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The speedster gets the first move. Shocking!


33 Thoughtspeed - Uninjured - HPx1

18 Stronghold - Uninjured - HPx2

10 TNTeen - Uninjured - HPx2

7 Cho - Uninjured - HPx2

2 Ice Age - Uninjured - GM

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Well, Will's nominally still trying to keep the whole "secret identity" thing going, so...


Move Action: Slip away in the crowd (possibly with a bit of Speed) to someplace out of sight.

Free Action: Use Quickness 3 (x10, which brings a 6 second Full Round Action change down to .6 seconds, which makes a Free Action) to change into costume.

Free Action: Activate Kinetic Blades and switch it to the Duelist Blade configuration.

Move Action: Get Thoughtspeed in plain view of the bad guy. 


Let me know if a recently-emptied tent is better, or a tight grove of trees, or what. The point is to slip somewhere no one will see him. 

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Seven five-foot cubes, which is... hmmm.  Actually, it's barely enough to give him a cramped cell. 


Or I could just Snare him. 


Keep in mind, if I remember right, that's 7 5-foot cubes of material. Meaning you get as much material as would be contained in that many cubes. Which is a lot.

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