church, and you'd be joking to suggest he could afford a big Sunday lunch. Or rest. Or relaxation.


His Sunday ritual was rather a patrol; dashing about the city in random patterns he would search for something to catch his eye. As usual, that did not take long. An unnatural flash of green registered in Marko's eyes as he dashed down a street he was less familiar with. Slowing down over the course of a few seconds until he came to a halt just a block away, he turned back to view whatever he had seen.


Sewer monsters. Men covered in green goo, fresh from the city's underbelly. 


"Cool. Like in the comics," He said to himself. Less cool, the speedster soon realised, were the injured cop lying near the two freaks and the wave of civilians in their way. Those things wouldn't discriminate between law enforcement and citizen, he knew. They would plough right through all those innocent people if they didn't have something else to distract them. Well, The Blur was pretty distracting.




"Hey, suckers!" Marko yelled, having zipped between the sewer monsters and their potential victims in a few milliseconds. "The next person to get hit is going to be me, or one of you two. Nobody else, got that?" He raised his arms in sign of preparation for a brawl. 

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Wesley's afternoons and days in general, blurred together nowadays. He had worked his biological energy to take over things for him. On top of keeping out all toxins, he could now survive with out sleep, food or drink and ever air. His days were busy. His nights were busy. He was just busy. One of the perks though was being able to be on call all the time. Sure he didn't work full or even part time at Knights Ink anymore, but he was on call for it. Most of his days were spent being the hero for which he missed out on.

This afternoon was going quite swimmingly. No crime is a good thing, he pondered to himself. He had just settled down to the ground when danger reared it's ugly head. The slime covered sewer workers. Boy did that bring back memories of his first 'adventure'. He wondered where the heroes he traveled with that one night long ago were. It was a proactive wondering as he rushed into the fray. Though he was beaten there by a quicker person. He chuckled as the younger hero quipped haughtily, "Looks like they don't seem to care for the talk."

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A new voice took the Blur's attention for a moment. A dark man had commented on the lacking charisma of the mutated workers, standing out from the fearful crowd. The Blur didn't take much notice of the who's who nowadays, but this man looked a little familiar; he was probably someone important. Either way, the guy definitely wasn't a foe, and he could be a friend. Sweet.


He looked back to the sewer monsters and came to an understanding that, not surprisingly, he was faster than them. They were in no rush to attack, whereas he was very keen to stomp some swamp freaks. 


In a moment he was gone, dashing towards the closest of the two sewer workers. Whatever that green stuff was, it wasn't good for you - another glance at the cop on the ground confirmed that. But he was in this business to get his hands dirty, and thus this was a risk to take. His fist rocked out and he attempted to land a punch on what looked like the chest of the worker. With his attempt made he didn't stop moving, going past the thing and then turning back to put himself on a route towards the second.


"Haa!" Jumping into the air, Marko stuck his foot out towards the second sewer mutant's head. A good bonk to the head might not do the creature in straight away, but it would be a start. He completed his circle route, ending up exactly where he started. The Blur briefly considered another retort, but realised he might as well talk to himself. The man nearby had spoken well; these things didn't care for talk.

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The sewer man just gurgled as Blur sped around him. He seemed incapable of speech, the green goo covering him bubbling up through his lungs and mouth. That said, there was something dull about the man, slow, blind - as if his mental senses had been dulled. He looked half asleep. 


And in no shape to dodge the Blur. The blows connected solidly, and were enough to make them stagger, fall, and fly through the air. One landed heavily on a car, to the tinkering of glass. His limbs twitched briefly, and then he was asleep. The other crashed into a streetside hot dog stand, sending mustard and meat flying. He didn't even twitch, just sagged like a lifeless doll. Whatever strange force had taken them, was no protection from concussion it seemed. 


The goo fizzed and stung Blur's foot and fist where he had kicked the men. As if it was trying to get inside him. He could feel red and angry flesh underneath the boot and on his hand.  

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Speedsters. Wesley had known a few by face, but never personally. All he heard that most were impulsive. This guy was not making a case against that.Still he was spitited enough to take down two of the goo covered sewer workers. Wesley seriously wondered what this was all about. The last time he encountered such, it took over a section of the city and made the newspapers. He went over to the knocked out sewer workers; kneeling down, he examined them as close as he could without hurting himself.

"You're pretty fast," he said looking up at The Blur. He stood up with a smile and an outstretched hand to the speedster, "I'm Life Knight. And these things are... well, long story short, really bad news."

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"Pretty fast, yeah, I get that a lot," The Blur said, returning Life Knight's smile. He moved to accept the man's handshake before realising that his own hand was red and swollen, marked with drops of the green goo. "Oh." He awkwardly stuck out his clean left hand and used it to shake the knight's right. "I'm The Blur, by the way. Tell all your friends about me, I'm trying to get some...street cred, I guess."


His eyes were drawn to the struggling cop on the road, lying still in pain. "I don't suppose you can help him somehow?" He asked Life Knight. "I was gonna run him to the hospital real quick, but I don't think vigorous motion will be that great for him. Or if they have anything appropriate for his condition. Waste of energy anyway; we need to get underground and take this out at the source, and there'll be more of those things down there for sure." 


Mentioning the affliction of the goo made him look at his own soaked hand. It burned, and he suspected that with a bit less luck he could've found himself just like the man on the road. Looking down he realised that his boot was ruined too, torn and filled with holes where the cruel substance had fought through it. Great.

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The twosome were interrupted by shouting. 


"Don't touch it! Don't touch it!"


The shouter was the very definition of a mad scientist. Straggled red hair that exploded from a big cranium. A spindly figure that ran towards them carrying lab equipment in either hand. He was even wearing slippers and lab goggles. 


"Doctor Hans Zwitter!" he explained, offering a hand that had test tubes and petridishes entangled in the fingers. He blinked twice. "From the Hanover Institute. I am a xenobiologist...what you are witnessing is a genetically modified grue cell culture! A unicellular colony! Very toxic! Very dangerous!" he blubbered. 


"And its escaped down there!" he pointed down into the sewers!


"We must recover it before it grows any further!" he said, hopping from foot to foot, propelled by excitement and anxiety both. "It will become too big to contain! too dangerous! It is an invaluable scientific experiment! The applications are beyond human imagination...we must recover the culture...intact!"

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