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January 31st, 2014

12:30 PM


Gunnar stepped onto the Claremont Academy campus and glanced around. He had a bag slung over his shoulder. He wore a warm coat, with a black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, a braided leather belt and a pair of work boots.


He had already had a full tour of the facilities. Already signed up for classes, already done the legwork. He even had stuff moved into his new room. He'd even heard he'd have a roommate. All he had to do yet was actually move in.


It was evident to anyone who saw him that the cold didn't bother him very much. One of the roughest winters they'd had in a while, and the young man seemed barely fazed. He wasn't planning on introducing himself around, but Gunnar was always taught to be polite.

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Juno wouldn't be having so much trouble if she knew how to look at a map. The only thing big enough to fit everything she wanted was this antique looking trunk. Closed with a heavy metal clasp with a place for a lock, sturdy enough to sit on: perfect for a dorm. Only she counted on her father being able to help her move.


Though as her luck usually doesn't hold out, that didn't happen. She found herself dragging it accross campus, not trusting her teleportation on the busy campus and with such an awkward and heavy thing. If she dropped it there were too many things that could break.


The kicker here is that once she got to the building she thought she was going to be living in, she realized it was actually the science wing. So with much cursing she turned around, asked someone for directions before going on her way. Sweat beading her brow and making her long bangs stick to her skin. She was ready to just leave the thing for dead and regretted more than anything else that she wore dark jeans and a dark hoodie on a day like today. Sure she had a green tanktop on underneath, but she was starting to sweat and she wasn't about to show that off.


Juno sets the trunk down yet again, leaning forward with her arms supporting the weight of her upperbody on the lid. A heavy sigh causes only a slight delay before she rights herself yet again and tries to push the trunk forward with her foot. It only moves a few inches. Head hanging low, she stomps around to the other side and grabs a handle, hoping to drag it down the sidewalk.

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Gunnar glanced over and saw her. He watched for a second, seeing her drag the trunk along, trying to get it somewhere. He sighed to himself. Obviously, she needed help. His duty demanded that he go help her out. So, he walked towards the poor girl, dragging that massive trunk, and said.


"Excuse me, miss. Would you like some help?" He said, in his best polite form.

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Meanwhile, Haukea looked around as she walked from the dorms towards the front entrance. 


She was- finally getting a roommate today, and she decided to try and give her some help.  Start off on the right note, maybe.  After all, they'd be in the same room for... well, probably the next year.  Maybe longer.  So, Haukea didn't want her roommate to think she was a jerk or anything like that.


She noticed Juno draggin her trunk, and winced slightly in sympathy, before starting to walk towards Juno and Gunnar.  "Um, hi.  Do you need any help getting your trunk up to the dorms?"

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Juno starts, letting go of the handle and dropping the trunk the last six inches to the ground. Her hair seems to bristle every so sligtly as she spins around, eyes wide. She hadn't been paying any attention to the people around her, too caught up in trying to lug this thing around.


After seeing who approached her though, her stance immediately shifts from defensive and suprised to embarassed. "Oh uh." Her hair seems to visibly settle back into place and Juno tries to shake it off. The first thing she notices is a pair of bright blue eyes and like any embarassed teenager she can't really look at him. "Actually you know what? I would." She sighs. "If you don't mind. I... I don't normally accept help from strangers but this thing feels like it's got bricks in it." She smiles and almost starts when she hears another voice. "Oh uhm. Actually, do you know where the dorms are? I'm a little lost."

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Gunnar nodded and reached down to pick up the trunk. It was heavy, even made him struggle a bit, but he had an easier time of it than the girl did. He turned to Haukea, who also offered. He said nothing, but in his head, the new girl wouldn't have been able to carry it any easier. Haukea was probably planning on sharing the burden, but Gunnar knew he could handle it on his own.


"Now, if I may ask, where is this going?"

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Juno turned her head when she saw movement. Blue eyes go a little wide as she watches him hoist the trunk up from the ground and to be honest Juno really can't complain. "Well, I'm supposed to go to the dorms but I'm a little lost. Do either of you know where uh-" She rifles through her pockets and pulls out a sheet of paper. "Where this is at?"

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Haukea walked over, looking at the piece of paper.  Before blinking.  "Oh.  Huh.


Um, you're my roommate.  Er, I'm Haukea.  Haukea Kawena, it's a pleasure to meet you.  Well, I can guide you both up there, then."


She grinned slightly, before starting to walk up towards the dorms.  "It's right this way."  She looked at Gunnar curiously.  "Is it your first day at Claremont too?  Well, welcome to you both, then."

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Juno blinks, suprise flitting over her features before her mouth turns into a smile. "Seriously? Cool. Well...... Hi. I'm Juno... Demspey." She laughs. "Wasn't expecting to bump into my roomate quiet yet but it's nice to meet you." She turns to follow Haukea but hesitates. She doesn't want to leave the guy with her trunk behind. Who, now that her initial embarassment is gone, she can tell as more to offer than just pretty eyes. "Thanks for the help."

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He nodded. "Thank you, Haukea. My name is Gunnar, nice to meet you both." He turned to each girl and nodded politely in turn. "I am happy to be of assistance. Shall we be off?" He said, hefting the trunk as he trudged forward. It really wasn't that heavy for him. Slowed him down a bit, but it was obvious he was used to carrying large weights. He followed Haukea, as that was who was guiding them. His mind turned to the two young women he had just met. They seemed so eager, even happy, to be at the school. As for him, he concentrated on keeping the trunk steady.

