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Time To Pay the Piper (OOC)

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The Dragon is actually a contemporary of Sunset's - a person born in the 20th century who has since ascended to near-godhood through formidable psychic powers. Tomorrow does not know her name, as such was lost to history. 


Physical Sciences/Technology: 


The sky is gorgeous here, with several visible comets (though none seem to be headed towards Earth) in glorious display against the sky. There are a variety of moving lights in the sky that don't seem to be stars or planets, another sign that the Solar System itself is still inhabited. The sky is very clear; the comet winter must have recently passed. This snow will probably melt in the local summer; another reason to retrieve the Ark quickly as it may cause local landslides/subsidence.


+14 will get Sunset around in the rough local terrain, no worries!


Let me know if there's any more information she'd be specifically looking for, SC 

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Well I guess it is time to borrow from Dr Tomorrows mind again: Reconfiguring the brain!


10 PP


1PP: Inventor Feat

4 PP: +4 INT

2 PP: 8 Ranks of Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +8 (+12)

2 PP: 8 Ranks of Knowledge (Technology) +8 (+12)

1 PP: 8 Ranks of Computers +4 (+12)


Extraordinarily, Dr Tomorrow has no craft skills, so I guess need to burn off my HP to get Jack of All Trades. 


I'm not exactly sure what power to make, it kind of feels like a Morph Power, Affecting Others, 1 object, Continuous, so lets say Rank 2 (+10 Disguise) would be a 4 PP Power. 


Deisgn Check: 1d20+10=17 vs DC 14 is fine, and 4 hours


Now the craft check which is significantly more tricksy. With an INT of 18 thats a +4 bonus


1d20+4=10 so it doesn't work :(

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