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Haukea smiled, a slight blush on her cheeks as she looked at Gunnar- and as she looked at Juno, actually- before she turned to start heading up to the dorms.  "So, the Rita Kord Dormitory's the one closer to us, and the Edward John Carter dorm's the one just behind it- you can kinda see it from here.  They're actually both co-dorms, although the boys and girls are on seperate floors.  Our room's in the Rita Kord dorm, though."


She turned to Gunnar.  "Ah... there are quite a few stairs, sorry.  We're on the second floor."

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Juno nods. "Nice to meet you to Gunner." The girl smiles, noting how polite and proper he seems to be. It's true she's being on her best behavior, but it's not that Juno is normally unfriendly.


"Ah. Ok. Gotcha." She looks up at the building, eyes scanning over the windows. Her eyes jump back to Haukea when she speaks again, then to Gunnar. "You don't have to haul it up there if you don't want to. I know it's heavy." He doesn't really seem to be having a problem with it, but still. It's not like they are friends. They literally just met.

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Gunnar nodded politely. "Actually, I should probably get to know the area better anyway. I just got here myself and I only know how to go to my own room. Knowing the general layout of the area would be good for me." He carried it forward. "Besides, I agreed to help, but it would be wrong of me to withdraw my assistance in the face of a little difficulty."


It was a flimsy excuse, and he knew it, but there was no point in withdrawing his help at this point. He knew that they could use it. Carrying large, heavy objects up stairs was always  a pain, even more so if you had to share the burden with another.

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"Alright. Thanks Gunnar. Are you in the same dorm as us?" She gives him a litle smile, following Haukea at the corner. "So... that's an interesting accent." She sticks close to Gunnar, feeling obligated since he is helping to carry her metric ton of stuff. "Where are you from? Denmark or Finland or something? Or am I way off?"

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He couldn't help but smile slightly. "Something like that, yes." He said dryly. Explaining his world wasn't something he was comfortable with doing just yet. Still, she was clever enough to identify nations that would share a similar accent to his own. As it was, the only people that knew of his origin were the people he had to explain it to when he arrived on Earth Prime and the faculty he interviewed with.


As soon as the smile faded, he sighed for a split second, then looked up and continued walking. It was all too much to discuss in front of strangers.

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Haukea noticed the sigh... but true to form, completely misinterpreted it.  "Bit homesick, huh?  Truth be told, so am I- coming here's the first time I've ever actually been sleeping not in the same building as at least one of my family, so it's... taking some getting used to."


As they reached the building, she opened the foor for Gunnar and Juno.  "If you guys want, I can show you around the rest of the campus too."

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"Long way from home then." She gives him a nod, watching carefully to make sure he is doing ok with the trunk.


"My family is in Freedom City but.... I need to be here now so... I'm here." Juno shrugs, trying to act like it doesn't bother her. Though honestly, she wishes she could just go back to having a normal life. She's smark enough to know that really isn't in the cards.  Giving Haukea a little smile when she opens the door, she turns to them both once inside. "I don't mind. It could be good getting to know the campus. Clearly I don't know my way around as well as I though I did."

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He let them believe it was wholly homesickness. It was, but it was a lot more and he really did not want to talk about it. Still, the two of them weren't unpleasant company. He'd already done the tour, already had a good idea of the layout, but he realized that he couldn't let himself get too depressed. That was counterproductive to his plans. Dwelling on his losses would do nothing but drive him mad.


"I wouldn't object to seeing more of the school." He said fairly amiably.

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Haukea nodded, smiling as she looked at Gunnar and Juno.  "Okay, up these stairs right here..."


She started to lead the pair up the stairs, opening the door on the second floor.  "Okay.  Bathrooms are on each floor, and there's a lounge on each floor as well, although those ones are fairly small- the big lounges are downstairs, in the basement.  There's also a study hall- right there... and the laundry supplies are in the basement as well."


Haukea walked along the corridor.  "There's a resident assistant on each floor, too..."

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Juno followed Haukea up to the second floor, keeping an eye on Gunnar in case he tried to tumble backward. At the very least she could try and stop him from falling, though odds were they would both end up hurt.


"A community bathroom?" Alright. She could handle that. Maybe. Juno takes a deep breath, flushing just a bit. Part of her suddenly wishes Gunnar's room was nowhere near theres. He's a cute guy and if a cute guy like him accidentally saw her naked she might die a little. "Do we have to buy our own laundry soap and stuff like that?"

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Haukea looked at Juno for a moment... before realising what she was thinking.  "Oh!  No, not like that!  Remember, girls and boys are on seperate floors?  Um."


She blushed as well from embarassment.  "Sorry, didn't make that clear.  Er, we get provided with laundry stuff, yeah."


Haukea coughed, as she reached the second floor landing, waiting for Gunnar.  "Er... not sure what else there is to talk about as far as the dorms go... is there anything either of you guys want to see specifically?  I think there's time to show you around... at least some of the grounds, I suppose... er, if you want."

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He didn't say a word about catching anyone naked. He really didn't think there was anything he could say that wouldn't exacerbate their embarassment. So, he wisely didn't say a word on that matter. Especially not about how he wouldn't mind accidentally catching one of the two in such a state.


"If i wouldn't bother you." Gunnar said. "I got a tour of the facilities, but hearing things out of the mouth of a student would offer another viewpoint. Perhaps you could tell us a bit about what the typical student does when they're not in class."

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"Oh." Juno makes a face, clearly embarassed. "Oops yeah. Right. Good." She clears her throat, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She breaths a sigh of relief, grateful that she won't have to worry about any guys, specifically Gunnar because she'd never be able to look him in the eye again and she was trying to make friends, accidentally seeing her naked.


"Good point Gunnar. Are there any clubs or anything like that on campus? Stuff to do."

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